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  1. Hi all, My wife and I are moving to France on 29 April 2004. As our property purchase won't be complete by then we are looking for somewhere to rent for two months from the above date. We would like something in the Morvan region, but will consider anything in Burgundy. The property must be habitable and have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and enough off street parking for our furniture van. Ideally the property will be un-furnished or be large enough to store our furniture. Any help would be most appreciated. Keith and Jan
  2. Interesting point!! But I for one will happily give advice and welcome competition. An old saying springs to mind about, getting out of the kitchen!!!! Like most of you, we gave up everything to come to France and rely on our B+B income for a livelihood. We would recommend it to anyone who has what it takes to survive in our industry, the only word of caution I would offer is, don't think it's going to be easy - but have a go. Cheers K
  3. Has anyone had any dealing with the Mairie of Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche? If so, what are they like? Easy to get on with? Speak English? Like/hate the English? etc. Any info would be useful before we meet - Thanks.
  4. Hi, my wife and I are in the process of buying a property in St Yriex la Perche and are keen to meet as many new friends as possible when we move (perminantly) to France in the next couple of months.
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