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  1. Hi Sorry about the delay but have just caught up with this thread after some family problems. We are looking for about 20 square metres so not a huge amount, but I have to confess I am being really picky about these and want them to look as authentic as possible. many thanks for replying and once again sorry about the delay.
  2. Unfortunately not that I know of. I am looking for something that imitates the antique ones as closely as poss. Do they do something similar? Thanks for answering.
  3. Hi, It would be great if anyone had any suggestions about where I could source flagstones for the kitchen floor. Would love to find some reclaimed ones but I have discovered that they are priced in the stratosphere! Am happy to have new ones and could find any number of suppliers in the UK but am struggling in France. We are in the Vendee (85). Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks.
  4. once again it's so nice to get such a rapid response from everyone here and very heartening so thank you. We will continue to soldier on but being at a distance does increase the problems doesn't it? My French is sufficient to make myself understood vis a vis and even by e-mail but by 'phone, perish the thought. My courage sinks to my boots at the thought of the telephone. Ah! well will let you know how matters proceed and on my next visit will slip into the marie to try my luck. Cheers everybody.
  5. Hi, Thanks to everyone who kindly answered my last post. Well we jumped off the diving board and have made quiet progress. However we seem to have got stuck over a mason. We are refusung to compromise on the stonework and we just don't want windows etc. shuttered up and concrete cast. So we decided to be purists and hunt for a true die-hard mason, French or English. In the Vendee that seems to be like chasing a will-o-wisp, every lead peters out. Not only have I failed ( a hard thing for me to admit) to find a mason with a free slot I have failed to find a mason at all. Do they exist or is it an urban myth? Any help gratefully received.
  6. Hi, So sorry only just picked up your reply. Our architect is: Monsieur Charneau,15, Rue de Lattre de Tassigny, 85140,LES ESSARTS. If you need a translator we have an excellent one, just give me a shout. Hope this helps, Ann Earley
  7. Thanks Robin, I will take time out to wade through all your very detailed info. I appreciate your time and trouble. Kind regards, Ann
  8. Thanks for your help. I had thought to avoid using the architect as we need a translator to communicate but perhaps I need to reconsider or perhaps I just need to be a little braver, hold my nose and jump.....?
  9. Hi everyone, Just the usual rather tedious post I'm afraid about choosing builders. We are just about to start completely renovating our empty shell( region 85, near Chantonnay) which has been unoccupied for about 80 years! Earth floors, no electrics, no sanitation etc. etc. We have all the required permission and are ready to launch off but choosing good builders or avoiding bad ones is a really scary prospect and we are dragging our heels a little. However we must make the plunge so any advice would be warmly received. Thanks.
  10. Hi Robin, I was trawling through some old posts and saw your info. about limestone. We are looking to put down new flagstones in the downstairs of our house and will soon be lsourcing quarries etc. If you have anything that relates to the Vendee (dept.85) or close by I would be grateful to hear about it. Many thanks, Ann
  11. Hi, We brought a lovely stone cottage (unfortunately derelict but hopefully soon to be rejuvenated) just outside Chantonnay in the Vendee. We were very fortunate in finding an excellent french immobilier who speaks almost perfect english and whom we thoroughly trusted. They do have an english website so I reckon you could do a lot worse than start there.www.chantonnay-immobilier.com/ Monsieur Benjamin Fruchet is the agent. The Vendee has some lovely countryside is easily accessed and we have found the locals to be very friendly. Good hunting
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