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  1. [quote user="Jako"]
    I think the cheapest option for fixed internet is still offered by Red-by-sfr. I switched from Orange 'découverte' to Red years ago and still pay €15/month including free phone calls to fixed lines in most of the world on a line non-dégroupé.

    Currently this costs €20/ month on dégroupage and  €25/month on non-dégroupage. They have regularly promotions with lasting discounts. Never had any problems. A broken line got repaired in three days, it took Orange three weeks to repair a broken line a few years earlier.


    Are these prices for line rental with landline calls and broadband? WE have continued with FT (Orange) for many years worrying about line repairs. They have responded well to several incidents with our local farmer dropping trees and branches and moving high vehicles.

    Thanks, Alistair
  2. Tomorrow we return to the UK for the winter. Today about 500 to 1000 cranes arrived at lunch time. They found a very active thermal over the nearby, south facing hillside and spent about ten minutes spiralling upwards, gaining considerable height and then reformed into their vee shaped squadrons before continuing on their journey south.

    It is an honour to have them fly over our house every year. We are so lucky to be situated under their migration path.

  3. I was about to write a message asking where the cranes have gone this year when I spotted this thread. We usually see thousands passing overhead at the end of October but this year we had about three hundred Flying south on one day when we arrived in mid October.

    A few years ago they came by in huge numbers a few weeks early and the weather then turned nasty with snow in early November. Please let us know if the grues have been spotted in the usual numbers very early or can we expect a big surge in the next week or so.

    Thanks, Alistair
  4. [quote user="Mr Huge"]How do I read my linky meter? All I want is my consommation since the last reading, but I can't find anything that resembles that, or anything that looks like a kWh reading.


    I assume you are close to the meter and able to touch the controls. I have a three phase Linky but hope that the basic actions are the same as single phase. If I want to see my consumption I press the + sign button and immediately the reading that appears on the display is the total units used, just like a traditional meter. Further presses run through several other parameters including the present rate of consumption. I do need to write down the reading each time to monitor the increase in usage.

    Of course it may be quite different for a single phase Linky.

  5. [quote user="mint"]
    Yes, Pip, I did exactly that once.  I was in a supermarket car park and looked around and found a kindly French couple to drive me home (I was on their way) to get the spares.

    It was in the early days when we were still waiting for France Télécom (as it was then called) to erect a poteau so that we could have a phone line.

    Chessie, it's worth a look and also, whilst you're at it, in the door pockets as well.  Or, have you done all that already?


    ...also under the seats, down the sides of the seats, in the ignition, in the glove box, under the bonnet, under the car.....

    I dropped my keys in the boot while leaving work and closed it not realising the whole car had become locked. Phoned home and my son cycled six miles in twenty minutes to rescue me with the spare keys.

    Today I have paid an auto locksmith £130 for a replacement remote key for my daughter's VW Golf which came with only one key. I will keep it in reserve and we have peace of mind. VW charge about £260 for a replacement key for this car.

    I hope Chessie's keys turn up.
  6. Pete, I am not a professional but a reasonable diyer. We have been part time in France for 20 years and I have tackled numerous plumbing projects. The most important piece of advice I received from all types of experienced workers was to only use French materials and techniques.

    This was difficult at first but I soon appreciated their wisdom and advice. I think you should follow the same advice and abandon your plan to source all your materials in the UK.

    It is quite easy to change your methods of installation.

  7. I thought your title was describing me!

    We have acquired International Driving Permits and the dog has had a successful blood test.

    Our trips avoid the Brexit deadlines.

    we will probably get Green cards for the car insurance as soon as some deal is finally done.

    Everything else just carries on as normal.

  8. ....... and now Spurs join them after a win in Amsterdam beating Ajax 3 - 2 . So an English team will win the cup this year. I support, at a distance, both teams.

    If there are still other forum members out there, who do you think will be champions?

  9. The wedding joke is excellent!

    I guess you weren't joking though. Is it still on?

    Sorry my comments are so late but I recalled that the Liverpool tickets were on offer. As Liverpool beat Barcelona last night (4 - 0) there must be a few very lucky and happy supporters. You must feel a bit sad.

  10. Our Aga in the UK has a permanent pilot and many of our old CH boilers also had them. Our 25 year old Potterton has a pilot that only lights when the burner is required to run. It has a cunning photo sensor to check that the pilot has lit before opening up the main burner.

    Does your boiler have any timer control unit, either internally or externally?

    Have you tried giving the valve control block (casting) a sharp tap with a hammer? Sometimes the solenoid controls stick and defeat normal fault finding. Not much help . Sorry.

    Good luck!
  11. I have a Potterton gas boiler in the UK. Over the years I have solved several internal control problems, some involving the safety cut out.

    If it really has cut-out due to fault I feel a clear, positive, mechanical "clunk" as it is pushed back. On other occasions I have pushed it in just I case it has tripped and I feel very little although there is a significant movement. I would assume your boiler has not been tripped and is ready to be fired up if the rest of the system is operational.

    When you say it is dead, do you recognise this from a lack of electrical indicator lights? The only lights are on my external control/timer unit with nothing on the boiler. Also, most boilers have pilots that only light when heat is called for. It appears your boiler's pilot remains on continuously.

    Is it so dead that the fan and/or the water pump do not come on at any time?

    Hope you are able to find a simple answer.

  12. [quote user="Théière"]
    After discussion, it has been decided that the shorter drive from Dieppe is more favorable and Mrs T gets her 20% discount next year, as I am her toyboy, I have to wait a bit longer. [:D]Thanks for asking though, most thoughtful.


    Could please you explain the 20 percent discount?

    Good result about the sharing. I did not respond because the shuttle is not as convenient for us as the long ferry route. We would use all ten tickets ourselves if we were nearer to the tunnel. I like their system.

  13. Back in March 2015 I read a report in The Telegraph stating that the EU Court had ruled that the Social Charge imposed by M. Holland was illegal for non French residents selling their second homes. Could someone please clarify the current situation? We are planning to sell in about 5 to 10 years time and are hoping it has been resolved in our favour.

    Thanks, Alistair
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