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  1. Thanks Clair, much appreciated!!  That makes things clearer  [:)]
  2. Can anybody explain what this is all about?  I was on a CDD which finished last November and since then I have been receiving monthly 'allocations'.  I have now received a letter from Assedic saying I have to fill in a request for allocation de solidarité spécifique (ASS) and I have no idea what I'm applying for!!  I know I will have to go and speak to them about it but hoped that someone would be able to give me a bit of background before I go.....forewarned and all that! Many thanks Vix  [8-)] 
  3. Hiya Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here we go!  We have a friend coming out to visit us later in the year with 2 young children...she is planning hiring a car over here but can anyone tell us what the rules and regs on car seats are here?  As always any advice much appreciated [:D] Vix
  4. Hiya We have successfully managed to bring our pooch back to Scotland for the festive season but are heading back home to Burgundy next week.  Do we have to get the fleas and tapeworm treatment done for going back into France or is it just for entering the UK? thanks in advance for your assistance!! Vix  (and Brockie the pooch)
  5. Thanks, we'll have a look at that; Yes, the ceiling is lower than 2.25m if measured from the bottom of the bath!  ...and the water pipes are plastic, does this make a difference?
  6. Hiya [:)] Can anyone advise us about the types of lighting we can put in the bathroom?  The man from Consuel has been round to see us but wasnt happy with the 12v  spots we have above the bath, apparently we have to install lights with rating IPX 4 but we can't find any!  We have found spots with an IP 65 rating which seem to cover the requirements but can't find any info about their suitability in any of our books.  We would be a bit annoyed if we put them in and M. Consuel didnt like them when he comes back to visit!! For info, the above mentioned M. Consuel doesn't like 240v shower units, unless you are willing to fit them on the opposite side of the bathroom. Any assistance/ advice much appreciated as the alternative is to shower in the dark!! Vicks 
  7. Thanks guys for your comments.  If we had known that registering them would be such a hassle we would have sold them in the UK and bought French registered bikes when we got here!! Anyone want to buy 2, very clean UK registered bikes
  8. Thanks Nick.  We have checked and have the required telephone and TV sockets but will wait til completely finished before contacting Consuel, its a shame the branchement provisoire is working out so expensive!!
  9. Does anyone know what stage the electrics have to be at for Consuel to check the conformite for a mains connection We have installed all the electrics in our barn as far as we can go....ie as we are still waiting for the roofer to finish his repairs we are unable to insulate and plasterboard upstairs.  Where we are unable to fit sockets and switches because of this, the wires have all been terminated. I have been unable to speak to anyone at consuel as they dont appear to have any real people on the other end of the phone!  I phoned EDF but all they could say was that it had to be finished.  Not sure where to go next, unless we just wait untill we are completely finished and everything is correctly fitted!  Hmmm! Any advice much appreciated Vicks  58     
  10. Can anyone recommend a French insurance co. that will insure UK registered motorbikes.  I know that we will have to get them registered but in the meantime it would be good to have them on the road!! Is it true that there is no CT required for bikes in France, amazing if so! Thanks for any assistance 
  11. we have 4 kittens, 6 weeks old, looking for loving homes!  They are full of life and like lots of attention!!  1 black and white, 2 grey and white and a white one with grey tail!!!!  will be sorry to see them go!!
  12. Hiya Arrion! Not English but Scottish! We stay out by Chatillon en Bazois so any tradesmen out here would probably charge a small fortune to come out an see you but just thought i would contact you to say hi and wish you all the best!
  13. Hiya! Can anyone shed any light on the regulations for getting financial assistance to complete a formation? I have an appointment at the college to discuss the possibilities of signing up for a formation for 'assistante de vie' but as a Scot who hasn't worked in France before, there seems to be some confusion as to whether I would get help to pay for the course or any kind of living expenses! I have asked at ASSEDIC and at the local ANPE office and am awaiting a response but was hoping to have an idea before going to the college! Any info much appreciated!
  14. Can anyone give us any advice on regulations regarding smoke alarms? Are they a legal obligation here and if so what are the must dos and donts? I tried discussing this with our neighbours but they seem to think we are mad for even asking! Apparently no-one has them here and you certainly don't have to install them! Any confirmation of this much appreciated! Vicks (58)
  15. Hi guys - we are moving to Nievre, near Nevers, in April this year. Would be great to meet up with you sometime for a natter (and no doubt pick your brains if that's OK!!) Email address in your inbox - if I can figure out how to do it!! Vicks and Kev
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