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  1. Hi, I have been told by my insurance company that unless I have shutters on all of the ground floor windows and doors I am not insured for theft at my property, however they did say that you don't need the shutters if the glass in your windows were to the afnor nfp 78/406 specification. Can anyone advise me as to how I might establish if my windows are or not. I realise this is a bit of a specialist area but here's hoping.


  2. Oh you are so right, your message just brings it all back. We did try France Telecom shop, they told us to ring service cliente, a really 'helpful' lady phoned us back, she said that as we were cancelling the contract (which we could do as their terms and conditions state that if you move abroad or become incapacitated you have the right to cancel)

    She asked us to write in and send a english contract of employment as proof we were returning to the UK, we said we are returning for family reasons not work, she said that's Ok send a utility bill instead and it will be cancelled toute de suite.

    So we did send a utility bill and sent it (as requested) avis de reception (registered post) and thought, wehey, sorted. we then cancelled our DD to them with Credit Agricole after the next payment coz we knew they would expect the remainder of that month's rental.

    So far, so good....NA....

    We then started getting letters from them (sent to France not the UK even though we aren't there anymore) saying we were behind with our payments (obviously we hadn't been using the phone anymore) so each time we tried to respond by phoning the premium rate line and explaining to them that we had cancelled.....NA CHANCE MATEY (or whatever the french translation of that is). 3 months on - at least 12 calls on they are still billing us the rental, and the last very rude chap we spoke to said that they themselves had now cancelled it for non payment but they will still contiinue to bill us til July 07 but will not re-instate the line and have threathened to blacklist us if we don't effectively pay for a service we actually no longer have......WOW....I run customer service seminars and am thinking of using this as a classic case study as to how not to treat customers.

    Ah well, we now have the name of Orange Fr Directrice de la relation clients so we are about to write a letter to her...who knows there could be someone in their organisation who 'gives a damn'

    Will keep you posted...[8-)][8-)]


  3. Hi, not sure about your make or model but I have an Echo chainsaw and it isn't too difficult to push on and off. If it is really hard to apply then it sound like something is wrong. Did you buy it in France? if so, suggest taking it back and asking them to check it out.

    Sorry I can't be more help. Good luck.

  4. Hi, I am trying to contact an english speaking customer services representative to discuss changes to our contract regarding our mobile phone account. As is the norm (i think) each person we talk to gives us conflicting advice. It has become a major mission now to get it sorted.....does anyone out there have a telephone number and name of someone who we can talk to, our french just isn't comprehensive enough to get our needs/comments across so they have to speak english.



  5. Around the Thiviers area.....A bit sad i know but as a keen Leeds fan I am trying to get to see this Sunday's Big Game.......does anyone know where i could watch it.....it's on Sky Sports One i think at 2pm......

    Thanks....here's hoping....Andy

  6. Hi, please can anyone suggest any companies who offer good value car insurance....I have a French Reg car and my current broker has quoted, what i feel is a very high premium. I am looking for companies, preferably english speaking, who may be able to offer a better quote.



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