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  1. Thank you Coops for the help it gave us.....
  2. Yes, we saw it and laughed about the fact that Moscow has the best disabled facilities! Loved the conversion to his wheeelchair as well. Did you see the piece after on BB4 - an interview in 1971 with Hergé, very interesting.
  3. Sorry to hear the sad news Val, love from both of us - Chris & Keni x
  4. Heck, I'm 57 now, if I acquire all that by the time I'm 67, will there be a problem? I mean, at 67 who's to say I won't have gained these extra features normally? :D
  5. Still waiting here in 87..... A couple of years ago they actually flew over on Christmas Eve - late in the year,but in the dark it was an incredibly eery sound.
  6. Hi Norman, at present we understand beekeeping, per se, is regarded as agricultural, so not an AE activity, there is change afoot we understand, but with just 2 hives, not enough honey to sell.
  7. B***er! I knew we ladies born in 1954 have done something wrong to get our pensions! x
  8. I vaguely remember reading a few years ago, about a lady who had to move to France with hubby due to house being re-possessed in Uk. They bought a ramshackle house and barn, and brought their animals over, but hubby (Terry?) had to go back to Uk to work, leaving her here. Story much the same, how she struggled to live, but with old car, many animals and life experiences she got on with it. Her story makes me realise that in the end it is down to what you can put up with and how you make the most of it! [:)]
  9. The reason we are inactif (yeh right - gorwing all veg and beekeepers), is because in the Uk the OH was a train driver and had a suicide, which over a period of time affected his work and now, to be honest he could not work. I on the other hand is/are happy to find work, my French is improving - yes, Norman I can hold a conversation with a neighbour(?) to a degree, but as as artist/craft worker and ex-motor journalist, would find it difficult, but would happily work in Macdonalds in Family Village or St Junien (if they would have me). However with pre-cancerous lesions, not many people want me, so I am happy at present to not be a burden to anyone and at present do not need medication of any kind. I am not worried, if worst comes to worst I will start a market stall, or failing that take Jeremy Clarksons place when on holiday! - Can he ride a bike as well - no! [:D] (Sorry can't get big smile up). x
  10. Yes, I get what you're saying, but we're actually trying to help the French Government, not whinging. We want to pay something, and not be a burden. We chose to live here. I agree - if I walked into the Doc in the Uk, it would be free, so why not when we're over here, as you say, the Uk contribute to those that need medical assistance, or something. Heck if a non-Uk national gets free healthcare in Uk, why can't the British passport holders get the same in EU countries with us contributing x amount. I just don't understand as you say 'EDIT', why the French Government don't get something from us, rather than let us pay insurance companies. I'm not saying it's 50 quid/euros a month, that is just how we work out our mutuelle plus a thought for an 'extra' payment, we could afford. After all I think a fifth of our monthly income would be more than a fair offer - if CMU is 8%, if we all contributed a designated, fair payment, the French Government would be getting more than they do now.
  11. No, Coops, you miss what I'm saying, at present we pay our Mutelle of around 70+ euros a month, add to that another 50 euros, that is then around 1200 euros a year, in case of maladie. That is around a fifth of our income a year, which we would pay. I would rather pay that to the French Government, rather than an insurance company. We do not ask anything of anyone at present, we grow our food and live off our savings. I am sure though that many on this site who are inactif would rather pay something - remember we are not all going to be ill, and if we are surely we won't all be ill at the same time.
  12. That is the whole crux of the matter - if an inactif were to be in need of medical assistance, they could pay as they go, there was not the requirement for a massive insurance hike for these years. I cannot say that I will remain healthy until I am 64/65/66 or whatever the British government will decide. However, if I had the choice I would say that surely either I pay 50 euros plus my top up into a mutuelle or the whole amount of the mutuelle payment into the system IN CASE I may succumb to a maladie, would be better than nothing? As Coops says, once I am retired, the cover is then taken over by the UK system into which I have paid since I was 14. However, being illogical, having paid into the UK system, and I were still in the UK, I would be covered. So I am in France, a part of the EU, as is the UK, so why not transfer our rights to the French system? If you have paid into the Uk system, you should surely be entitled to another EU countrys' rights? Yes, Norman, I know the regs and how it works, but surely you can see what I am driving at? I would be inactif in the UK, but still entitled to health care.
  13. Whilst deciding what to do, you might be better off renting for 6 months - move around in a camper and find your preferred location. Don't buy too rural if you are hoping to retire to your home. Great whilst you are young, being in the middle of nowhere when older means you have to be able to drive to shops, buy bread etc. Do you need a ponderosa? Having to spend 2 weeks cutting grass each year in summer rather than having a day out. Plus, remember taxes all mount up, the larger the habitat. We have gas bottle water and cooking. All we need really - 30 euros or less every six weeks each bottle great for showers as well. Electricity bill for last 2 months-29 euros. It's down to what you are looking for. Most of all speak French, or learn to. You'll get further and more done if you can understand your neighbours and vice versa.:)
  14. I agree, which I why I feel we should make a contribution, here in France, as I would in the UK! Also Norman, we haven't whinged - far from it, we have asked questions, learnt what to do and worked from there. We are happy to pay - but what, who and where! Glad you're on the up though - it's more like you xxxx
  15. Hi Tinabee, have contacted Uk, but they won't let us have a letter until November/6 weeks before expiration. Thank you though.
  16. i had several remarks about him from friends, you are not alone.
  17. Norman and Deb, we wish you both the best of health for now and the future. Both of you, on this site have helped so many of us. We owe you both (and others) a great 'Thank You' and are indebted for your advice. Having the 'C' in the family and with friends, like us, makes you very aware. Keep well. x
  18. As some of you know, we are described as 'inactif' - our friends might not agree with that, looking after the bees and allotment, however we are due to lose our S1/E106 entitlement in December. Even though we are on low income, we would happily pay a contribution to CPAM/CMU for our healthcare in France, same as we did in UK. We are, at present healthy, but if we could, say pay a contribution per month for the two of us of 50 euros, and we kept our mutuelle going, that would be no problem. I think that would also be good for the French economy - us paying them not an insurance company. I think it would also sit well with others in this position. Though I realise there will always be those trying to 'break' the system.
  19. Hi Norman, hope you are well. Am I right in thinking Mme Sarkozy is in this film?
  20. The second person I have heard of tonight who has gone! He did well with the Island Parish series, the French series certainly showed some great photography of rural France.
  21. Good luck for tomorrow sweetie. x
  22. Hi Coops, no didn't manage this year, too much renovation needed here before another winter sets in! Glad all is starting to make sense your end. Don't let the buggers get you down. Keep us informed. xx
  23. That's how the form is engineered!
  24. Hi, I know this is Uk Tax based, but can anyone answer what this is about? We have received a Tax Calculation for from the UK for 2010-11. It shows what pension OH has received from UK private pension. Then there is a section showing Foreign Pension Allowance, £2216, then below that, Less Total Deduction of £2216. Is this an allowance or deduction? This is in a section Deductions from Income. Doesn't seem to make any sense! This is our first year here paying Tax.
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