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  1. Just to set the scene: we bought the place in 2003. The acte de vente states that the house is on the village main drainage. Up to yesterday never had any problems, even with the storms we have had in the past. With the recent rain, it appeared the outside drain soakaway wasn't. It filled up with water, and although the loos and sinks glooped and are a bit slow, there is no problem with sewage overflow. Our plumber came round last night and as quickly as we are emptying (by bucket) the drain, it is filling up again, quite quickly and overflowing, so the back yard is soggy. There appears to be no blockage and the water removed is 'grey', but clear - the smell is of standing water, not sewage and there is no evidence of soap in the water. It is quite clear. We opened the main drain vent to discover it appears to run down the road, but there is no connection/pipe running from it to the house! Our neighbour, an immobilier, checked the acte de vente for us, has gone to the Mairie (there is no plan of the drainage services in the village), explained the situation to them and tried to find out if we have another drain. There is no evidence of a fosse in our tiny courtyard. A hole has been dug in my flowerbed(!) to try to find a pipe, this has filled with water during the night, but too is not draining, not even into the soil - it's like swimming pool, clear water! So, how does one try and find a fosse that you might or might not have, or try to find another drainage pipe? We can't call out a fosse emptier, 'cos we can't find out if we have one or not. I have called the person we bought the house from, she is coming over later, but as a 'woman of a certain age' as my OH says, chances are she will not know about this house, as it was the family home, and I don't think she lived here, except as a child. Any answers? Thanks in advance
  2. Chris was 'flashed' when coming home from Limoges on the 90km road off the motorway, on the link to St Junien. He received the notification, was 5km over and was charged 45 euros - had to buy a 'timbre fiscal' and post it on the form to Limoges. Was not informed about the points, but he has recently received another form that tells him he has one year to change to a French Driving Licence - our neighbour (French) says don't do it, exchange it for a European Driving Licence, which you can do apparently!
  3. I take it the eau-de-vie glass is the one on the right![:)] Seriously though, we have had a bottle given to us every year from a friend, it is fine with the cheese at the end of the meal. But a neighbour invited a load of us in for 'aperos'. We were warned he like his friends to drink and he makes a green plum eau-de-vie. We all had to eat on of the fruits and then drink the juice. The aperos started around 5.30pm and by 8.30pm, when we left, most of us were 'squiffy'. In fact two neighbours still can't recall getting home - and we all walked down!
  4. Happy New Year to all. Me, I've started using the train! Might be a bit more expensive, but less hassle and takes me straight into London, where I can get to the rest of the UK and there is no luggage allowance!
  5. Bugsy, I might have quite a few guests here during the Olympics as I have the feeling they would rather not be in Uk at that time!
  6. Here's wishing you all the best for 2012 and beyond Norman. x [:D]
  7. Hope you and yours and everyone else has a good news week xx
  8. Even on the food delivery for La Maison, to deliver to them from Tesco,  we have to have a UK address on the debit/credit card, even though delivering to the La Maison address in the UK. M & S are ok delivering to France with UK card, as is Lakeland.
  9. Yes a Happy New Year to you Wooly and to you especially Debs and Norman! And to all I wish a healthy and happy New Year. Just to add, the year has started with a letter from CPAM, informing us of our acceptance into the Aide M├ędicale d'Etat! Yay!!!
  10. Just to say, if you know of any local beekeepers, they will have a bee-suit that might offer some protection, but we just bought some agrinet from the local agri-cooperative, about 11 to 15 euros, and that did the trick - as mentioned before. As beekeepers ourselves we have seen just what these little sods do to our hives and having had a nest, the spray worked fine. We are meant to notify the Mairie if we see any Asian Hornet nests. They are meant to destroy them without charge to you! But by the time they get around to it, just do it yourself, it's quicker. We have just noticed a huge nest, now the leaves have dropped, about 2 feet in length, on the road to St Mathieu from Marval, at the crossroads in Fonsoumagne, will notify Marie in St Mat asap.  
  11. Mrs Brown has a bikini wax. As you say, watch it on You Tube, simply the best for making anyone smile - or in my case, nearly wet myself laughing!!!!! x The Chrismas episode last week was great - there is a Mrs Brown 'Tour' around theatres in the Uk from June - advertised in the Radio T*imes x
  12. We use La Maison  they have a proper truck and cold/freezer dept on the lorry. It all comes in crates with your name on, very well organised.
  13. We've used one quite a few times, they have a chilled and frozen delivery as well as usual goods. They charge a fair price, and unless bad weather are always where they say they are. They have several drop-off points here. Apparently this company are hoping to start a home delivery service some time in 2012. We wish them luck. They have travelled through some bad weather in the past, but have always brought the shopping. I know several people who use them and they agree they are a good company. I hasten to add though we only use them for certain things we cannot get in France or special items, we do not use them as a regular shopping service, but I gather some people do!
  14. Ours are inside cats at present. It's safer!
  15. Just making Butternut Nut Butter Squash soup as I type. (River Cottage recipe). We too had a great year for squashes, and this was our first year after clearing the land. There are still some red peppers and chillies in the polytunnel, and the spinach and turnips are still out there. Now the bees are hunkering down for the winter, we are cutting and coppicing the wood from the trees, so it's a learning experience all around! I have also learned to save the seeds every time I cook, to use next year. x Hope we have a good crop like that one next year.
  16. Our Lidl seeds all germinated, but the Aldi ones didn't (weird - same suppliers) our seeds from the potiron in supermarket all germinated, but my Uk seeds didn't - good brand as well! Might just be down to the soil/weather of last year. Also if seeds are sometimes over 2 years they might not germinate.
  17. Here in this area there is the DVN, an internet group from whence there are invites to events and things for those on their own, as well as selling and buying stuff. We also have an Anglo-Britannique group, been going years, that teaches the Brits French - and vice versa! From that also there are soup/games nights, walking, and many other events. So, go to your local Mairie, find out if there is a local group - sometimes someone at the Mairie will speak a bit of English. Look at the postes on the noticeboard as well at your local supermarkets - here ours are swathed with events, both French and English. The Maire might also know a local person who could help you into the community, for that is what you need to be - part of the community!. Good luck and just have fun! x [:)]
  18. Looks a bit like Pas de Calais/Normandy to me.
  19. Sorry, missed the note yesterday, belated birthday wishes and you're doing a grand job with the care of Mrs Coops, love to you both. x
  20. Congrats on the news so far Deb, keep well now! Have a great Christmas & new Year! xxx
  21. Your strength has been witnessed by us all - thank you for the information, and I am sure it will 'jog' a few of us into checking our cholesterol regularly. Love to you and the children, if you need anything, just shout. x
  22. Yes, sorry Coops, I realise there were others beside you - but you were kind enough to e-mail me and point the way - hope your recovery is well on the way now also! xxx
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