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  1. I hope Hollande does good for the 'common man', it's a pity that Cameron is now so up himself. He had a disabled child, and appeared to understand the needs of those who really needed help from the Government, including the handicapped, elderly and homeless, but now with his posh friends he seems to have forgotten who he's supporting and who really needs help. And why when the UK gets a Prime Minister does he start thinking he's got to be big on the international stage, before the home one is sorted? Look at Blair, all he seemed to want was brownie points abroad, so when he lost he's covered his back. Surely the needs of the country come before the needs of every other country? I know we need to work closely with other countries but there's a limit. Anyway, I'll wait and see what Hollande is going to do, apart from what he said he's going to do. The village here all seemed to have voted for him anyway.
  2. When we bought this place 9 years ago, there was a large flowering pink fuchsia in the front and a tiny flowered one out back. They must have already been at least 10 years old. They have survived every year, but with the warm autumn/early winter, didn't die off, and when freeze came, they both died back. Now the small one at back is already springing up, looks alright, but the one out front looks like it's succumbed as it's weeping a sort of pink/orange jelly, presume it's a rot of some kind. Pity as I think they were planted by the lady of the house, who died quite some years ago.[:(]
  3. I know of two people last year who caught this awful disease in this area - both ended up hospitalised and unable to walk for a time. Hope your son gets well soon, best wishes Keni & Chris
  4. It's good to have a good Maire/ Our first was a ******d, allowed a lot of things to apparently happen and allegedly pocketed kickbacks, and worked well for his 'friends'. Our second Maire was a neighbour, a brilliant man, had to retire due to motor neurone disease (unfortunately just died). The present Maire was his sub, who took over and is also apparently a good Maire, We support him and he seems to support us! Can't ask for more than that these days! Re charnizays' remark: Yeh, I'd check out (from neighbours) if they know anything about this use of the land from their previous owner.  
  5. Hi, It does sound as if your neighbour has used the land for many years for growing his own veg. As a new owner(?) of the land, when you asked him to clear it do you know if he used the land for several years before and was it more than seven years - he might have thought he had therefore 'permament' use of the land, if over the time he thought it was his to use as he wants. Good luck though, rule 1 to 100 here is 'be nice to the Maire'![;-)]
  6. Last year we filled in pink form 2047 and blue 2042. This year we have received blue form 2042K, 2042CK and  2041-NK (Notice a vous aider à remplir 2011). No sign though of pink 2042, although my neighbour received his last week. Going by the 2041-CK it looks as though they might have everything together over here.
  7. Good Luck Pads and great news. Best flour for Yorkshires is Farine (type 55) a basic plain flour. If it says its for patisserie, usually it's self raising. As to Lakeland, if there's anything you can't get, they post over here, same as M& S for £7.50 a load. Apart from that I've found most of the exchange foodstuffs for baking - just wish they had a wider range of the Dr.Oetker stuff in the supermarkets. So have a great time and don't panic - it's only another day in your life!!![:D]
  8. Thank you Coops, I'm sure someone will be along soon to verify the number of said form - but did not have one last year, is this because of the new double tax treaty being ratified?
  9. This morning we received our pack - with forms 2042K and 2042CK, with 2041-NK (notes?). This being our second year, do we have to fill in the 'red one' as well?
  10. Interestingly, of the 305 voters in our village/commune, Hollande  (99 votes) came first, then Mélenchon (66) and then Sarkozy (62). Marine le Pen - had 35 votes! I also note François Bayrou also got 19 votes! So a right mix around here, even Eva Joly got 7 votes and Dupont-Aigan/Poutou and Cheminade had a few each .
  11. If he goes, do his wives and children go as well, or does the UK keep supporting them? I understand he also does not recognise the court of the 'infidel', and although he happily takes everything he's entitled to, and most probably more than that, (most probably) he would happily kill all of us. So why not just dump him as he would everyone else? Human Rights issues in this situation I agree are not part of his remit and therefore Ms.May should just throw him out on all those charges mentioned aforesaid.
  12. Sorry to hear the news Coops. Our neighbour died in February, the funeral was a few days later. There was no open coffin and no church ceremony, the whole village assembled at the cemetery, whilst his wife and family walked in with the coffin to the tomb, opened, ready to receive the coffin. The family said their farewells, placed flowers on the coffin and then the village filed past the coffin, placing rose petals on it. That was it. The coffin was lowered into the tomb and sealed. The family went down to the bar, took us all and we all had a drink to his name. We have just called in weekly, making sure she is alright and finding out if there is anything we can do.
  13. Gardian, we're northern 87 - Haute Vienne - overcast but nothing happening on the wet front1
  14. Can you send some this way please? :)
  15. Hi Krusty - Cyprus OK Apart from April 1st that is!!!!! xxxxx
  16. Apparently where we were, there are two separate A&Es. We were in the walk in bit, even though we were brought in by paramedic and the ambulance patients are seen in a different section , being regarded as more urgent, which made sense to me.
  17. Just a note: Was in Uk last weekend to visit family. On way home on Friday, my daughter was taken poorly on the train (violent stomach pains, dizzy, light-headed and passed out). As train was pulling into final stop, conductor called for assistance. As the train was turning we had to get off train. So she was left sitting on ground on platform in cold wind, waiting for assistance, which came 10 minutes later. Finally, paramedic came, put her in car and took her to City Hospital, Birmingham, where she was sent into triage. After which she was asked to wait in A&E, until called. Three hours later, she was still sitting on metal chair in A&E, in agony with stomach and with no sign of help, discharged herself, where she saw doctor next day. It was pointed out to us afterwards, even by taxi driver taking us home, that this hospital has the worst reputation for A&E. At least in France you are treated as a human being, rather than a piece of meat. There is no point in having triage if you are left waiting in agony. OK the staff may be busy, but a dedicated system of aid should be in place, and midnight on a Friday in Birmingham is not the place for a young person![:(]
  18. Coops, if you are looking for a LHD, have a look at the LHD place in Chesham, Bucks. My mate few over Dandare one way, bought a LHD Renault Clio, with 16 French plates and drove it back. Price much cheaper than in France, but ideal, being LHD. Your money might go further? Just a thought. xx
  19. We had an English neighbour return to the UK. A year later we got a bill with her name on,  and ours. and our address. She had written to France Teelcom, informing them she's left France, closed and paid off her account the year before. This letter, written to us, because we knew her and were in the same village, demanded payment for her standing charge and threatened us with the bailiffs if not paid. I also received an e-mail from them (where they got the address from?) . I wrote back, informed them she no longer lived in the village, I had no contact with her and I said that the letter they'd written to us infringed out human rights and if they contacted us again I would sue. Nothing heard....... but an e-mail - they sent an apology!
  20. No sell by date on the ones I've seen Deb. Also we've been told that initially there will be the usual checking on all vehicles followed by indifference - as with the high vis jackets.
  21. Our local LIDL is stocking ciabatta, multicereal and pain paysan, new company but still good.
  22. Me, I've gone from 60 to 64 and now 66 before my state pension kicks in!
  23. I was going out with his mate from school and we were introduced - I felt a definite draw (to the extent I did not go to meet him again when my ex went up to see him), and apparently so did he (he says it was definitely nothing to do with the red leather motorcycle jacket and leather jeans). About 5 years later we had a date, and have been together ever since - that was 23 years ago.
  24. Yup, working on the land today (24 degrees), 87440 - droves of them all flying north - superb sight. I have to stop work to watch them go over - apparently they have a 3 metre wingspan! The noise is wonderful. I only saw a batch heading south a month ago, so to see them coming home as well is wonderful First batch I saw went overhead Monday. So, spring is coming![:D]
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