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  1. Has anyone sold their French house to an English buyer and been paid in sterling? Is it possible and how did you go about it. With thanks
  2. We used an independent agency based in Plumstead, I do not have their name. When we went you could not use the Indian Embassy as they had contracted the work out.
  3. We went to India a couple of year ago and got our visa through an agency in the UK. It went through the same company as it would have done if we had applied via Paris and cost a lot less. It only took a few couple days.
  4. We are planning going to see the 14th stage of the tour from Limoux to Foix. Any advise on where best to see a climb, where to park and when to get there? We are about 2.5 hours away and want to avoid staying there the night before if possible. Any advise would be welcome.
  5. Has anyone any idea of what the tax situation would be due in this situation. We have been French residents for nearly 9 years and now have our house on the market for a move back to the UK. We have not managed to sell so we might move back to the UK and take up residence in our flat there and leave our house here on the market. Would the house be taxed as a 'maison secondaire' or would the capital gain (hopefully there will be one!) be taxed more favourably?
  6. Been to the one in Montauban, would not reccomend it. Also tried the Everest in Auch, it was ok but a bit like a cafe. Must add both visits were a couple of years ago.
  7. I don't think you can decide that you arrived on the 3rd May 'for tax purpose's'. The day you set foot in France with the intention of becoming resident is the day you are liable for French Tax. My tax office (I know they all seem to have their own rules) only took into account the part of the first year we lived here and that was a face to face declaration. Best of luck.
  8. In the middle of Fources is the Auberge Des Fources. Ate there a couple of years ago and it was fine.
  9. Does anyone have a French Leaseback Property and are a UK resident and taxpayer? I wondered how it worked with TVA, tax foncieres and are there any other problems you encountered. With thanks Keith
  10. We have a Leaseback property that has worked well for us but due to a change of our situation we would like to sell it. Has anyone any experience of selling a leaseback and if so how did they go about it? With thanks Keith
  11. Can anyone please advise if a horizontal chauffe eau is as efficient as a vertical one? With thanks
  12. Can anyone advise on the tax position, and how to declare it, on 2 rooms let as chambre d'hote for part of the year and not our main source of income. With thanks Lespearsons
  13. If anyone has a leaseback property run by Appart'City I would be pleased to exchange information via pm
  14. Thank you very much for that. I understand it and it makes senses - thats a first.
  15. When we first received our bill for contributions sociales in 2004 we held an E106 and queried our local tax off ice if they should be paid and were told they should. We then paid them again in 2005. For 2006 the E106 ran out so I expect to pay the CS again. For 2007 we are on an E121 and expect to pay CS . I now read on a property web site that contributions sociales should not be charged to holders of E106's and E121. Does anyone know what is correct? With thanks   PS Sorry if this has been covered before but I could not find anything
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