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  1. Hi all. We have recently moved to Brittany and have eventually received a certificate from the Child Benefit Office in the UK, stating that we are no longer eligible for child benefit for our Son. Does anyone know what we're supposed to do with it now? My wife has just discovered that she's pregnant again, and we are waiting to fill in a form for Child Benefit for this baby too. But it appears we need our French child benefit number to put on the form. Can anyone help?
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    Baby milk??

    Hi. I'm hoping someone can help me with this... We are moving to Brittany in a few weeks time and I'm wondering if it's best to bring over my son's usual baby milk or if there's something eqiuvalent over there? He's currently on SMA White and I know that's not available over there, but I've heard that Aptimil or Milumil is. Does anyone know if this is true or what's the best sort of milk to give a "hungrier baby". If it is avavilable, does anyone know what sort of price it is? Thanks in advance. Keith
  3. If i obtained E106 cover,for say 2 years .does this also cover my spouse to enable us both to get our carte de sejour.can anyone help
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