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  1. These are prices I have just paid. They are a mix of Leroy Merlin and local Tout Faire depot. I should also point out that you can do cheaper too. We went for Stainless steel for the flue, for instance, and chrome TRVs...and plumbers get a trade discount of course. This is not a combi, we have electric Chauffe-Eaus. A "combi" version will cost you about 800 - 1000 EUR more. Note that they are not actually combis as such. There is a small (90-120L normally) ballon (tank) within the boiler case. The boiler automatically keeps this hot as you use water. The ballon only takes about 20 minutes to fully reheat. In practice, you never run out of hot water. The good thing about these is the hot water is at mains pressure, without any restriction that a combi would impose on the flow rate. Superb showers. Oil combis all work this way. An oil boiler relies on a massive cast iron (fonte) heat exchanger and a burner that requires some 10-20 seconds to fire up. You would be rather cheesed off waiting for 10 minutes for hot water!!!
  2. DIY costs for 200m2 Lamborghini oil boiler (32kw) with Deville Burner 741 EUR 17 Rads 630 EUR Bunded 1000L oil tank 617 EUR Pump, Expansion vessel, gauge and security valve 160 EUR Pipe and all fittings 440 EUR TRVs and rad valves 290 EUR Oil pipe and tank fitting kit and filter 110 EUR 6m Flue and fittings 210 EUR Grand total of materials 3198 EUR Never seen a skint plumber, have you?  
  3. We have been considering offering a DIY-savvy couple a fortnights Gite let in exchange for Task-based work around the place. Insurance is our concern. Public Liability cover is in place, but the schedule is unclear as to the extent of cover. Any ideas? 
  4. So, is that: Pike, perch and what's Gardon? Is it Roach? We have seen massive crayfish... 2nd cat? What book? Sorry to sound dense.    
  5. And then there's the gaff at the Vet: Ma Chatte a une malade..!  
  6. Sounds a bit barmy, but I have been trying for ages to find out what kind fish we have in our river. My French is very good, and I have approached everyone I can think of (Mairie/Bar/Pecheurs/Friends etc) to ask and always get vague replies. I cannot get any information on who stocks it when, where and with what either. Any suggestions? I don't mind being ridiculed for my ignorance! The river is L'Oudon in 53.
  7. This is the response from VF, which fixes the problem. "Several weeks ago we moved the update area to this address: http://www.fastupdate.co.uk/upd/ The old address will automatically 'refresh' to the new one. We have removed the secure certificate, so you will receive a browser alert when visiting the old version. The VisitFrance.co.uk website is at an 'http' address, so no security certificate is required, and the public visiting it do not receive a browser security alert. You may be receiving this message every time you login because you have bookmarked the old address. If so, the bookmark needs updating."
  8. I get security cert warnings, and so do my potential clients. I have spoken to two people who were indeed wholly put off by what looks like a very nasty warning. I wish these people would get their respective acts together. What the hell are we paying for?
  9. Tend to agree that something has reduced the market effectiveness of their site. Although it looks more polished, it is clearly not having the impact we are used to. I also really hate the availability calendar - it takes me ages to work out what the hell I am doing, and I have to keep trialing it to make sure I have done what I think I have done. I did complain about this, and got a very short and slightly rude reply. Other sites tend to use tick boxes and although they are a pain to click, at least you can see what you have done. My renewal is due shortly - I am in two minds. 
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