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  1. Thanks 'element' that's brilliant. I assumed (I know, you should never do that) that white days would be the cheapest.  It's interesting to read of bill comparisons but the fact that EDF don't want you on the Tempo system makes me think that there must be some advantage in it! We'll stick with it for now, make red days our romantic candle-lit evenings (I meant to do that once a week anyway to save bills and the planet) and see what happens.  Our heating is fuel so at least we'll be warm.
  2. Thanks for your replys and the links, I didn't realise it was called Tempo.  I see on the site that there is still the period 2200 hrs - 0600hrs.  Is this still the cheapest of all under this system and therefore the time I should put the washing machine on? Thanks again
  3. We've discoered that our house is on the old electrical billing system of red, blue and white days. However although I've been on the EFD website I cannot discover how to find out when the different days are. Just how do I know when a red day is coming up so I can plan to go out?  Also with this system, should I still be putting my washine machine etc on at night? 
  4. I would like the option of either twin beds or a double in one of our rooms. In UK I would get those zip and lock beds but I haven't seen any here so far. Has anyone else bought them here, and if so, where are they available? Thanks!
  5. My husband is self-employed and a fair way from retirement yet.  We would like to take out critical illness cover soon as we are totally dependent on the income he earns.  In UK I would go to a broker or various websites to help us make a decision.  Can anyone suggest what we should do in France?  We have a freindly guy at AXA but they may not be the best choice.
  6. I have just found (joy of joys) a cheque for 540,88€ but dated 09/06/05. It was from our notaire from when we bought our house. Can we still bank this cheque without problems?
  7. The best thing is the Nematode solution (see my post of the 27th); then you don't have to worry about birds, pets or hedgehogs, or hunting in the dark!  Thanks for the tip about ebay, I'm off to have a look and also to Google as no-one seems to have come across this stuff in France.
  8. I know all you guys like working with the big stuff but I've just been cleaning and treating an old wooden bed-canopy frame.  As it was full of woodworm it now needs filling, can anyone suggest a good wood filler out here? What do I look for on the tin? Also when painting furniture or door frames in UK I always used a commonly found (maybe Dulux) Water-based Acrylic Primer to give a good first coat.  What is the equivalent in France?  Does it even exist? Thanks guys!
  9. That sounds all very straight forward Ron, but what about this mixing pigments business. We all want to get a particular colour - i.e. the shade we fancy on our walls.  What to do?
  10. I see you are after all the other bits and peices rather than just material.  I think I would find out who makes curtains in your area (ask around or go to the Mairie or Yellow pages) and then approach them. You'll need excellent french or a sympathetic person with you as it is a little bit delicate but they'd know really wouldn't they? If that doesn't work then you'll have to order from UK and get it sent out. John Lewis would have what you need and would ship to you too if you don't have anyone to do that.
  11. I know in UK I can order a nematode mix that I add to water, sprinkle on the soil and the little parasites grow and kill all the slugs (very environmentally correct!). Has anyone found a supplier of these in France? it would be the perfect solution for my new potager.
  12. Thanks Dave, any practical help and photoswould be great.
  13. Well on those rare occasions that I have stayed in posh hotels, there IS marble. I've also seen it plenty of times in magazines. Granted a glass of red wine may go down well while relaxing in the bath, but I'm sure it is fine for a bathroom. But how do I go about getting it? 
  14. Oh no they wondered.  What had they left in the pocket that could now incriminate them?
  15. I would like our shower surround, bath surround and sink top to be in marble rather than tiles (we're indulging in our own bathroom!).  I'm assuming to do a bath surround will be expensive as the hole for the bath has to be cut from one huge piece. Am I correct in thinking this is how it is done?  What should I be looking for as far as the shower surround is concerned? I don't insist in just one piece here. Where do you reckon is the best place to go for this (a gravestone supplier maybe?) and what should I ask for? Or should I just try and find marble tiles?  I'd be grateful to hear from anyone who has done this. Thanks!
  16. We want a sympathetic look on the outside of our house and I'm keen to use the traditional "chaux".  At present we are down to the original mud brick. What should I be aware of and what costs could I be looking at (per square metre)?
  17. Hello Skye,   I am a bit south of you in the Tarn. Do you have the details of the business near Rodez?  Also where do you suggest we all look for info on knocking up your own lime render? Thanks
  18. I would love to have a lovely eating grape trailing over our terrace. The local garden centre has 'Muscat de Hambourg', Cardinal Rouge' and 'Casselas Rose'.  Can anyone comment on these from experience?  I don't like tough skins and too many seeds! Also could I have comments on the following raspberries please? I've tried searching the internet but reviews on these varieties are hard to find. 'Zeva', 'Heritage Touffe', 'Sumo', 'Meeker', 'Malling Promise' and 'Tulomeen'. I know I should be in Scotland to grow good raspberries and not in the South West of France, but I do love them!
  19. I brought out paint for the interior but also linseed oil paint from Holkham.  They are distributors for this fantastic paint which is ecological but also withstands extremes of weather.  If you go onto www.holkham.co.uk/linseedpaints/why.html. you can read all about it.  I think it's probably cheaper than french stuff too.
  20. I have to decide whether to keep the current but 'broken' oil CH system, (the boiler is huge and OK); switch to electric radiators or even have a mix of the 2.  I am assured that in a well insulated house, electric radiators can be cheaper to run than oil but I am still skeptical.  Can anyone who has switched comment on this? I gather many people are keen on Acova but I have also read of Kalirel. Does anyone have these?  Any advice - or even opinions - gratefully received!
  21. Many thanks for the suggestions so far which I have passed on. One problem though (as far as excercise goes), she has it in her thumb!  She says the pain is agony and I believe the doctor told her not to use it!  But then he didn't give her any other advice or help either.
  22. A friend has just has osteo-arthritis diagnosed in the UK but with no suggestion as to how to treat it or to cope with the pain she has. Does anyone here have this and can you say what treatment you have received here?  I'm hoping I can give her some suggestions. 
  23. Well Teamed up, in this weather I was hardly wearing anything flimsy or revealing and I wasn't suggestively lounging against the freezers.  How is one supposed to behave in a supermarket?  Oh and I'm in the Tarn, that well known region of immoral shannigans and loose english women.  Yes I could say I'm married and wave my wedding ring around but I too suspect this doesn't count for much. How do I say I'm happily married? Is it "Je suis tres heureuse avec mon marie?".  That makes it sounds as though I'm satisfied with his performance (which I am of course but that's not quite what I'm trying to say!). I'm not quite sure that the phrase "my husband makes me very happy" is wanted either. I can cope with the compliment - it's the french that perplexing me!
  24. Today I was approached in Intermarche by a handsome and smartly dressed man, and was very obviously asked if he and I could get together!  Last time it was in LeClerc.  This never happened in Waitrose but I need some help! Can someone tell me what the french is for something like "thank you but I am very happily married"?  though maybe I could say "that's very nice of you but can you join the queue please?" I don't want to appear ungracious, shocked or sanctimonious as it is of course very flattering but I need a nice way of saying a firm no"! 
  25. Yes I am definitely looking for a mixed native hedge that will make a good boundary and be good for all the birds and insects too.  Tresco, thanks for your offer. I would love to know where I can buy all the saplings.  We are on the west edge of the Tarn, about half an hour from Toulouse. Yes, I think we'll defintely be doing our planting in the autumn, but I'd like to find out about suppliers now.
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