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  1. Hi, Our lives have been turned upside down and we're returning to UK for the forseeable future.  We've just finished renovating our beautuful 5 bedroomed house in sw France which was purpose designed to either run as a b&b or run courses from.  We're considering renting long term but then thought it might make an interesting proposition for anyone thinking of coming to France to try out this way of life.  We thought that they could move in to a fully furnished house, with everything already set up (no investment to make), pay us rent which would cover out mortgage, and set up their own business and try it out for 2 years.  Then at the end, if it didn't suit them they could just move on, or if they loved it, we could work out an option to continue or even to buy. It makes sense to me but am I missing something?  I know a proper legal agreeemnt would have to be drawn up but I'd appreciate any comments and or advice from members. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the replies and recommendations.  I am looking at the Fiddes hard Wax Oil. It seems axminster.co.uk won't ship to France so I'll have to smuggle it back in my suitcase unless anyone knows of a supplier here?
  3. Betoulle, I haven't received any email.  I've PM'd you saying this.
  4. Well to be fair, the website does exist and John and I have talked. Unfortunately we can't take it any further but I am still open to suggestions on how to reach potential tenants for next year. So, apart from leboncoin, (and thank you for the suggestions) where else could I try?
  5. We are going to UK for the first three months or so in 2010 and would prefer to rent our place out. The house is in the Tarn and really gorgeous and the house-sitters we had before loved it, but this time we thought some extra cash would be nice.  The problem is where to advertise. I've come across a couple of websites but they cost around £70 - £100 and of course there is no guarantee that anyone will even look at them. I need some creative thinking! We may decide to rent out for longer but for now I need some ideas.
  6. Hello, we live in the Tarn and my husband is starting a new job near Shoreham in 2 weeks.  We need to get some boxes (just 90cm x 110cm x 86) from our home in 81 (Rabastens nar Gaillac) to his new house.  We've just been let down by one company. Does anyone have any suggestions as to who we might contact?
  7. Thanks Phylisbede, that's exactly what we're looking for.  Does anyone know what the translation for Hard Wax Oil is? And if you have used it, where can it be found?  It sounds perfect! 
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I did wonder about oil as that what was used on our kitchen surfaces.  But how many coats would I need? Is it quite a laborious process?  Has anyone tried wax?
  9. At last our new staircase and landing are installed.  I've been looking into various varnishes and sealers but to be honest wonder if I can wax the new wood?  I don't want to add colour and don't want too shiny a finish. I'd appreciate any advice and any recommendations on products/makes and where to find them. The staircases are very large, with 36 steps, many spindles and the landing is 11 foot by 25 foot, so I guess I'm looking for the most painless option too! Over to the experts!
  10. Hello, We are with France telecome and while I know to dial 3103 to pick up my voicemails, can anyone tell me what to dial if I want to know what number dialled me last?  I had a strange phone call and I want to call back.  Many thanks
  11. Thank you patf, that's the reply I was hoping the Forum would come up with.  We have been invited to drinks both at lunchtime and in the evening. Both are normal "dans le Tarn". That spread looks amazing; not quite what I was intending to offer but very impressive! The wording looks OK to me but perhaps someone else has a better suggestion?  If not, old-fashioned we will be!
  12. Like many I guess, we would like to invite our neighbours (who we haven't met yet) as well as a few freinds around for an "apero" at lunchtime on 28th.  We'd like to print out a few inviations and pop them in letterboxes, but what do we say? Can anyone give us the general gist of  "Tom and Irene would like to invite you round for a festive drink at 12 noon on 28th December" please? Thank you
  13. This is the second year that our large chestnut tree has suffered. All looks well in the spring but you can see the leaf boring going on and all the leaves gradually turn brown early.  Most of the trees in our area are affected (the Tarn).  I heard a discussion on radio 4 about it. It is a moth that is causing the problems and research is being carried out.  An insecticide has been found - it's just a matter of making it available and easy to use.
  14. I have a Brugmansia in a pot which only stopped flowering 2 -3 weeks ago.All the leaves have now dropped - as i guess they should. This is the first year I have had it and I have brought it inside for the winter. Does anyone know what temperature it should be kept at (or shouldn't fall below)?  How much should I water it, and any other advice please!
  15. We're leaving our house in France and visiting London for 3 months. A canadian couple are taking care of everything and looking after our cats while we're away, saving us fees and worry about pet care. They'll keep our place warm and secure, take messages and forward mail. In return they get free acommodation in an area they want to explore. We'd like to do the same for someone in London as we think it is the perfect win-win situation. Does anyone know someone who will be away for any length of time in January, February or March? Or perhaps you have an idea as to where we might advertise. Any suggestions are appreciated. We're a professional couple who used to live in north London so know what to expect. We've got references and have also been CRB checked as my husband is a school governor. We just want to spend some time back in London, seeing more of our kids and new grand-child. Thanks for any advice, contacts or ideas!
  16. We need to replace our window handles but are looking for the old style ones with the bar that runs the whole verticle length of the window and turning the handle in the middle either puts the bar into place at top and bottom of the frame or releases it. The trouble is I can't find such a thing at Mr Bricolage nor on the Leroy Merlin or Castorma websites.  Does anyone know what these are called and have they been spotted anywhere? Now whether anyone has any bright ideas as to how to remove the old broken ones that have been there for a couple of hundred years is another question.  Yep, I've put the paint stripper on...
  17. Thank you. I'll try and get the acid citrique.  If I can't and choose to use lemon juice, would the quantitities be the same?  My recipe requires 75g of the citric acid.  Also would the keeping qualities be the same? I was hoping the cordial would see us through the summer, but how long can I expect it to last in a normal air-tight bottle?
  18. Now that the elderflowers are out I want to make Elderflower Cordial this year.  All the recipes I have require citric acid.  Does anyone know what this is known as in France and where I am likely to get it from?
  19. What an exciting time for you. I do hope all goes well.  I did wonder what young families do when booking gite holidays.  Just try and find one that says it is fully equipped I guess.
  20.  Our daughter is due to visit soon with her new baby and we want to have everything ready for them.  She doesn't want to bring everything with her (impossible on airlines these days anyway) and I can't afford to go and buy everything.  Can anyone recommend a baby equipment hiring outfit in the south west (preferably Tarn or Haute-Garonne)?
  21. I've tried to find the website for Jardinier so I could see where my nearest one is. I've tried Pages jaune too. Can you help please?
  22. Yes, I think we've all got excited in this warmer weather but need to look out for more frost. I'm defintely covering up all my babies tonight!
  23. We have some lovely primroses growing along our drive right now and I'd love some more next year. Whats the best way to increase the primrose population?
  24. Thank you. Who or what enterprise would be likely to supply it?
  25. Our potential potager could do with a good layer of top soil.  Where do I look for this? I'm envisaging a large amount arriving in a lorry, not bags of compost.  Oh, and what is it called and does anyone know what weights it's generally supplied in? Thanks!
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