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  1. Hi Paul How did it go, did the sun shine and did you sell much? Krin
  2. We are in the same boat (or not as the case may be). we are driving down to the Charente two weeks before Easter weekend and know that we won't be able to get everything we need in the car. We have a few tools and garden implements that won't fit in with us and a three year old and associated bits and pieces. Not necessarily suggesting that we get a van between us or anything, but just wondering, like you, if there is anyone that can help for a contribution towards ferry costs etc. Krin
  3. Yes. The people we have just bought from did not set foot in France at all during the sale. They used a solicitor in the UK to witness the power of attorney forms. Krin
  4. When confronted with a couple of chicken portions and not much else, I often resort to the following 2 Chicken Portions 1 onion mushrooms or courgette or both 1 chilli (optional) Glass white wine Teaspoon mustard Large tub Creme Fraiche Lots of black pepper Salt to taste Fresh herbs if possible Throw everything together in a casserole dish and cook in the oven for 1hr - 1 1/2hr Serve with Baked potatoes and round up those loose peas. Very low maintenance once it's prepared. Bon appetite. Krin
  5. I know someone who is doing this and making a living. I'll try and find out from them what you need to do. Have you done a TEFL course? Krin
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