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  1. Could anyone who knows where I can get a reasonably priced Sky digibox from please pm me. Mine mysteriously decided to give up the ghost, just before I was about to sit down and watch the concluding part of Waking the Dead on Monday night. I wouldn't mind but I don't normally watch anything but CBeebies. Perhaps I should stick to Bob the Builder from now on. Thanks Krin
  2. Hi We have a fairly short but sloping drive which at the moment is very dead grass and weeds. However, as soon as it rains regularly it will become a quagmire, so we want to gravel it before winter. What is the best plan of action without resorting to costly things like JCB's and hardcore. We had thought to take off the top couple of inches, wait for a bit of rain to soften it up and then throw a few inches of gravel on top before running up and down it with the car to bed it in a bit. Does this sound like a recipe for weeds? Not sure about putting a membrane down because of the slope. I would think the gravel would drift downwards and I can envisage having a weekly shovel at the bottom to transfer it back to the top. Thanks Krin
  3. Hi Helen There is a market in Verteuil on Wednesday. Is there also one in Nanteuil or do you think it is one and the same? regards Krin
  4. I'll ask Mark to keep a look out for you in the Charente. He knows a few Citroen people out here. Krin
  5. Try Verteuil, near restaurant La Paloma. Hubby says that there is a timber merchant there. No phone number or name at hte mo, but will try to get one and post it. Krin
  6. Creme Legere from Atac ( ours is in Mansle dept 16) It seems to be a long life version, but tastes fine to me. Krin
  7. Hi Message and phone number in your in box. regards Krin
  8. Krin


    Thank you everyone - that give me few more ideas - I particularly like the breakfast idea, I must admit! Krin
  9. Hi By the look of my fig tree I'm going to have a glut of figs later this year. What can I do with them? My mum said don't eat too many at one time unless I want to spend the rest of the day in a sitting position in the smallest room. Thanks Krin
  10. Not sure about opening times - they always seem to be closed when we pass. You could come round and swap some with us if you want - we've got several hundred of alls sorts. Pm me if you want - we are in Poursac. Krin
  11. Hi Tris Been off line for a bit, but back now. Can you tear hubby away for a BBQ and bottle of wine sometime? If there is a Brocante near us (Poursac, Charente) maybe we could combine the two. Glad your roof is sorted. Get's kinda wet without one, although the stars are stunning. Krin
  12. Hi We are doing the Dover to Calais crossing with our dog next week and expect to be able to do the journey down to Ruffec (16) in about 8 hours from Calais. It usually takes us about 6 1/2 - 7 hours with one stop and expect to take a couple more stops with dog. Don't know how much a horse would slow you down though. Krin
  13. Hello, we have imported a couple of cars from France, what is required is to get the car MOT'd using the chassis number, then take this along with an insurance certificate from a UK company to a local Licensing Office (DVLA)and your Carte Gris showing the year of manufacture.You will then be issued with an age related plate for the sum of 25, this might have increased now. The DVLA keep your documents and get the MOT altered to show the new registration number and will provide a new style V5 document. As the car was originally purchashed within the EU then VAT is not payable when you import it into England. Regards MARK
  14. We have just sold one house and bought another. We had to pay capital gains tax on the sale of the first, although fortunately we'd had it for ten years so the amount was minimal. Krin
  15. Poursac (16) well nearly - will be in three weeks! Krin
  16. AFAIK Asbestos are compulsory everywhere and lead and termite reports depend on the area. Your Notaire will have a list of areas and what is required in each, or your estate agent if your are buying or selling through one should know. The reports are relatively cheap and paid for by the vendor. Termite and Asbestos reports cost us about 150 euros for the house we've just sold. Krin
  17. Hi Tracy & Rod I know someone who is moving to your area with two young girls, but they are in transit at the moment and not e-mailable. If you let me have some more details of where you are going I will try to forward them when I hear from them. regards Krin
  18. Mark and I will be there in spirit! Have a good day. Karen
  19. Anyone got any idea how much for an LPG conversion in France? Thanks Krin (and Mark)
  20. Krin

    horse dentist

    How many remaining fingers do you have? Krin
  21. Glad your mother had such a positive experience! My hubby was taken ill on holiday a couple of weeks ago and could have been in hospital today receiving expensive treatment had he chosen to stay in France. We needed to come back to the uk though as I had to return to work, and he will now have to wait at least another two to three weeks before he receives the same treatment here. Still, hopefully he will be fit and well for when we move out permanently next month. Krin
  22. Hi Donna Not sure that I can help much but I've put a message in your inbox. regards Krin
  23. Might you te covered 100% for this condition (provided you've got your E106, or E112 if you are on holiday)? Krin
  24. Hi We are planning to move over to dept 16 permanently in the next month and hubby wants to know if there are any sad Citroen type people over there ( my words actually, not his) so that he can wax lyrical about the splendours of hydraulic suspensions and the like with similar minded people. Also looking for a DS to further his collection, 2CV's welcome as well! Krin
  25. Hubby has a condition that we are alsmost certian will qualify for 100% cover when we move to France. Can anyone tell me if this is likely to be 100% of everything related to this condition, or does it mean 100% of convention (sp?). For example if he sees a consultsant who charges more, is he fully covered or do we need to make sure that we have a mutuelle that will cover the additional cost. We will have a mutuelle anyway, but don't want to pay out more on that each month than we need to. Three year old daughter also has a condition from birth which is permanent that will also mean doctors and hospital visits from time to time. Is this also likely to be covered 100%? Have checked the archives but can't find the precise answers to these questions, but apologies if they have been asked, and answered before Thanks Krin
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