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  1. Mustang Sallys is 2 kms outside Secondigny on the 949 heading towards L'Absie. On right opp farm buildings. It is a dance studio dedicated to Linedancing. There will be signs up to guide . Come & join us for an eve of fun!!
  2. If you enjoy or want to learn to Linedance there is a new Linedance studio opening in Dept 79 in May . want more details ? Contact me
  3. you anyone interested pm me & I will give detailed info Regards sally
  4. Hi all just to let you know there is a new Linedance venue opening in Secondigny(79). porte ouverte sat 7th april, 20h-23h. Classes commence beg May daytime & eve classes to suit all. Come & have fun keep fit in a friendly smoke free atmosphere
  5. We used to live in Wells Somerset yes it was a local cheese made by a large producer but no longer made in Wells. As you may or maynot know Wells is just 9 miles from Cheddar where they still make the Proper stuff. My Dad used to be a Cheesemaker  so give me a good truckle any day large blocked cheddar has no comparison in taste or texture as far as I'm concerned. Christmas time we used to have a whole Truckle sat on the marble shelf in the larder along with the pickled eggs/onions & chutney oooohhhh those were the days
  6. Wonderful web site Epa .com will give you all the info you need of sites open throughout the year
  7. Hi Pach We live near Parthenay. How long are you likely to need homes for all? Can't promise but more details may swing it!
  8. It Says Crazy About Ducks
  9. [kiss]Bet he has sweated a few times! I don't like sweaty men but I could be persueded!
  10. I really wouln't min playing any ball game with him!
  11. [kiss]No sorry it has to be Richard Gere. When he danced with J Lo in the film Shall we dance boy did I wish I was her! But when he came up the escalator near the end in his Tuxs carrying a red rose well what can I say but Ooooooo Aaaaaaaa. I have told my husband that he is the only fella I would leave him for so I think he's pretty safe don't you?
  12. Richard Gere would be better ! Ooooooo those eyes
  13. Sweet Dreams! Whats that? I suppose you have to be able to sleep to get them. Any Ideas? I've tried all the usual get to sleep remedies but nothing seems to work. HELP
  14. Would anyone be interested in setting up a Linedance group in L'absie /Secondigny area ? I teach a small group at Glenay in the  Salle de Fete. They formed an association so they get the room for free! I would not be interested in the setting up of association but if anyone would like to take that on I would be happy to get you all Bootscootin Fit . Any Ideas? 
  15. Our French neighbours have just told us that chickens are allowed out today but they are not sure about ducks . Does anyone know? Our Quackers will not be happy if they see the chickens out today & they can't go for a swim!
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