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  1. Is this for short trips or does the offer end on a certain date. I'm just looking to book our ferries for next year. Every trip we made this year cost us £38 return with Norfolk Line, I've been on line today and can't find a ferry for next year under £70 return. We aren't travelling in school holidays either. I ask because I've been on Sea France today and their cheapest ferry for us is £91..... thanks
  2. I tried using copy RIBS and they were returned rejected.
  3. WE always pay our bills with the tear off slip and an RIB but this never results in the next bill being taken automatically.
  4. No we don't have newsletters, debit card or cheque book!  I'm now going to write to my bank to see what they can offer!
  5. Can anyone tell me which is the best Bank account to have in France?  We have had a property for over 10 years and bank with Credit Mutuel. They charge 2.5 Euros a month for the account.  We don't have a cheque book, paying bills is a nightmare as we have to use an "RIB" for each payment, which they only give us 6 at a time.  We pay the electricity by automatic payment but nothing else as we don't know how to do it and they won't help us.  Also paying money into the bank is a nightmare - this can only be done in person when we are in France (which as we both work full time is not that frequent) or payment from England with a charge of at least £15 each time.  Surely there must be a better way to run a bank account and pay bills and pay in money for French property owners - can anyone help please?
  6. We have a house in France and a bank account for payment of bills by direct deduction by the relevant organisations.  WE have great difficulty getting any bank to transfer money into our French account.  It usually ends up that we take a lot of cash with us and pay it into the bank when we visit which is not always convenient. Can anyone recommend a good bank/way of transferring cash at a reasonable speed/charge from an English Bank to a French bank?  (We bank with Lloyds TSB, Yorkshire Bank and Nationwide Building Society) all of whom cannot help!
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