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  1. Pooch; Don't start the process by going to the notaire and formalising the purchase. Read your private inbox. Julia
  2. Pooch; Don't start the process by going to the notaire and formalising the purchase. Read your private inbox. Julia
  3. Thank you James and Alexis! Tried to post earlier but the Phorum Phantum keeps playing tricks. What is wrong with this new lot of software? Julia - who sure as h--l hopes this only posts once
  4. Sorry about the dual post. I guess I'm not the only one having problems with the new forum. Let's see if this appears twice. Julia
  5. Can anyone give me information about the large craft fair taking place in Nantes. I believe it starts on 28th of October (this month). I'd like to know how to find the location! And the hours the fair is open. Have tried an online search, with no satisfaction. Thank you, Julia
  6. Keeping this to the top! Catwoman I'm back on again after a long absence - hope the kittens soon will all be in loving homes - just as loving as the home you gave to the two kittens who were thrown in our garden! This lady is one of the very best, has the two lovely kittens and now trying to find homes for more. I've intended to send you a card and an email and will do so in a day or two - landlord has been around and we're trying to wheedle a shed out of him, particularly as the rent has increased! So, come on decent and animal loving Brits, Germans, Dutch, Americans - give the last kittens a home and have your lives immeasurably improved and your blood pressure lowered. Stroking cats lowers blood pressure, a proven fact. Julia near Redon
  7. [quote]No Swiss posts on both sites, but infrequently. I think renovating a property is taking his time.[/quote] Whatever he's up to I wish him a hearty and Happy Birthday, and oodles more. Julia
  8. [quote]I dont suppose Redon is in Normandy. Otherwise I would love some fish. I am anti buying them from pet shops.Candice[/quote] Sorry Candace; Redon is in Brittany - thought those who live near, would recognise. Maybe I'll fry the things up for the outside cat! Julia
  9. Would anyone in the vicinity of Redon who has a small pond, like some free goldfish? Our six have become what looks like two hundred and growing. The things are about two to three inches in size, some have changed to orange - most will be fantailed. No herons need apply. Will deliver! Julia
  10. [quote]Hi all Does anyone know the whereabouts of Swiss Barry?? He celebrates the big 60 this week and we are sure he would appreciate some birthday wishes. David & Mary White[/quote] I think he's gone over to the other side. Julia
  11. [quote]Hi All, Support and assistance required from all animal lovers within reach of Jumilhac Le Grand in the north Dordogne for tomorrow morning at 10am please. The Bridgette Bardot Foundation has uncove...[/quote] Penny; All of us who care are with you, those who can't physically be there will be waiting to hear. How about a baseball bat to the farmer's leg, accidentally of course. Or kidnap the bugger. Julia in Brittany
  12. [quote]Does anyone know of a dog refuge in Manche other than the SPA at Cherbourg. We've acquired a stray, he's a very nice little dog but unfortunately he can't stay and we've had no luck in finding his ow...[/quote] Hi Check your earlier message, someone wanted to know where you are. Keep plugging away, there are good people out there who will give the dog a home. Julia
  13. [quote]Hi Julia, Did you have any responses? Are the kittens re-homed or just absorbed into your menagerie, now?[/quote] Hello Loopy; On the 'Pets' section I did post that the kittens now have a lovely home with a smashing lady and her husband -on a farm in Normandy. The couple have two horses, chickens, geese, barns, two other cats and the kittens are having the time of their lives!I'm so pleased that the response from two wonderful people has afforded the kittens a future. (Bless you Mary and Sue and Pete). We really enjoyed visiting with the kitten's new owners and hope someday to meet up with them and the kittens again. Just hope no more come over the fence! Though I must confess to missing the little sweeties very much and our cats miss them too. Still looking for them. Julia
  14. Before you do anything drastic! Have you unhooked the cables and reconnected them from the wall and also the set? Then tried to see if the thing is really dead? If this doesn't work - check the outlet. And then consider a new digibox. There are tons of individuals offering boxes at horrendous prices. Where are you located? We may be able to connect you with a very decent and honest person who sells the boxes inexpensively. J
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