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  1. Hello, I am John Thomas and I run an online grocer for expats all over the world. For people living in France, you can log on and purchase ALL THE GROCERIES YOU LIKE for a one off delivery charge to your door of 21.99(each order). So you can get your Marmite, Cadburys, Walkers, Branston or HP or just about anything else in France. My website, which is totally secure as checked by Barclaycard, is. http://www.britishexportgrocer.com For those who prefer to phone 00 44 1443 485997 You can also order in one country and send to another anywhere in the world, great for gifts. For example if a son or a daughter, works away one can sent them a "food parcel" to stop Mam from worrying. Or of course send a box of chocolates to Nan who is still in the UK.
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