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  1. So right wools, but people get the government they deserve so why would Turkeys vote for Christmas, which surely is coming anyway . . .
  2. I'm a leroymerlin fan, Tiles on deals, quality and range; if I have a gripe it is that very often it is not in stock, and must be sur commande, http://www.leroymerlin.fr/v3/p/hp/homepage-l1308216158?pageid=17&xtor=EPR-511535456
  3. Thanks, I think it is the campsis to go by pics on this name, I'm usually only at the house spring and autumn, so far every spring I have spent a percentage of the national debt on plants, preparation etc, and returned every autumn to see everything frazzled to a withered twig. Friends have given plants which they say 'this one is definitely guaranteed to survive and will take over everything' ; rien; the only planting to have survived so far have been the laurel hedges, 1ft tall (and growing an inch a year!) a few tulip bulbs, and the meadow wild flowers which we seed every autumn to everyone's disbelief to create a field with hosts of lovely wild flowers. We see the plants friends have in proliferation, all established of course, and apparently with no maintenance, (apart from the odd ''hacking down''!) So bring it on, tell me which crazy species can survive the summers without watering and I'll let em go wild, that is the look I'm after![:D]  
  4. I was given some flowers with two enormous seed pods, called trumpets of jericho? I have no idea what their real name is or how to propagate, any advice gratefully received.  
  5. Hello gorgeous, This is the supplier recommended by my architect and expensive though it is I couldn't find a better price, they have a price promise anyway. Made new stuff look good and covered a multitude of sins on the old stuff.[:D] http://www.wood-finishes-direct.com/?gclid=CJKc8_2E9LICFRPLtAodW0EAFQ  
  6. [quote user="Sprogster"]What potentially could clobber the French property market further is the proposed reform of local property taxes, which is currently under consideration. This would enable local regions to considerably increase the tax on properties to make up for the substantive fall in central funding from Paris.  Those Brits that highlight one of the benefits of living in France being lower property taxes, could be in for a shock![/quote] Another nail in the coffin for the market[blink]  
  7. The price of socialism, can't do much for the slide in the market.[Www]  400-1million-euro-homes-Paris-market-millionaires-flee-Hollandes-socialist-tax-hikes.html  
  8. Boulangeries seem a bit like bistro's locally, popping up and disappearing on a cycle; I will be waiting to see what the new one in the local village is like before returning the mill owned one in the next village, crispy burnt offerings are not moreish!
  9. obviously not pillow talk with Desmond either then
  10. [quote user="Rabbie"][quote user="woolybanana"]Sorry, rabbie, it is an abuse. Knowing they were to be extradited, the lawyers should have acted during the time he was in prison. Or maybe the silly Brits should have denied financial aid and sent him directly to the US first.[/quote]WB, under British law any gaol term must be served before you can extradited. Presumably so that people can be got out of prison without serving their sentence. After all there is no guarantee that the person will not be acquited once they have been extradited. But since you think we brits are so silly perhaps it is just as well you live in France[:)] [/quote] I'm with Queenie on this, and blame the last government for not finding a work around on this to achieve deportation.
  11. No grooves or indents, and the bottom is black, but it is probably twice as heavy as other Le Creuset items I have, others have commented that it is extremely heavy, so I am coming to the conclusion that heat soak is causing the problem and this frypan is more for the poele than an induction hob unfortunately . . .  
  12. Thanks for the replies, I should have guessed Le Creuset would sell a cast iron Tagine, though it kind of defeats the point of using cheaper cuts to make a tender meal, and that price I'll have to put it on my Christmas list or start buying lottery tickets. Maybe the metal plate thing is worth a gamble . . .. The Le Creuset Frypan I have is 28cm with a very heavy flat bottom, clearly designed to survive on top of a poele, To be more specific it is fine for the first few minutes or at settings below 1kw when simmering, but once it gets to smoking level above 1kw heat then the error message occurs and the safety cutout cuts in, same problem on all the rings with liquids in the pan, or dry frying once it gets hot, bubbling or smoking. With all my other Le Creuset pots and pans cooking is normal with no problems. If I remove a hot pan, the glass of the hob is still very hot even though the cooling fans in the hob are obviously working and air outlets are not obstructed, though there is a drawer underneath. I guess I could slightly improve the airflow and I'd have no problems if I went back to the old smaller pan, but frustrating not to use my lovely purple thing.
  13. I just love my induction hob for most things but have discovered a few problems; having got rid of the scabby frypan and acquired a lovely purple Le crueset frypan, I discover that it causes the induction hob to cut out midway through cooking! error message determines that the pan heat transfer has caused the hob to overheat. If it is allowed to cool slightly than any other saucepan or pot will cook merrily away and also the frypan will restart but the problem recurs? Not only that, but whilst preparing my trusty ceramic Tagine for a dish, (do they even do a cast iron Tagine?) suddenly realised that it wasn't going to work on the hob, and I certainly wasn't about to fire up the godin for one meal. I did check out the http://www.amazon.co.uk/induction-adapter-diffuser-simmer-plate/dp/B00393UNXY except that the reviews say it doesn't work and creates the same problem as the Le creuset frypan by causing the hob to overheat and cutout through the heat transfer?! Any solutions out there?
  14. [quote user="Frederick"] [quote user="Chancer"]  Its a very sought after shift pattern and very few if any companies can still afford to operate it. You can get effectively a 3 week holiday by taking only one of the 5 weeks entitlement, taken to its limits you could work only 5 weeks in the first 20 weeks of the year by using all your holiday entitlement and then work only 16 of the remaining 32 weeks. Working only 21 weeks of the year its not hard to find staff!! And then you add in the sickness leave which in most syndicalised companies is seen as a perk that should be used in full and you can see why companies working in an open competitive market can no longer afford such shift patterns. [/quote] They could do with somone like the Greek Cypriot owner of the Easygroup Stelios to come up with a ferry or two in competition. Perhaps they then would think twice about messing about the 85% of their customers who live on the UK side that they dont care about . Its the Cornish shell fish and crab fishermen I feef for  who export to France as they cant store their catch while these BF crew members play silly Bu***rs [/quote] Absolutely, if only there was an Easygroup ferry on the western routes!, but nobody stays in business to loose money; Truckers, who were complaining when returning on the jam packed LD Le Havre crossing, consensus was that Brittany are losing too much money and whilst being currently supported by the owners, have to get their act together in light of reducing custom.
  15. [quote user="cooperlola2"]  I have selected a piece of music - Fairport Convention's "Meet On The Ledge", which although first recorded in the '60s, has become an anthem for the Fairport faithful in the modern era.    [/quote] I have found it difficult to reply to this news, but this song made me, an Excellent choice, in fact the last time I saw Deb was at the concert in Tunbridge, and specifically joined in to this number; perfect for Coops and for all the others who have demonstrated such strength and courage in life's adversity.
  16. [quote user="woolybanana"]Oh Mr Pooksie, what can I say except b ugger b ugger b ugger, it is so unfukinfair. You are both in my thoughts[/quote] As usual Wooly has it. Devastating, words just not enough, my thoughts are with you both.
  17. The answer to the problem may be a commonly used mix of 3/1 lime with the addition of a half of white cement, giving the appearance you like with a quicker firmer setting.
  18. What a shame, a temporary setback hopefully,  Please give Coops my best, if only our wishes were cures, but I'm sure she'll beat it anyway.
  19. [quote user="just john "]  I've ordered the garmin (http://www.gpscompared.net/tomtom-start-60-europe-vs-garmin-nuvi-2595lmt/ ) a bit of compromise, no 6" screen but a decent reduction, 5" Sat Nav with Europe Maps, Lifetime Map Updates and Traffic Alerts, Bluetooth and some of the better reviews on Amazon. I'll update after a trial go, I hope it's plug and play . . . . [/quote] Not quite plug and play, the manual has to be downloaded, and uses different speak to TT, so word search was not that productive, I'm just hitting buttons in time honoured fashion. Firstly it is quicker to calculate, the maps are almost up todate (denied the existance of the postcode for LD lines Portsmouth dock though, which was a bad start), I like the larger graphics and am slowly working my way around the screen displays, like the time/mileage remaining to destination rather than calculating. Major bad point is that there is no power light display, and worse the connection loosened during the crossing so it appeared connected but wasn't charging, within a few miles it ran out of battery, don't much like that old hardware, where is the magnet or whatever non mechanical power link!?. Reconnection and onward was instant though. I was pleased to see accurate messages telling of roadworks etc, and the 'danger zone message' coincidently occurred just before some very discreet cameras[:D] not that I needed to adjust my speed of course . . . so far so good.
  20. Y[quote user="Cendrillon"]I'm with Frederick and all, ours is a project and a half which is great, just don't think you have forever, life happens - or not [/quote]
  21. you only need 4 correct out of 10 questions to pass.   (Passing requires only 4 correct answers)     1) How long did the Hundred Years' War last? 2) Which country makes Panama hats? 3) From which animal do we get cat gut?   4) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution? 5) What is a camel's hair brush made of? 6) The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal? 7) What was King George VI's first name? 8) What color is a purple finch? 9) Where are Chinese gooseberries from? 10) What is the color of the black box in a commercial airplane?     Remember, you need only 4 correct answers to pass.  Check your answers below...                 ANSWERS TO THE QUIZ 1) How long did the Hundred Years War last?  116 years   2) Which country makes Panama hats?   Ecuador   3) From which animal do we get cat gut?  Sheep and Horses 4) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?  November 5) What is a camel's hair brush made of?  Squirrel Fur   6) The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal?  Dogs 7) What was King George VI's first name?  Albert   8) What color is a purple finch?  Crimson 9) Where are Chinese gooseberries from?   New Zealand 10) What is the color of the black box in a commercial airplane?    Orange (of course) you failed, again? Me too, ! if you try to tell me you passed, . . . .  
  22. I've been going for years and never noticed special facilities, but that shouldn't be a concern, since the Hotel de Ville (special concours), restaurants, paddock and some grandstands are all on a flat level, some others require bridging the track or long walking detours. http://www.circuit-des-remparts.com/reservations-108.html all grandstands are not included with circuit and paddock this year and you need to specify a single preference, I'd choose Tribue Cathedrale, but when I saw the price, it is more than double this year . . . . Anyway Coops I'd be only too happy to assist you all day if that encouraged you to come, please do, I expect to be with friends who would be only too happy to assist. The worst problem in my experience is finding somewhere to park but I have so far managed to meet this challenge[Www]. pm me if you prefer.    
  23. Not quite so simple, but get there early and get into your chosen grandstand before lunch; the grandstands are included in the access all areas ticket and are on a first come, first served basis. Sun hat, water, and, having got soaked to the skin on several occasions, brolly essential. I love it, and generally watch from the hairpin grandstand or just opposite the pits, but sometimes just not able to get to preferred grandstand, and end up watching from the remparts. Not to be missed.  
  24.  I've ordered the garmin (http://www.gpscompared.net/tomtom-start-60-europe-vs-garmin-nuvi-2595lmt/ ) a bit of compromise, no 6" screen but a decent reduction, 5" Sat Nav with Europe Maps, Lifetime Map Updates and Traffic Alerts, Bluetooth and some of the better reviews on Amazon. I'll update after a trial go, I hope it's plug and play . . . .
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