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  1. Any advice on route planning from Angouleme to Bellagio? (and back) I have tried loads of route planners ( Google, AA, RAC, Michelin) and each gives different mileage, timing, fuel and worst of all, Tolls? I have a couple of days for the trip in the late Spring, and it is as much a Road Trip about the journey as the arrival. Fuel or mileage is not that much of problem but the Tolls seem to be almost as much doubling the cost of the trip! Any help appreciated!  
  2. It wasn't the mane ingredient though, I just hope if burgers are anyones stable diet, they don't get the trots ![:P]  
  3. [quote user="PaulT"]Please kindly keep the snow up your end of Midi Pyrennees[/quote] Especially keep it well away from the Charente/Dordogne borders! I always end up replacing my Shower mixer after a freeze!    
  4. I loved it, especially how men in sheds won approval from the scrutineers, can't wait to see how they do!
  5. Good to hear from you Ian, sorry I hadn't seen this earlier, I hope I can reassure you that life goes after w*d*whood, different though it may be. Happy 2013 [:)]  
  6. I could be sticking my neck out, but I think this could be a biggy, saving my pennies [Www] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/9778315/Les-Miserables-The-making-of-a-musical-revolution.html
  7. First the Beeb,  BBC-management-was-completely-incapable-of-dealing-with-Savile-row. now the police,  say-hello-to-the-police-federation-wave-goodbye-to-automatic-respect/ I once thought at least we had some respected honourable institutions.
  8. If only, reality is this kind of attitude,  Republican-congressman-says-Sandy-Hook-principal-should have-machine-gun-  
  9. CH should be aware of the phrase 'Be careful what you wish for'
  10. [quote user="Clair"]   It looks like a theatrical event set up with no other expectation than to tug at the heartstrings of a trapped audience. I feel manipulated.  [/quote] I agree, of course it is intensely private, until the media, and members of parliament conspire to make it public, I feel that the family have been manipulated; No differently to other events from both ends of the spectrum, that are overtaken by media et al, witness the events now in Syria and the US . . . difficult to be private with a camera crew outside your door . . .  
  11. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="NickP"]I'm with you in all respects on this one Clair, I feel that grief is a very private thing and not something I would wish to parade on the TV. I have no explanation to offer as to why someone would want to "go public". Although in bad times I welcome the support of close friends and family, the public route would not be for me.[/quote] I know exactly what you mean. I could not even bring myself to mention my father's death to my colleagues to explain my absence from work. [/quote] [quote user="Rabbie"][quote user="Clair"][quote user="Russethouse"]My own feeling is that when a loved one dies it is somehow comforting to find that they mattered to other people too...[/quote] It's nice to know they mattered to people they knew and who knew them, certainly, but this is the general public, the world at large...[8-)] [/quote]Well put. I can never understand the excessive displays of grief over people they have never met.[/quote] Normally I'd agree, But this was always a public event, ending finally in a publicised death, so I think can understand the family being carried along and wanting the public to know just how much restrained anger and unnecessary grief they are suffering perhaps ?. . .
  12. [quote user="gardengirl "][quote user="Rose"][quote user="gardengirl "] Hope you're keeping well, and that your lovely son is still enjoying school, rugby - and classic cars! OH and I have just been down memory lane about our lovely group lunch together on Cooperlola's tour, and our splendid time afterwards spent chez-toi having long chats and eating lots of your delicious cakes! [/quote] All going well thanks - and yes it was a lovely day.  Maybe we should arrange something else next year when you and Just John, Sweets and all are around... we can raise a glass to toast the lovely coops too xx [/quote] Lovely idea, Rose. We all met through Cooperlola that day. A toast together sounds splendid. Would JJ be wearing his head, I wonder?! [/quote] [:P] Unlikely Gardengirl [:D] I lent it to someone who wore it to a party, everyone wanted a go and it 'disappeared'; but that shouldn't stop us getting together again, and drinking a toast to Coops too. ps. Yours was the most entertaining bit of Little England Rose [8-|]  
  13. [quote user="Clarkkent"]I'm not concerned about the appropriateness of the remarks, just considering that, in this litigious age, it might be wiser to avoid speculating on something of which we have no direct knowledge. [/quote] No prob, I'm sure Q has a loose £50k [:D]  
  14. [quote user="Clarkkent"] [quote user="Rabbie"] .... Guns per se are not the problem ...[/quote] The justification of the NRA. This always troubles me. A gun has no other purpose than to kill. So why let anyone whose legitimate purpose does not include a legal permission to kill have one? It isn't as if the USA does not have a well-regulated militia ... [/quote] [quote user="NormanH"]a charming lady who lives on one of the Great Lakes said she had just heard a noise in her 'yard' (I think that is what we would call her back garden)  and was taking her GUN out to investigate. [/quote] Clearly guns are in the culture and would take some time to remove even if legislation started to head that way. Specifically, in this an apparently sensible family with Teacher - mother, accountant - brother, in a 'safe township area', 3 guns and ammunition were immediately available! And to someone possible suffering mental problems and a temper with these tragic results. If the guns were not so readily available it is just possible the massacre would have been avoided. Surely problems will continue until this gun availability is removed however long it takes to change the culture.
  15. Set to run, confirming the idiocy of the 'pranksters' with still yet more to be revealed,  jacintha-saldanha-suicide-notes
  16. Wow, Uh - oh - Karma . . .  Jacintha-Saldanha-Hoax-radio-station-presenters-bosses-moved-safehouses. Great Joke eh?  
  17. If you look at the itv player edition you may recognise Rose . . .  
  18. [quote user="sid"] For a car club surely it has to be the Circuit des Remparts in Angouleme !  20-22 September 2013. http://www.circuit-des-remparts.com/ [/quote] I can vouch for this, a great setting with the whole town involved in a club level Monaco style event, a bit of a busman's holiday though, lots of English motor clubs rubbing and racing.  
  19. Whatever was he thinking? rightly suspended, but do the teenagers get therapy before a homework on the joys of life?  Teacher-France-suspended-asking-class-write-suicide-notes-homework  
  20. OOoops, http://biased-bbc.com/2012/12/saint-margaret.html sometimes one has to eat one's words . . .
  21. [quote user="sweet 17"] When and where exactly is this marvellous programme on? Have pity on me, somebody, and tell me, will you? Nevermind whether I speak French or not, the question is, can I possibly survive in France without watching Little England? And why "little"?  It's not that small?  England, that is..... [/quote] http://www.radiotimes.com/programme/mvxpz/little-england http://www.itv.com/itvplayer/video/?Filter=327636 Enjoy [:D]  
  22. [quote user="woolybanana"]Who the eck wants to speak to the natives? They should speak English![/quote] [:D] exactly! [:D] Was it not Alexander Dumas who said "English is just French badly pronounced." [:D]  
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