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  1. [quote user="Rabbie"][quote user="Kitty"]Surely you can only really go to those places where you can speak the language.  Can anyone live in France successfully without speaking French? [/quote]I don't imagine living in the UK would be practical if you couldn't speak English.[:)][/quote] Then you would be very much misguided; - in areas of the UK there are large sectors of the population who do not have a rudimentary grasp of english, and rely on a few members of their community for the necessary communication, (in Bristol for example the city council has an in-house Somalian translator and a list of over 21 other language translations. .  bristol.gov.uk/ /community_ diversity/Languages spoken . 
  2. Christmas is a difficult and haunting time for some, and for me it is the perfect excuse to celebrate life with the family, especially the grandchildren. This year it's son's outlaw's turn and I have no idea what we'll be eating except that I've been asked to top and tail it, so for starters we'll be having  dead-good-blinis and for after I've made  champagne-charlie icecream if there was nothing else it's fine on its own. Have a good one whatever yours is . . . [:)]
  3. [quote user="cooperlola"]I got two Porkers for Christmas but sadly neither has an engine[:(], although the 907 is a slot car so I can race it if we put some track out (although I'd be afraid of smacking it up so would probably have to get the old faithful MG Lola out again!)[/quote] What the engine might sound like, 907 at Nurburg,
  4. When you live in a glass house blah blah,  cnn. /france-algeria-genocide
  5. Your relief and elation is palpable Deb, wonderful, not much longer then til you hear "Gentlemen, (and Deb) start your engine."[:)]
  6.  politicalscrapbook. Tory stag party Aidan-Burley-under-investigation/ [:$] by French prosecutors. The Nar*si -themed stag party he attended is now being examined by police after an official complaints from anti-racism organisation SOS Racisme and the owners of restaurant La Fondue, at which the stag party taunted a waiter with jibes about the Third Reich. Where do these people get the idea that this is funny?
  7. ''religious values are not superior to the laws of the republic''  French-Muslim-jailed-punching-nurse-tried-remove-wifes-burqa-in-childbirth I should think not too . . .
  8. Scotland does bring deep-fried mars bars, haggis and of course Scotch, which makes it a difficult one to call . . .[:P]
  9. [quote user="Chezstevens"]Frankly if the majority of Scotland wishes to split then lets get on with it. I am tired of reading about SNPs wingeing :([/quote] Especially after dumping Gorgon, Dour Bannentyne and others on us  . . . [+o(]
  10.  .telegraph. -Gus-ODonnell-The-UK-faces-break-up.html What other fate is yet to befall us ? Anyone got a copy of Nostradamus ?[:-))]
  11. Does it matter?, He will be the usp of PSG, how many does the ground hold?, what is the top admission cost?  put 'em in a museum/And charge the people a dollar and a half just to see 'em - Do the maths . . . Kerchnng!
  12. [quote user="sweet 17"] JJ, stop exaggerating![:D]  1.1869 is hardly a stairway to heaven![/quote] New high of €1.20! (German Foreign Minster Guido Westerwell  says Britain 'indispensable' in the EU;  & Boris warns the euro is unlikely to last another 12 months). [Www]
  13. Worryingly she seems a very acceptable face of a populist party, though I was surprised by her stance on the Euro, clearly Sarkozy will have those who are not with him, I wonder just what percentage she will eventually attract, interesting times indeed . . . .
  14. [quote user="Quillan"] PS If you want the best beer in France go to Lidl and buy Perlenbacher for just under 3 Euros for six pints, wonderful stuff and no chemicals, German of course and it's over a pound cheaper here than the UK (£3.99 for six pints). [/quote]  £4.99 yesterday, so I went for the Spitfire and Bishops finger instead[B]
  15. Who could blame them? UK refuses to contribute to €200bn IMF package • €200bn IMF-EU loan shrinks to €150bn after Britain refuses to lend £25bn http://www.guardian.co.uk/global/2011/dec/19/eurozone-crisis-live  
  16. if the lady is Doudoune, is Normy the 'Gent'?
  17. [quote user="cooperlola"]  Yeh, 'cos that system's  working so well!    [/quote]  -documentary-looks-at-greenspan-s-flaw.html ''a bit like jailing the person who accidentally left the back door open and then pardoning the thief who came in and robbed everyone blind'' Not really, nobody said it will work well, . . .  but nor does anything else, governments? people protest?, what else have you got? except success or failure of the market?, keep on keeping on, "que sera sera" [blink]
  18. To start to participate in motorcycling, a helmet is paramount, [IMG]http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh166/classic69_72/Beginner-06-helmethead.jpg[/IMG] after that a suitable machine n'est pas?  [IMG]http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh166/classic69_72/Suitablebike.jpg[/IMG]  
  19. Lidl (and Aldi) used to be a curiousity on my shopping trips, though now it's a must include; however recently, their popularity is rising, along with their prices, Some Asda, Tesco and Morrison prices are much better, from greengrocery to Drinks etc, always worth shopping around.[;-)] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/8704822/Asda-Tesco-hit-as-Lidl-and-Aldi-prosper.html
  20. [quote user="cooperlola"]   the people who now live there rely on the flowers for a livelihood so you'd only be punishing the worst off the short term, imho, not solving the underlying issue.   .[/quote] That was kindof my point really, the problem is in their hands, if they grew what was best for them they probably would not have the income they need, market led; An alternative perhaps is do as Mugabe did and repossess the farms for the people, oooppss that didn't work either, I do believe the markets will play out eventually, controls don't seem to work.
  21. I'm sure Manon des Sources would agree; are the flowers not identified as produce of Kenya? Perhaps we could boycott the agricultural produce of Kenya, would that stop the trade? err what would the consequences be then?  
  22. [quote user="Quillan"]Money and religion are the worlds two greatest evils, we should do away with both, only then can we really move forward.[/quote] I see you're a realist Q, Don't spend too much this Christmas[;-)]  
  23. Here's a few, in order of the best perhaps, though the best thing is to visit with the book because it's all about condition, they will give you an honest assessment and valuation even if they may not necessarily buy. http://www.maggs.com/contact/ http://www.heywoodhill.com/  http://www.abebooks.co.uk/  
  24. More likely - put 'em in a museum/And charge the people a dollar and a half just to see 'em - perhaps located in Switzerland where a new museum will also house allegedly the  -Austin-Healey Le-Mans-disaster 100S   (meanwhile, despite it's auction price of  £843000, that has been despatched to Australia for a £150K rebuild). -  I'm sure there will enough people visiting to recoup the capital sum.[I]
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