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  1. I received this recently, but since it's not applicable for me at the moment I thought I'd pass it on for your benefit[:D] L'âge de la retraite va être porté à 67 ans minimum dans quelques années surement ... La vignette autoroutière va arriver ! Les montants des pensions vont diminuer de plus en plus ... Le prix des carburants, lui, grimpera ! Et plus besoin d'avertisseur de radar !!!!!!!!! Mais heureusement, nous sommes de notre époque et nous aurons notre véhicule électrique ! Et nous voilà, tous les deux ensemble !   Ne souriez pas... Nos politiques ne préparent rien de bon pour votre avenir... pensez-y ! FAITES SUIVRE À VOS COPAINS EN ACTIVITE... et ceux déjà en retraite !! [IMG]http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh166/classic69_72/deuxieme.gif[/IMG] ps apologies for the Moiré pattern, it wasn't visible until after I posted it through photobucket
  2. I'm quite happy anywhere in A or K upper deck[:D] anywhere else is under sufferance
  3. [quote user="breizh"]  never underestimate the selfishness of french voters, and their lack of economic education. [/quote] Presumably why the euro continued to fall, €122.5 at the mo?  
  4.  telegraph. -Hollande-28% beats-Nicolas-Sarkozy 25% -in-presidential-election-first-round. [:-))]
  5. [quote user="Théière"] But back on the real word roads the frequent changes in road limits and the easy obscuring of the latest signs it is very easy to err. I rely on the satnav kph info as well as a the sign posts where spotted.  Maybe time for a tomtom 1005 [:)]  [/quote] You and me both Théière, bad practice or what? I have come to view TT as my dashboard, speed, limit, direction, time, ETA, unfortunately as you say the road markings are not always visible, especially if you miss one, however neither is TT1005 if the reviews are to be believed, and I think they are . . . The display and navigation is very nice when it works. However, as some people may already know, there has been a problem with the software for most TomTom models since the end of March, resulting in frequent and complete failure of the device to find the GPS signal, rendering it almost completely useless.
  6. Whatever 207 it is, it is now the old model, with 207 prices set to fall a little more, since the launch of the  .honestjohn. /peugeot-208-road-test/ , so definitely worth a look at the local dealer to see how much he might encourage you to buy, if the finance deal is good it could be you can have the car and the money in the bank!  
  7. Having just transfered through Nationwide at €1.17[:'(] (shouldn't have I know), I then got this offer earlier this week, FairFX Euro rate hit its highest peak in 20 months, beating high street providers and our other prepaid competitors. This weekend they will be keeping the rate of €1.20 to £1, giving you time to purchase a FairFX Euro Card or top up. That compares with just €1.08 for £1 in July 2011 (you're now getting more than 11% more Euro for your money). http://www.fairfx.com/wizard/start/card_recharge  I bought some, usual disclaimers etc. only to read this morning,  .telegraph. /Taxpayer-stumps-up-another-10bn-to-save-euro. is this the Sarko leaving present?  
  8. One thing guaranteed to tee me off are sales calls, especially when they are silent, presumably to make you call back (which I don't!); so I was pleased to see this. I would never ever deal with a company that uses this method, does anyone?   .telegraph. /Homeserve-hit-with-record-750000-fine-by-Ofcom-over-nuisance-calls.
  9. There's a coincidence Wools, I thought this might have been you until I saw the nationality . . . [Www]  dailymail.-launching-free-baby-making-service. [:D]    
  10. [quote user="sweet 17"]  Well, JJ, YOU of all people should know!  Haven't you got just such a fantasy home in the delightful county of Devon?[;-)]  [/quote] The framed pic was the 'after pic', mine is the 'before pic' [:D] ps how's the chateau landscaping going, are the fountains working yet[:P]  
  11. All of the above of course; Isn't Breivik playing the opposite view of extremism to Abu Qatada et al, except he admits he committed rather than just incited acts; Two sides of a twenty first century crusade, with the sane caught inbetween, set to run
  12. til you come to sell it cause it doesn't suit whatever; depreciation is the big killer never mind fuel economy or other criticisms, look at the used value of a two or three year old. A depreciation diamond is the Suzuki Swift, with its highly impressive residual value of 59.5 per cent, which makes it fractionally better than the Citroën C1. Then comes the MINI (58.9pc), Ferrari F430 (58pc), Volkswagen Fox (57.8pc), Honda Jazz (57pc), Volkswagen Eos (56.3pc) and Ford S-Max (56.1pc).  .telegraph. -avoid-wasting-money-on-depreciation.  
  13. At the risk of incurring the wrath of people not wishing to have distressing and awful images brought to their attention, and not withstanding the endless playing of the Titanic docujubilee, I fear that reporting of this case will become prominent, while I find myself strangely drawn to hear what he has to say . . . [8-)]  telegraph. First-day-of-Norway-killer-Anders-Behring-Breiviks-trial.  
  14. [quote user="Frederick"]This will give an idea of one of their Fantasy Homes by the Sea  : http://www.splashmedia.co.uk/index.jsp?lnk=020501 [/quote] Doesn't everyone live like this, surely this is the most popular section of the market? [:-))] one of us is on a different planet, or was this meant to be posted under 'joke-of-the-week'? . . . c'mon really, heads up guys  [blink]  
  15. [quote user="You can call me Betty"] I'm wondering why it's wrong to "shoot Finn down in flames" but it's perfectly OK to "shoot PaulT down in flames".   [/quote] The forum does already have rules for contributors, and the contributors are the community of the forum, to paraphrase the contribution of a mod recently, ''if you don't like what is posted, don't comment,'' better yet, make a contribution of some positive value to the forum rather trying to impose a negative set of rules.
  16. [quote user="Finn Dooley"] This is a single isolated act of the utmost barbarism committed by some insane monster, and as such it is surely not worthy of any form of debate.  I'm sure we all have better things to do. [/quote] Do we really nice people have better things to do than to be aghast at the plight of this woman and man's inhumanity in this case to a woman? I would hope not, even if simple ephemeral comments, the least we might do is express a little sympathy, and a lot of anger . . .
  17. [quote user="Quillan"] [quote user="Clarkkent"]Wow! What good fortune. They will enable the RAF to get back to operational strength following the savage cuts imposed by the governemt.[/quote] Shame their not Seafires, we might have some planes for the new carriers (when they are built). [;-)] [/quote] You beat me to it,[:D] I spent too much time searching for this Seafire  
  18. [:D] more detail in the full url, fitted with http://www.youtube.RR Griffin engine http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/asia/burma/9204921/British-farmers-quest-to-find-lost-Spitfires-in-Burma.html  
  19. Better than your average barn find, twenty spitfires preserved in wax, never fought or even flown!  .telegraph -lost-Spitfires-in-Burma.  
  20. No surprises in any of that, nor in his response here . . .  telegraph. /Nicolas-Sarkozy-Britain-in-far-worse-economic-situation-than-France.
  21. [quote user="Pickles"] Thanks for that information: I had realised that use of the GPS on the phone would deplete the battery charge more rapidly, but I hadn't really thought it would have an effect as bad as that - I am now forewarned! [quote user="just john "]so back to Tom Tom, and only their free upgrades, I have just downloaded the free France speed camera zone, though haven't had an opportunity to try it yet. I refuse to pay their exhorbitant rates for annual map grades and have managed to get by with a new Michelin map book every year. [/quote] This is why I posted about the 3-year upgrade offer: it seems good value.  [/quote] Mine is 4yrs old and I figure due for an update, ( the maps were never current even after their first free upgrade, ) so I will be checking out offers around. [quote user="just john "]If only there was a sat nav version of the Michelin route finder which I like and use so often on the lap top.[/quote] [quote user="Pickles"] There WAS: have a look here - I had an early one (4-5 years ago) which had a manufacturing defect (when it was on the cradle and connected to the in-car charger, the spoken output was muted!) and was returned for refund. I recall that I liked the GPS (other than the defect!). However, although they are still selling them, the models available are the old ones and from what I can see, map updates ae a real problem, and the supplied maps must be well out of date now. [/quote] After a quick look on Amazon (the only place I could find them, the only review confirms your experience 3.0 out of 5 stars Fine when working but crashes too often,  By J. M. Hopgood (Valencia, Spain)   This review is from: ViaMichelin Navigation X-950T Europe Full (Electronics) I used this and the guide to walk around Rome and found it very good. However, used in the car it crashes too often, mostly when I am within 10 minutes of reaching my destination. Also, if you vary too much from the designated route and it has to recalculate, it freezes after about the 3rd recalculation. Now had it for about 2 years and it is now failing to load the maps, so is basically useless    
  22. [quote user="Pickles"]  Unless of course you use a satnav application on a smartphone. My problem with this is that I am a skinflint and so haven't got a data contract, and the default options use dynamic downloading of the map (eg the GoogleMaps-based versions). Though the data wouldn't cost much in the UK (as a UK-based person), the cost would be horrible if paid for at data roaming prices.  [/quote] I tried this with my HTC & data contract, no problem in the UK, and for journeys of around 40mins fine, but after this the battery life was consumed and it just died, even with the mobile charger connected it couldn't keep up, so back to Tom Tom, and only their free upgrades, I have just downloaded the free France speed camera zone, though haven't had an opportunity to try it yet. I refuse to pay their exhorbitant rates for annual map grades and have managed to get by with a new Michelin map book every year. If only there was a sat nav version of the Michelin route finder which I like and use so often on the lap top.
  23. It seems to me that there is an opportunity waiting for someone here, (if only I was a year younger[Www]); near me in the UK is a very popular mobility shop with a range of stuff, but mostly scooters, manned (or should that be womanned) by a lady whose partner works out of Transit Van delivering, fixing and servicing the scooters. Good luck til then for you . . .
  24. [quote user="Hoddy"]  I am tempted to suggest that he be put down. Hoddy[/quote] Too quickly over (not for her) for him; (although I do make an exception for the Chinese system of capital punishment where the organs are immediately made available for transplant). Far better that he is incarcerated and obliged to work to repay his debt to her and the cost of incarceration. (who says - 'tin hat on'?)
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