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  1. Hi all thanks for the replies, our place is about 129 sq mtrs, though we are still waiting for the architect to confirm dimensions. Since the bedroom ceilings and floors are rotten these have to be replaced and raised up into the roof to give us more head room. The old suspended timber ground floor is also rotten and may be replaced with a concrete floor which we are being invited to consider underfloor heating. Mainly however the smoke from the wood smoke literally gets up Sues nose, (my eyes really weren't stinging, honest!) so wood is just going to be an occasional novelty. She also expects instant non stop supplies of hotwater: as at home in the UK! so we like the combi boilers delivery of this. As for budget, I am hoping to disguise this in the initial budget! and have a minimal system for background and hotwater installed, which we might add to later.. Are the Die Dietrich or Ferroli boilers combi? does anyone run underfloor heating off them? 
  2. Having spent a few cold weeks in Jan and March huddled round a wood stove, we think we have to include central heating in our renovation plans, everyone seems to say oil (we have water and electricity) but what specification?; our place is a 2up 2down fermette and if we were in the Uk with gas we would buy a wall mounted condensing combination boiler. In the UK we had several Vaillants (German); but being oil and in France we have little idea what would fit this spec locally, any recommendations anyone?
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