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  1. [quote user="Sc"]What you describe is your Avis d'Impot, you will receive your Avis d'Imposition later that has a tear off payment section with all the details you will need. Steve [/quote] Can you explain the difference? My Avis d'Impot states clearly the "Somme a payer" and the "date limite de paiment" (end of next month) If I will receive a separate document, why include this info now? This is getting more complicated by the minute...
  2. On further examination, I'm a little confused. On the last page, there is a declaration that this is the total amout I owe for 2006 etc..., to be signed. If this form is not to be returned, why bother with having this declaration?
  3. [quote user="Clair"]Hi Irlandais Have a look at the impots payment website (https://www.telepaiement.cp.finances.gouv.fr/) You can register to pay online from there. I cannot help re monthly payments as I pay mine in one hit to get it out of the way! To pay by cheque, just sent it to the address at the top left of the right-hand page with a copy of the avis, to be on the safe side. Always keep the original, never ever send it or give it. You can copy it and sign the copy as a proof of its authenticity (see bottom of the left page) [/quote] Thanks!
  4. Just received my first Avis d'Impot. I'd like to pay by cheque or direct debit. What do I return to the tax office? Just the cheque / completed dd form or do I need to return the entire document also?
  5. Just a quick update to let you know I picked up the car last week, and successfully registered it in my name at the prefecture. And once I convinced the civil servants there that Ireland is in fact a member of the EU (no joke!), it was a painless process. Thanks to all for your good advice, esp Sunday Driver. Now all I have to get is some rivets :-)
  6. Thought I might as well kill two birds... especially with the hours the Prefecture keeps, and I'm collecting during the week. With a bit of luck I'll be able to stop off at Speedy on the way home and get the number plates made up as well [:)]
  7. [quote user="Sunday Driver"]Carte grise - OK Non gage - OK You'll also need a CT certificate if the car is over four years old.  The certificate must be no more than six months old. The seller needs to fill in a certificat de cession - it's the three part document giving details of the old and new owners.  You both need to sign it as it's the official transfer of ownership document. It's his responsibility to send the copy to the prefecture within 15 days.  You have one month in which to register it in your name. The carte grise should be marked "vendu le (date)" and signed by the vendor then handed over to you.  Don't detach the carte grise coupon - it's only for retaining if you send the renewal off by post.  To register the car in your name, visit your prefecture and fill in a demande de certificat d'immatriculation form then hand it in togther with your copy of the certificate de cession, the old carte grise, non gage certificate, CT certificate (if applicable), your passport and a utility bill.  Pay the fee and walk out with your new carte grise. Your insurers will issue a one month certificate under the old number.  When you've got your new carte grise and registration number, they'll issue the full proper certificate [/quote] Great, exactly the info I was looking for, much appreciated SD.[:)] One further question, can I register the car in my name in my dept's prefecture, the day I buy it, or must I wait until the seller has sent the other copy to his dept's prefecture?
  8. I've decided to buy second hand from private seller. I have a rough idea of how this should work, however I could do with your advice for the specifics! So far, I've got a copy of the seller's carte grise and I've got the certificate non-gage For the purchase, I'll need to do the following: Change of owership form in triplicate (one for the seller, one for the department, one for me)     -> What is this form called? and can it be downloaded?, if not, where can I get it? What happens with the carte grise belonging to the seller?     -> Should the coupon from the carte grise should be detached at this point? As I'm buying in another dept, I must register the car my department and organise new number plates.     -> What information do I need to provide at the prefecture?     -> How quickly will I get my new registration number? Finally, will an insurance company cover me under the old registation number until I have the new one? Anything important I'm forgetting?
  9. thanks for the replies Has anyone had experience setting up insurance like this?
  10. Just wondering, how long does it take to buy a car off a forecourt in France. Can you drive away on the same day?
  11. [quote user="Sunday Driver"]Irlandaise Well spotted.  I should have said less than six months old or driven for less than 6,000kms.  So a vehicle over six months old but driven less than 6,000kms will be liable to French TVA. A few trips up and down the M6 should do it.....[;-)]  [/quote] Thanks for clarifying Sunday Driver, that's what I suspected... I've seen something which takes my fancy, however only 4k on the clock [:(]
  12. [quote user="Sunday Driver"]The process for importing a car from another EU member state is basically the same as from the UK, but with some differences depending on the country of origin. UK:  you retain your UK number plates and you may drive the car in France for two weeks whilst you sort out the registration paperwork. Belgium:  the seller keeps his number plates to put on his next car, so you need a French import carte grise and temporary WW plates which lasts for two weeks (renewable once) to enable you bring the car into France and register it. Germany:  the registration seals from the original number plates are surrendered to the vehicle licencing authorities, so you need to apply for German export plates.  You may drive in France on these plates for up to two weeks. Regardless of where it's come from, if the vehicle is less than six months old and has been driven less than 6,000kms, then you must pay 19.6% French TVA on arrival in France.  If it's a UK car, then you should have bought it tax free in the UK.  Same with Belgium.  For Germany, you have to pay 16% German VAT, then pay 19.6% French VAT, then reclaim the German VAT, so budget this in your cash flow.  For EU sourced used cars over six months old/6,000kms, there is no French VAT to pay and no import duties.  [/quote] Have to bring this up ...what if the car is more than 6 months old, but has less than 6000kms?
  13. [quote user="chessfou"] I have and, as far as I know, they're good. They are much better known to me as stockbrokers but, unlike in the UK (where, incidentally, Boursorama bought ComDirect a couple of years ago), where all the major banks bought a stockbroker after Big Bang in the 1980s, it seems to me (and I may be completely wrong - if you dig down, you may find more banks) that here the Brokers have added banking in order to compete better (in particular to be able to offer PEAs). [/quote] Useful info chessfou, thanks. Keeping in mind how much the French love bureaucracy, how difficult is it to switch your bank?
  14. [quote user="Piddy"]Thank you to all for some useful advice. Irlandais, can you just clarify if the quality of calls with Neuf and Free is patchy. We use Skype and at times it can be awful so we revert to ordinary phone. Thanks Piddy. [/quote] Hi Piddy,  I only had Neuf internet (on a FT line) so cannot comment on Neuf's telephone service. With Free, the quality is below that of a land line. What I mean by patchy (in order of frequency): An echo on the lineSpeech breakupCalls droppedDon't get me wrong, the service is generally fine, but be aware the above points occur from time to time. If you need a phone line for business, or if you have no other means of phone communication, especially for emergency purposes, keep your FT line. For my part, I use Free to call friends and family back in Ireland, and that's about it, so none of the above bother me. As I said before, it all depends on how much you rely on your land line.
  15. The BBC's money programme made a programme about broadband in Britain, directly comparing it with France. Here's the link: http://media.60hud.com/Files/money-programme-broadband.wmv Scroll to time 20:12 for the piece about the Freebox.
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