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  1. This is quite an entertaining program based on the guests expectations against the actual provided. The crux is twofold, the marking and the payments and the latter is an eye opener at times, how some can charge in essence what is more than a 4* hotel for b&b I shall never know. If they are making money out of it then c'est la vie.
  2. Totally agree with your view Cendrillon! All owners should stay in their gite(s) for a couple of nights to see what is missing and what might not work layout wise etc.... Re those replies who have said "guests haven't told us", you shouldn't rely on being told, not everyone will tell you, my view is that you should be proactive and find things before they become issues and put the necessary corrective measures in place... None so blind as owners who don't want to know!
  3. No not quite, I could finacially afford to stay in a gite for a couple of weeks if we wished, at the inflated prices being charged, choose not to! Now Easter or early May, that's a different proposition!
  4. Of course they do and thats the challenge! However, turn the situation ariound and put yourself in their shoes, what would you expect? Expectation has changed, renters are demanding more, owners need to understand and manage the expectation! And of course the owner sees the profit reducing. Perhaps the challenge to this is to find a way to add value to the property rather than whinge about it? Just my view!
  5. We are camping in August but having read this topic, thought I'd have a look at Owners Direct for August to see what is around out of interest. Lots of availability for the dates I'm planning on and thats for a mid week to mid week booking! That does suggest that bookings are down - perhaps this is largely due to the exchange rate? Anyway, the old old issue of supply and demand comes into play - do owners want some income and try and attract some bookings with a discounted price or hold out for what they charge? If the former then is a lesser rental income better than no rental income at all as I would assume that there are fixed costs to cover whether the property is occupied or not? If the latter, then trying to maintain the profit of the high season weeks might lead to no bookings especially given the wide choice available and cheaper too. As a potential renter, given the exchange rate then anything priced in euros is a lot more costly and perhaps dismissed out of hand once above a set rate whereas a rate in pounds is stable. However, what I would expect to see, is the market adjusting to the over supply. So, up to you owners, those with no bookings, you need to make your property more attractive. Those that have bookings, obviously have got things right, repeat bookings must  be hugely welcome in current times! Just my view! The reason we are camping - property far too expensive to rent in high season! Rgds A
  6. I'd think it is the value of the transaction that would count i.e. in this case over the magical £100 mark. Rgds A
  7. Hi, We are a family of 5, 2A, 3C - all secondary school age looking to rent a gite for 2 weeks in August in the Vendee, or South West region. Must have private pool and ideally at least 3 bedrooms. Dates are flexible as is the arrival day. Look forward to receiving your details. Rgds Andy
  8. And to celebrate the launch: To celebrate these three new routes, we are releasing 50,000 seats from Bristol for £5 including taxes and we urge passengers to log onto www.ryanair.com immediately, as this offer must end at midnight on Monday.” Taken from the Bristol International Airport web site Rgds Andy
  9. Looking at the Ryanair web site: http://www.ryanair.com/site/EN/ Bristol to Bergerac- commencing 16 May 2008 Bristol to Beziers - commencing 15 May 2008 Bristol to Pau - commencing 16 May 2008 No mention of the 4th route though!!! Rgds Andy
  10. Todya's edition of the Bristol Evening Post newspaper carries an article that Ryanair are expected to announce four new routes to France from Bristol. New idea to where as yet I'm afraid. Rgds Andy
  11. Dick & BQF totally agree with what you have written. Regarding using English credit cards in France consider applying for a card from either Nationwide, Liverpool Victoria or Saga who don't charge any conversion fee - other cards typically charge 2.75% to convert from Euros to Pounds although you may not explicity see the charge. Of course all the above charge for withdrawls. A summary follows from www.moneysavingexpert.com Worldwide Travel/Spending Credit Cards.  Nationwide's credit card uniquely has no foreign exchange loading anywhere in the world.  It charges £2 or 2% for withdrawing cash, but sadly it charges interest on cash withdrawals even when fully repaid.  Yet ‘spend’ on it rather than ‘withdrawing cash’ and you’ll be quids in. European Travel/Spending Credit Cards.  The Saga card is the winner here, but you must be over 50 to apply.  It’s 0% loading in Europe and 1% worldwide, and its great strength is a low 1.5% or £1.50 for withdrawing cash and no interest charge if you repay in full.   Its sister card Liverpool Victoria is top for the under-50s, with identical European Union conditions, except it does charge cash withdrawal interest when you repay in full.  Also it charges a whopping 2.75% load for non-European Union transactions, so if you may spend worldwide, stick with Nationwide. Regards Andy
  12. Hi Andy, I'm member of the travel club through subscribing to Living France magazine -  membership is free for subscribers. As to whether it is worth the £6, I've always found them to provide the best price for a day trip - depends on how many trips you might plan. As to longer trips we use the Camping & Carvanning Club Carefree Travel service, £70 return crossing for car with top box courtesy of Sea France. Membership is required. Anything else, drop me a line. Regards Andy
  13. The Travel Club have an offer via SeaFrance of £15 (with car) for a day trip - booked it myself yesterday for next week Ebay has several items advertising £10 crossings with P&O.... Regards Andy
  14. Eurostar offer available in the Daily Telegraph again - looks similiar to the one run during October last year, today's password is "Intrique" if anyone is collecting them. Regards A
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