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  1. At long last - some competition for Ryanair. Flybe have (re)annouced a service to Limoges from Southampton. Also B'ham - Bergerac. Looking good...check out the website. Tickets on sale tomorrow.
  2. Try Expoplan +31 35 6284592. They put on the 2nd Homes International Show in Utrecht a couple of times a year. Its usually pretty big and does have some French content. Next one is 18-20 March 2005. IMO most of the european shows are mixed with a heavy Spanish content. I don't think they have a seperate French show like VLF. Hope this helps but PM me if you need anything else.    
  3. If you come out of the port to the first roundabout and then go back in again but head for the "no ticket" entrance ie where the ticket office is - you'll find loads of motorcaravans and caravans bedded up for the night waiting - not particularly quiet although I think safer than the autoroute. Have a look at www.mmmonline.co.uk and its forum for more info on this subject as its a FAQ there.
  4. Or call Rail Europe in the UK although there is a booking fee - I found the SNCF web site in English to be very clear and understandable although the seat reservation numbering system seems a bit odd.
  5. Our house is about a mile away from this line south of Nexon and although its not a main line in the UK sense, it still gets a reasonable amount of traffic from TER services and is used for freight on a variable day to day basis - have a look at the SNCF timetable. Also depends on the track near you - we're near an incline and so do hear the diesel loco's when they've got a heavy/long load. Having said that, its not like the West Coast mainline - I actually like to hear them but thats me - may not suit everybody. As regards upgrading, I think they have just cancelled the "Pendigo" (may have spelt this wrong) rail upgrade project between Limoges and Toulouse which was the only big SNCF project we found out about when we did some research on this and in fact I think that was also taking the line down thru Brive and not Thivers.      
  6. We use Currencies Direct and have found them competitive and efficient but there are many others out there.
  7. Thanks for all the replies to my question - took your advice and went along - had a great time and also managed to snaffle a few goodies althouigh competition was fierce ! Amazing how little old french ladies move when the freebies come flying thru the air.. Really good day and great memories.
  8. Dead easy - go to the TGV/RER station in CDG2 and get the RER B line into Paris (should be about Euro 9 single fare)- try and get the non-stop/limited stop train - they'll all pretty frequent though. Get off at St Michel Notre Dame and transfer to the RER C line (look out for "Correspondances" signs which show the way for interchanging lines. Gare d'austerlitz is first stop down the RER C from St-Michel - look out for trains direction Saint Martin d'Etampes or Massy-Palalseau. When you get to Gare d'austerlitx, follow subway signs for "Grand Lignes". Takes about an hour. Can recommend the station cafe at d'austerlitz for lunch if you've got 1/2 hour to spare and don't want to drag suitcases etc outside. Train to Limoges is very pleasant, about three hours and cheap at Euro 30 single. Hope this helps.
  9. About Euro 750/tonne ex TVA last time I got a quote - you'll also be expected to pay a large deposit for the tank. Ours was Euro 838 for a 1100 litre tank.
  10. I see that the Tour comes to the Limousin on July 13th/14th and wondered if anyone has any experiences on how best to see it? Do you have to go to official viewpoints or can you just park up somewhere near the route and wait for the riders to come through? Do security or the police control access? Sorry if these seem basic questions but have never managed to be in France near a tour stage before.
  11. Check out www.bigdishsat.com - they offer a alignment service. There're based in 87, tel: 05 55 78 72 98 ask for John or Sue. I was very happy with their service when they did my installation.
  12. Stick to the N154 - they're improving it all the time. Just done calais to limoges towing a trailer and no problems even thru Rouen. Also a good truckers place half way between Dreux and Chartres (Hotel Du Peage) just off the N154 - I think it was the D26 exit - but there are some small signs. Excellent four course lunch Euro10.50.
  13. Very strange - opened a Britline account in the last two months and no mention of any upfront deposit. They don't send you a cheque book until you put some funds in but I don't see a problem with that. Have they changed the rules of late? Apart from that its all worked fine with them.
  14. Has anyone got an english copy/translation of the "Conditions Generales" booklet that you get when you sign up for their Assurance Habitation Solution Confort product? I've worked out what my main contract says and means, more or less, but I'd be interested to see what some of the T&C's small print means(in English), particularly on security just in case... Can anyone help?
  15. Same thing happened to me - they are quick ! Just sign the slip section where it says "TIP", send a RIB with it and they'll take the amount on the slip from your bank account - this is not a DD but a one off payment. You can do the same thing again next time if you wish next time when they send a bill. John
  16. We found the Trocodore at Isle, just outside Limoges on the N21, to be worth a visit - lots of stuff. Happy shopping !!
  17. I wondered if any one can help me out with any recommendations/contacts regarding anyone offering occasional gardening and grass cutting services in South 87 or north 24? All advice welcome.
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