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  1. Hi Clair - this is exactly what we were looking for..

    What sort of wood are they as a matter of interest ?

    Also did you order them as "traversée du chemin de fer" or just specified the dimensions you wanted them sawn to?

    I suspect every wood yard is different but its always useful to go armed with as much info as possible.




  2. ScrewFix (and others) sell pointing guns like


    I bought an older version but like OP's found it pretty slow going - ok perhaps for regular joints but on typical french stone walls with gaps of all sizes, its easier to push/throw or trowel your muck in. If you have a bit of polythene underneath where you're working, you can re-cycle what you drop within reasonable time limits.

  3. Allow two hours. The route thru Rouen is easy if you remember that as you go over the river, start shifting into the outside lane to prepare for the filter off down a very sharp curve to the right which takes you onto the begining of "Purley Way", then just keep going thru numerous lights and across the vache roundabout (always good for a smile) up to the autoroute.
  4. As previous post, do double check numbers stamped on side of jets when you swop over - when we bought our last cooker, the bag of jets for lpg had two duplicated and one missing - easy mistake by the manufacturer but no slow burner for two weeks until they sent the correct one. Apart from that - easy job with a socket set.

  5. You might want to consider Danish Oil - several coats - matt finish and works well for our external oak door although depending on weathering, you'll need to re-apply at intervals.

    Odinary "satin" incoloure lasure has also worked for me on some external oak beams - the weather will dull them down pretty quick.

  6. Thanks to Cassis and others for previous posts on this subject - having done some searching, a lot of the links in past topics are now broken.

    Can anyone help me with a pdf copy or up to date link? We're after the check list that the GDF inspectors use so we can consider what we might have to do to our bedrooms if we go down this route.

    Thanks in advance.
  7. We've had this at Limoges on Sundays with Avis - basically I think you'll find the local airport Avis/Hertz/Europcar (whatever) people will always be around when flights come in, even on a Sunday but their websites often just show their normal office hours - therefore when you look on the web/try to book a car via UK, the office seems to be closed and therefore cannot proceed with a booking. The way round it is to contact Avis UK (or firm of your choice) and ask them to send a "request" booking to the local office who then happily ok it.

    Its worked for us at Limoges so I think worth a shot at Cherbourg as well in your case.


  8. We used our signwritten company van to dump a load of old tat from the previous owner at our local tip in south 87 and did'nt get any adverse comments unlike, as you say, the UK.

    The only concern he had was if we had any domestic household waste! Why I don't know..

    I guess you need to turn up and try.


  9. It all depends on your useage I guess.

    In our place in France, we use Wanadoo as our French ISP, no monthly bill contract, pay as you go via the France Telecom main bill. It works out at about E0.1 minute. I know this is'nt the cheapest but as we're not there for months on end, we save on the monthly charges so evens out I guess. Complete with email adress etc

    If we lived there all the time (one day, one day..) I'd look for a cheaper solution but right now this is ok. Like you, our part of 87 does'nt have broadband either.

    You can sign up via the Wanadoo web site for authorisation codes etc.

    Hope this helps..

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