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  1. We have always used Frontline, but had none left in the UK prior to our trip one month ago. On arrival we purchased Advantix, since then ( 4 weeks) Honey, the Lhasa Apso which owns us, has been scratching and licking herself umpteen times a day . We are now back in the UK, and tomorrow she is due to be clipped and bathed. We were hoping that a medicated shampoo would do the trick ? When we saw the Vet(in Figeac) for the going home shots ,cost 40 Euros no check up, I was told that they always use Advantix because of Heart Worm problems in the Midi, she then used Frontline !! and sugested in future using Frontline and an anti-mozzie collar. This is the first and last time we will ever use Advantix. JohnD
  2. Bernice, Thank you for the information. My vet has quoted " about £60 ", and as he has already taken £600.00 from me for an operation on Honeys' cruciate ligament this year,  I think the time has come to find a new vet. Regards   Johnd
  3. The question should be, the passport is now full, and a "continuation" ?  passport is required.   Regards Johnd
  4. The UK pets passport for our dog will soon need renewing, has anybody got any idea of the going rate? Thank you. Johnd
  5. Try your local Dechaterie. Here in 46 the local one has mounds of the stuff, it is help yourself to how ever much you want, all for free. Regards JohnD
  6. Today I have spoken to FT regarding suspending my line when not in France. No problem says their operator I can do this for you right now, and when you require it activated a phone call is all that is needed I aked could I do this over the internet? he said no. I used the English speaking number 0033 15 57 86 05 6 JOHND
  7. Yesterday I had a call from a friend in Blars (46), he has registered 90mm of rain in the last month. This day last year, it was 28c. Regards JOHND
  8. Since 2002 we have taken our dog to france either via ferry or Eurotunnel, 3/4 times a year, and at no time has she been scanned at the uk checkin. A cursory glance at her papers/ passport thats all.Arriving in France no check.(of the dog) Coming back,at the French checkin she has been scanned, and papers/ passport checked (very thoroughly) If all is not correct ie date/time of vaccination, you will not be allowed to board. Prior to coming back double check at the vets that date/time are correct. Regards JOHND
  9. Derek We are in Blars about 10 miles s/east of Labastide, and at a similar altitude to you. A couple of winters ago, the temperature up on the causse was 16 degrees below zero. In our courtyard 13 below. Big is Bootiful.(and warm) Regards Johnd
  10. Cowoman, We are travelling Liverpool/Limoges next week, and being charged £6.00 per bag, per person,each way. Is it worth double checking? as I am sure you will receive a sympathetic ear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regards Johnd
  11. PS The excess can be reused Johnd
  12. I have used Terralit, this is made by Weber & Broutain, and cost about £8.00 per 25 kg sac, available throughout France. Each region has its own colour (normally). I usually slap it in the joint with a large sponge followed by cleaning off the excess with a wire brush. This, Terralit, or similar products, is the best way of obtaining a constant coloured joint.  Johnd
  13. Kathie, How do you define an unnecessary flight? JOHND
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