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  1. It seems is the travel insurers who are not paying out  - however, if the car was UK registered (it might be the same in France but I can only speak for UK) then the drivers insurers would be the ones to pay damages which would include any medical etc expenses, subject to a likely deduction for contributory negligence for the failure to wear the seatbelt - somewhere in the region of a 33% reduction depending on how the injuries would have been lessened by the use of the seatbelt, if worn.
  2. Hi - I was thinking of getting a Pay-as-you-Go sim card to put in my wife and my mobiles whilst in France so that we only pay local rates rather than going through our UK accounts. We are over a few times a year and so could use them when there.

    I know in the UK I can go into Tescos and get a PAYG sim for next to nothing (in fact you can get them free if you go online and buy enough credit!)

    Can I get similar there and if so where is best to go for it - I don't want a phone - just a card and buy some credit.  Thanks for any advice.


  3. Thanks Bob T.

    I don't think I ever indicated it was about saving the "couple of pounds" nor am I unaware of the very fine quality of food available in France - it's just that I do have my own free range chickens who are producing wonderful eggs at the moment and if I can take some of those into France then it seems a shame to leave them here in England - my son who is left behind to care for the animals couldn't eat them all and I have given as many away to my friends and relatives that they can get through!

    I certainly wouldn't buy eggs in England to take to France, but these are laid by my own happy hens!

     Let's face it if I was worried about a couple of pounds I wouldn't actually be going to France but rather stay at home. 

  4. I'm driving to 87 - Thing is I remember going many years ago (1969) with my parents in a camper van and they would stock up with tins of beans etc AND at least 2 doz eggs - all of which seemed to get broken at various stages of the journey down through France to Italy! 
  5. Hi - I think the answer to this is "no" - but I just wanted to check - I keep chickens at home in England and have wonderful free-range eggs. I am going to my house in France in August for a couple of weeks and wondered if I could take a dozen or so of my own eggs over to start our breakfasts off? 
  6. Ah! - that makes sense - but I would think a detemined person could just as easily drive around the area with the same result?


  7. To be perfectly honest I have no problem with any photos which show only that which can be seen from the public street anyway.

    What I may have an issue with are the birds-eye view ones taken from the air which show my house and look into my garden where it could not be seen in any other way - thats an intrusion!

    By the way, for the life of me I can't see how you can track someone down using this, but maybe I have missed something - can anyone explain?

  8. Hi - I am trying to find somewhere for about 50 people (mixture of adults and 13 year olds) for 3 nights -  29th October to 1st November. I was thinking a Center Parcs/Butlins type of thing might be suitable and economic - does anyone have any suggestions in that area? I need to keep the costs down so nothing luxurious needed!!

  9. A few months ago I posted a "joke" about Ryanair looking at installing coin mechanisms in their over-head lockers - well I thought it was a joke!

    Today on BBC Breakfast we have Michael O'Leary saying they are looking at installing £1 coin operated slots on the lavatory doors - even I didn't think of that one!!

  10. I've taken kids -  and adults -  on rugby tours all over - UK, Europe and South Africa -  at various times - the best place is France - the hospitality is fantastic - and the rugby is pretty good too!!
  11. Thanks for all the information - most helpful and much appreciated.

    We are likely to be going to Meaux or thereabouts as it is close enough for us to get a coach all the way. I personally have a house just between Limoges and Brive so would prefer that area, but I think that will have to wait until the boys are older - we went to Cahors some years ago with the older age group and had a fantastic time.


  12. Hi - I am looking at arranging a tour for an under 13 age group Rugby team to France. When I did this some years ago the rules in France were for 15 a side (as in Engalnd) for that age group, but I am told they may actually play 12 a side up until 15 years - can anyone confirm this and also does anyone have a link to where I can find the FFR regulations regarding any differing rules for various age groups?


  13. As a litigator I suppose it was a freudian slip ;-)
  14. Big Mac - I think I am agreeing with you entirely - if the organisor has done nothing negligently unsafe the he/she has nothing to be concernd about.

    BTW - the "second man drop-off" was the system that the guy in my case was NOT complying with and what was one of the basis for the claim - as I said actually in law it have very little to do with things - he just forced the victim off the road - wrong in any situation.

  15. SD - we have a similar concept of "Volenti non fit injuria" (a volunteer cannot claim for injury) in England - so provided the organisor did nothing unexpected  - ie not what you were volunteering for - this is a starting point.

    I was not aware of the French no fault regime for RTA's  - but the "do no harm" is reflected in our Tort and Delict laws - I believe the general principals are very similar throughout the EU, with small differences in wording or procedure such as time limits and sometimes what losses you can actually claim for.

    ANDYH4 - of course insurance is a must for any organising body - I act as legal officer for a county Rugby Union and also a Rugby Club and I am well aware of the possiblity of claims against such bodies - but I repeat - a successful claim can only procede where you are shown to be negligent - whilst you have all to have insurance I wonder how many successful claims there have actually been? - I don't mean claims being made - there are a lot of "chancers"  who read about a compensation culture and want to get on the bandwagon - they are the ones who give me a bad name (Shakespeare - first we are going to kill all the lawyers!!) - but the claims are not going to win -  I can recall one successful claim involving a climber in a sports centre and as far as I recall it was because the wrong safety matting was put down - I can also recall one recent unsuccessful case in similar circumstances where the climber landed heavily - brought a claim but there was no negligence - it was his own fault and so no chance of winning - I cannot think of any other reported cases in climbing or potholing although some will obviously have passed me by.

    My own view for what it's worth is that there has been a Health and Safety panic brought by papers like the Daily Mail who like to sensationalise reports and whip people up into thinking thay can't do anything - but which is not borne out by the facts. Just  do things responsibly and you will be OK - if you are an organising body ensure you have thought about the risk and have reasonably reduced it to a minimum - but if you do things in a reckless or dangerous manner and you open yourself up for liability.

  16. Hi Guys - I am a solictor duel qualified in England & Wales and also Scotland - unfortunately not France so I can only deal with those two jurisdictions. I also deal pretty well exclusively with Personal Injury matters  so perhaps I can shed some light (please note legal disclaimer - my opinion only and cannot be taken as formal legal advice).

    I believe that Big Mac may be looking at it from a contractual point of view - the liability would not arise particularly through (or despite) any contractual obligation, but through Tort (in Eng/Wales) or Delict (In Scotland).

    I have recenlty settled a case where the injured person was on an organised ride - as it happens a HOG rideout - and the person with whom he collided (actually drove him off the road, was also a member. The claim was brought against the rider NOT the organiser - in fact part of the claim was based upon the rider failing to comply with the "rules" of the rideout in his method of overtaking, although actually that argument was worth little.

    Quite simply - the rules of the road apply - if the negligent rider was driving negligently then it is his/her fault and not the organisers - the only way I would particularly go after an organiser is if he had been negligent - for instance (and by way of exageration) by taking the rideout somewhere obviously unsafe (a blasting quarry???!!!) or down an unsafe highway etc.

    If common sense is applied and no unsafe practice than I (as one of those horrible lawyers) can think of very little that could be laid at the door of any formal organiser, and even less at the door of someone who said to a few friends "lets go out for a ride together".

    There are European Motor Directives which are bringing EU countries in line so I see no reason why, in principle, the same comments should not apply in France, albeit within the applicable French laws.


  17. Hi  - I need (well I feel like I need) a couple of days break in Paris with my wife - does anyone know of any good deals by Eurostar for travel to Paris and accomodation for a couple of nights in February?
  18. I have changed all the bulbs in my house for the new ones. Where they were 60 watt I have changed them to the "equivalent" of 100 watt and also have probably added at least 50% more light fittings (table lamps/uplighters etc) as the light given out is too little to read by for my poor old eyes. Not sure if overall I have done anything for the enviroment but at least I can claim to be green!!
  19. OOPs  - got wound-up with the first part and didn't read the rest  - my gullibility methinks - 'tis clearly a joke thank goodness  = people are not that stupid as I first thought. 
  20. Kick it out or love it - but FGS make some sort of decision - how do some people get through life?
  21. Ah Cheesecloth (drooooool)

    1973 was such a good year

  22. Started at 16 in 1974 with a Puch M50 sports - one of those "super-mopeds" that went at least 55mph  (Yeah ! at least that's what we told everyone we got out of them!!) - much to my mum's horror I had a couple of spills on that including going over the top of a roundabout, but no real harm. Then went riding a Suziki 185 but got so cold and wet one day (I had to wring my boots out!!) I gave up bikes forever - then went out and found a really good looking Yamaha 350 LC - might have looked good, but shook all over if we went above 60mph.

    Now I am a bit richer and can chose when I ride and when I use the car, I have a beautiful big black Honda CB 1300S - fantasically smooth - plenty of power, good riding position for my aching back and neck (too much rugby!)  and the most idiotic thing I have bought as it is far too big for me!! - Still I do love it.

    I am a bit worried though - whenever I suggest that I should get rid of it as I am likely to fall off one day - my wife insists I kleep it and ride it more often - I suppose she sees it as cheaper than a divorce - perhaps I should also be a little cautious when she serves me those wild mushrooms for breakfast!!

  23. Thanks - I am really attracted by - as you describe - almost free energy - do you have any recommendation for suppliers or even plans for a dryer etc - DIY is also attractive for me - I have looked on the www but they all seem to be for pellets, not chips.

    Best wishes for Christmas to you all - JD

  24. Hi - does anyone have experience of domestic heating by burning wood chips? (not wood pellets as they seem to need some more specialist equipment to produce for fuel than my fairly sturdy wood chipper) -  I have a couple of acres of woods and coppice that could produce a lot of wood chip material and I was wondering how it could be used for heating. I currently have a Rayburn which burns coke in the winter running two gravity fed radiators, and gives hot water (supplemented by cheap rate electric). I also have a log fire for the main living area, again supplemented by cheap rate night storage heating. My energy costs are quite low, but I have the opprotunity to look at the system as I could change during renovations  -  and I would welcome any views.

    Thanks - JD

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