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  1. .....for the England 6 Nations in Paris.......[:D]

    OH YES!!!!!!!!!!

  2. PeterG

    As the owner of two beautiful Bulldogs I resemble that remark.................

  3. My wife and I have an agreement that we share the "post-Alcohol" driving home. She is going to do it for the first 50 years we are married and I'll do it for the second 50 years!
  4. Thanks - That sounds like the stuff!!

    We will try it this weekend - my mouth is watering already!!

  5. Thansk for the assistance - I did look at the one from Framboise - I thought Nougat should have egg whites in it - am I wrong?

    Although Almond Oil is expensive, I suspect making nougat at home is still cheaper than buying it @ 4.5 Euros per 100gm - especially as my familiy can eat loads if I let them!! - JD

  6. Hi everyone - I am looking for a good nougat recipe that works!!

    I have tried a few from the internet, but the result is usually too runny and not "fluffy" enough. My family all love proper French Nougat and having just bought ten 200gm tranches from Lille @ 9 euros per tranch I perhaps would like to try again!!

    Any advice/recipe much appreciated. - JD



  7. 2 weeks ago or so I read a report of a women being followed home from the supermarket in the UK and then arrested for threatening to smack her child - not actually doing it - perhaps ther is a middle ground??
  8. I lost Pride of Calais earlier on today - I was terribly worried that she had been hijacked or sunk - then I realised she was docked in Dover alongside another ship and I'd missed it!
  9. I do love Troyes (but NOT the andouillette!) - but having been there several times I fancy somewhere different.

    I actually thought I might even stay in Calais and see what it has to offer as all I ever do is get off the ferry and race elsewhere!



  10. They all sound good - I've never thought of going to Ghent, but that could just be the place!! - thanks for your comments - once again this forum comes to the rescue!!
  11. Hi  -my wife and I are having a quick weekend trip to France on 20th November, returning to UK on 22nd. We often go to Lille, but thought I might try Amiens or Reims for a change - I think I am too early for the Amiens Christmas markets (or does someone else know differently?), but wondered if anyone has a recommendation as to which one would be best, or any other recommendation within a reasonable drive from Calais?

    We just want a bit of sightseeing, a bit of shopping and a choice of reasonable restaurants - any suggestions gratefully received.


  12. Thank-you Nick   - thats exactly what I needed - much appreciated


  13. Hi all - I have a very old (1950's) Rayburn No1 (new style) which sits very nicely in my kitchen heating that room and giving hot water and two gravity fed radiators in the next room.

    I am in the process of planning a renovation and wonder if I can improve this by adding a pump to the system and thereby add a further one or two radiators - would this work and if so:

    1. What sort of pump? and 2. how is it best fitted?  and 3. Anything else I should be aware of?

    Any advice will be gratefully received ;-).

  14. This summer I was asking the same question and received some good advice  - in the end I bought a Stihl MS 250 (not sure what I paid but got a deal by shopping around locally) - I use it for cutting trees, doing firewood etc. I actually have about 5 chainsaws, Petrol and Electric - and from experience would advise to go for a quality one rather than budget ..........and Stihl are really good!!

  15. Not sure why "London Southend" is "taking the pee"?

    It is about the same distance and time from London as Stansted, Luton or Gatwick  - According to the AA the distances/time from each airport to London Bridge is:

    Southend - 40.6 miles/78 mins, Stansted - 41.2 miles/72 mins, Luton - 36.1 miles/68 mins, Gatwick - 28.9 miles/66 mins, Heathrow - 23.2 miles/56 mins

    I have flown from Southend a few times (not lately as very few passenger flights now) and it is fine to use - seems a good alternative if any low cost carriers want to use it, especially as it now has some fairly well progressed expansion plans, new owners (Stobart Group) - plenty of investment and a new dedicated rail station just for the airport is currently under construction. I usually fly from Stansted but would be more than happy to use Southend if I had an option.

  16. Has Ryanair stopped flying Luton to Limoges?
  17. I would think there are a fair number of people looking for long term parking near Limoges Airport - surely this is a business opportunity for someone with a bit of land close by to earn a few extra euros? If the airport is charging 6oo Euros a year then even 20 cars would be a nice easy earner? I can't beleive the is no-one doing it!!!
  18. josa


    I leave oyster shells available for them to take when they want to  - I also scatter grit for digestion, although I suspect they can pick most of this up as they scratch around - I also feed Layers Pellets and Mixed corn along with the occasional treat of a tin of sweetcorn which they love.

    When they are in moult or in need of extra calcium (if their egg shells feel thin) then we bake some eggshells and crush them into powder to mix with food - it seems to do the trick. 

    BTW - I went into Pets at Home recently and saw they do 1kg of oyster shells for £2.99 - I get a 25kg sack from Marriages for £6.05 - what sort of profit are Pets at Home making on that!!

  19. To be fair, I didn't say I was attached to it - even if it is a tool it still shouldn't be damaged - nothing to do with being emotionally attached or otherwise!

    In my case everytime the cars lights were broken the "tool" needed repairing. Given that these were deliberate acts of vandalism it is annoying whether it is a car thats damaged or a "power drill or liquidiser! I suspect that if someone deliberately damaged those I would feel similar - and I suspect you wouldn't be that pleased if it happened to your power drill or liquidiser ;-)

    Vandalism of any property is still criminal damage, regardless of the level or basis of victims hurt feelings. In fact, even if the victim didn't care one jot it is still wrong, criminal and downright idiotic.

  20. I have been going to France for many years in various cars - large, small, cheap and expensive, all UK registered and I haven't found any issues - however, many years ago I had a Lotus - second hand and not expensive, but still a nice car - but in the UK that seemed to attract "envy marks" on a regular basis - the pop-up headlights seemed to get a lot of attention by being prised out by screwdrivers.  I got rid of it in the end as I couldn't afford to keep getting it done - BTW - this was not in rough areas - some quite pleasent and middle class places.

    Moral as far as I am concerned - there are idiots everywhere, but thankfully they are still a minority.

  21. That sounds exactly the same as us - I shall purchase today!!

    thanks - JD

  22. Not permanently occupied/heated - just for holidays and long weekends - the trouble is that I am loath to leave bedding, clothes etc there in case it will get damp and mouldy!

    We have done similar re: the trench and soakaway but the rooms still feel a little damp - possibly due to the walls still being colder than the air and so moisture condenses on it.

  23. I know parking at Limoges Airport has come up in the past, but doing a search I can't actually find what I need.

    I have a french registered/insured etc car that I would like to find some long term parking for somewhere near Limoges Airport - can anyone help? I am happy to pay, but shy a little away from the yearly charge of 600 euros at the aitrport itself (from what I can see).

    Thanks- JD

  24. I have come to the conclusion I need a dehumidifier - my barn conversion has the lower part 1/2 buried and whilst it is pretty watertight we do get some dampness through the earth when it is left a while - I can leave the dehumidifier on low and have the water discharge into a gully in the wet room.

    I was looking at a  Delonghi Dem10 as a good and reasonaly priced one - I can get it in the UK for about £120 but I don't know if it is available in France or it's price.

    Does anyone have experience of this machine or any other type they can recommend?

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