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  1. Any Ideas?

    Spend more time in France to get your money's worth


    Sell up.

    Sorry but I get a bit tired of people who think they deserve a special privilege when those of us who are here full time pay taxes so that they have roads to drive down, trains to ride in, doctors and hospitals in case they fall ill etc. So if you were happy to pay an additional 16% of your current UK tax bill and give it to the French tax system, I would have a lot more sympathy.

    Grumpy hat off
  2. Terrible situation Nomoss, but the fact that you were "pulled" on arrival at Heathrow says to me that there was something on your passport that identified you as not UK born or some such status.
  3. NI numbers - proves nothing. I have German and French Social security numbers as well as my UK one. They would have requested and been legitimately given NI numbers.

    Passports - for the first 20 years or so they would have requested and got UK and Commonwealth passports - just like the rest of us at that time. I think there may well have been a "remark" in the passport, but that would have had no major influence until the TM legislation. It is quite possible that some of these folk never had a need for a passport, if they had no real links back to their place of birth.
  4. and apparently the Home office shredded the evidence of when these folk came to the UK back in 2012. And who was in charge of the Home Office then?

    I don't think anyone needs to embarrass TM, she seems pretty good at doing it herself.

    And to think she is in charge of Brexit - dog help all Brits.
  5. Probably the person to swing should be the Home Office Minister in charge when this nonsense started under the latest new legislation.

    Now let me see, who would that be?

    Oh it's the current PM.

  6. Mint wrote:

    I do question what constitutes "chemical".....I thought all bombs, bullets, whatever, have "chemicals" in them? As for chlorine, it's such a common chemical with legitimate use (ask some swimming pool owners) that anybody can get hold of it.

    Yes all bombs do have chemicals in them and every physical thing is made up of chemicals.

    From a purely non-expert view, I would say that a chemical weapon is one where the payload is designed to induce chemical reactions within its victims. This is different to normal bombs where the payload is designed to explode and create damage to things or people by virtue of the shock wave and or the shrapnel from the explosion. Or incendiary devices which are designed to create an intense fire.

    Chlorine storage is not banned under the chemical warfare rules because it has many legitimate uses, but its use in a bomb or in deliberate release during conflict is prohibited. This is different from nerve agents where use and storage are both banned.
  7. Let's not forget France's links with Syria in a colonial past.

    As such she might consider it poking her nose in her own past affairs - much as the UK did in South Africa and today still in Zimbabwe. I condone neither sets of actions, just observe.
  8. Harnser wrote

    ..........................The EU wants to de-nationalise SNCF and open up the French rail network to "competition" - and their man Macron is the man to do it.

    That means he wants it to end up something resembling the mess that the rail franchises are in the UK.

    The worldwide financial elite see SNCF as a cash cow that is ripe to be milked - think Virgin trains in the UK!

    Where is your evidence that Macron wants to follow the UK model of denationalisation?

    There are other models and DB AG is doing very well thank you. Yes they too do suffer some strikes but nothing like SNCF.
  9. Traditionally you stop feeding birds at Easter.

    Given that this can vary by 28 days and on top of that the weather can mean that plants are starting into full leaf and a surfeit of insects will be around, or plants can be barely in bud with hardly an insect in sight, this system of controlling the feed is a pretty silly way to go about things.

    Like Cajal we also feed for most of the year. I say most since in the height of summer we see a major drop off in use of the feeders as live food becomes plentiful.

    Stopping at any time in early spring strikes me as a rather cruel thing to do, cutting of a reliable food supply at a time when natural sources will be limited and when the first hatch will be well on its way.
  10. Bordeaux mixture works for me, although others have said it does not work for them.

    It is (perhaps surprisingly) regarded as a fungicide that you can use under bio conditions.
  11. You could declare this in one of two positions.

    1. Declare this as a pension payment (which it is even if there will never be another one) under the foreign incomes section.

    2. Declare it as a special payment attracting a flat rate 7.5% income tax.

    For only £5000, the latter is not likely to be a tax effective method of declaring.
  12. Well it would certainly seem that his driving was erratic leading up to the accident, but that does not necessarily mean it was when they set off, and once underway she would effectively be a captive in the car.
  13. Having worked in an industry where for safety reasons having workers who were under the influence - even residual influence - could not be allowed, and in a country where it was estimated that 10% of the population were addicted to alcohol to a greater or lesser extent (and I think the UK and France are probably broadly similar) we underwent some training in alcohol dependency and alcoholism.

    So a few insights, if I may.

    Firstly there is no such thing as an ex-alcoholic. You can be an alcoholic on the wagon but there is no cure for alcoholism if you do develop the disease. The only thing you can do is abstain. If you take just one drink (to show you can control it) you will not be able to stop until you effectively pass out or the alcohol runs out.

    There is no one size fits all behaviour of alcoholics, but many share common symptoms/behaviours.

    Once identified as alcoholic, rather than just someone who drinks a lot (but can handle it), they tend to drink in secret. They also tend to favour white spirits so that there is no/little trace on their breath. [His mother may well not have known that he had been drinking.]

    Their bodies build up a greater and greater tolerance to alcohol. They can drink quantities that would put mere mortal drinkers into a stupor.

    Because the body builds up a tolerance it also tends to respond later to the classic signal of a "drop too much" - slurred speech, unsteady movements, dilated pupils etc.. However when the body does start to show these signs, because the levels of alcohol are so high in the blood, the victim can change from near normal to highly and visibly intoxicated/completely incapacitated in a short space of time - a few minutes in some cases.

    So it is quite possible that his mother:

    1. Did not know that he had been drinking

    2. could see no outward signs of intoxication

    3. got into the car unsuspecting that anything was amiss.

    Unless of course you have other information.
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