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  1. Betty wrote:

    But that's my point. Under what rules do you lose accreditation?

    Put as simply as I can, by withdrawing your links with the accreditation body. - either directly or more likely by virtue of rules imposed by hard line Brexit Red Lines imposed by an inept government.

    So for the nuclear industry, the accreditation body relies on the ECJ as the determining body in the case of dispute. The UK in withdrawing from the EU has stated that a red line is drawn by accepting the rule of the ECJ over British legislature. De Facto, the UK nuclear industry is no longer compliant with the European body and has by default withdrawn its membership* - and is no longer accredited.

    Repeat with airlines, aircraft design and safety, railway coaches and locomotives, and 1001 other industries who rely on European standards.

  2. EU countries could ( stress could) be faced with WTO import tariffs - so imported EU food stuffs become more expensive and unattainable to the poor. So NL and other EU supplies might be economically cut off. To be replaced by what?

    If the US then this report might be important:



    However, Trump's administration says the UK must abandon "unjustified" food standards before a … deal....can be agreed.
  3. Betty

    there are some area where the FDA standards are at least as good as those in Europe if not better. There are others where they are questionable.

    Genetic modification

    Chlorine bleaching of meat

    Pesticide levels

    Hormone usage

    There are always standards and some are better than others.

    As a student I worked in a canning factory and on day one my job was to shovel new potatoes out of a vat of peeled new potatoes in water with a bucket with holes drilled in the bottom to let the water out. The potatoes were poured onto a short conveyor where 12 women were inspecting and sorting the potatoes. Every potato with an eye, a bit of damage, a little bit of green, indeed any blemish at all was hoisted out and into a reject bin. After lunch the foreman came around and said, "right that's the Marks and Spencers order done. You lot come with me." Where upon 9 of the women were taken elsewhere. All of the rejected spuds went back into my vat, and second time around 3 women were sorting out the real crap,

  4. Betty what will change?

    I agree with others that workers rights are at risk, but in addition, I see things like food safety standards going down the plug hole.

    If the UK had a trade deal with the US, then it is clear they want to impose their (inferior IMO) standards, and if those are accepted, then expect UK farmers to want the same (unless they export to the EU).
  5. Betty wrote

    Compared to what those of you living in France or other EU countries ……………….

    In most other EU countries (all except Ireland and France AFAIK) there is no issue. You have to be registered to live there - as a foreigner and as a national.

    As to how well the UK system is working - well let's wait before passing judgement. It sounds good in principle - like the joined up NHS systems; like the new Universal credit payments system; like...………… Unfortunately there are too many likes.

    And those systems were years in the planning, this app has been put together in months. If it works then maybe a lesson in over-planning new systems .
  6. Stilton (blue Stilton) is available in our Auchan and also from time to time in Grand Frais. Red Leicester - also available in Grand Frais as Vieux Leicester - looks old and dried out under its plastic wrap - it isn't. Wensleydale, proper crumbly Lancashire or Cheshire - still waiting for the world to change. But they do have Blue Shropshire - not my personal favorite but OK - and little cheddars wrapped in wax - which I will personally avoid.

    And before ALBF gets on his hobby horse, I also love Danish, Norwegian, French, Italian, Spanish cheeses. They each have a character of their own and we should refrain from saying that A is a good substitute for B or A is as good as B. There are good'uns and not so good'uns [according to your own tastes only] and they all have an individual character.

  7. Our two pharmacies have amalgamated into one - perhaps no bad thing since we now have a 6 day service no matter which we historically used with a 4 1/2 day service. AS far as I can see everyone is happy. No loss of jobs, bigger premises,

    TBH 2 pharmacies for a commune of 4k inhabitants - perhaps doubled if every outlying commune and hamlet were added - seemed at bit OTT

    Perhaps it is this rationalisation that is taking place.

    As to making medicines expensive, I am not sure I follow. My Ameli statement shows the cost of the medicine, a payment to the pharmacy, a payment from CPAM and the rest to be covered or not from the mutuelle.

    If there were fewer pharmacies, where would the reduction in cost come from? Reduced payment to the pharmacy itself is the only way I can see - but they still have staff, taxes and cotisations to pay. I have yet to walk into any pharmacy without a queue - so they are not over staffed. And not a lot they can do about taxes and cotisations.
  8. Well just for once we seem to be ahead of the curve Mint. We also have prepackaged Wyke Farms which is OK for cooing, but the cheese counter in our Auchan also has blocks of White Cheddar cut to order - Cheddar fremier. - as well as the red. These are also Wyke products but the white cheddar is pretty good. Friends brought out some Cathedral City over the summer, and while the taste was different, if I had been scoring them I would have ended up with very similar scores.

    And yes for melting onto toast/crumpets or just on top of things, Cheddar is impossible to match.
  9. Nectarine wrote:

    I'm happy to email you a list of what they want.

    Why keep it under cover? I would have thought it worthwhile to publish the requirements here so that the next M&C who arrive have a good idea of the needs from Agen.

    No problem about the pms to walk them through the process however. I think that very kind and constructive.
  10. As Idun has so eloquently pointed out there is little chance of there being proof one way or the other. So the senate committee will need to base a decision based on a balance of probability. In some cases this might amount to the probability of whether I get re-elected or not.
  11. I think the question of do you really know the area you are planning to move to applies wherever you are. Even within the UK. You did your research on schools, better areas to live, distance to the railway station, etc - but do you really know the area, its local culture and customs?

    Moving to another country probably just adds another magnitude of difficulty.

    Why France? They have possibly been on holiday here. They may well have learned (and forgotten) French at school. House prices are cheap (out of the major conurbations) and they can aspire to properties that would be an unaffordable fortune in the UK.

    They probably think that the weather will be so much warmer all year round based on their 2 weeks in summer. The number of visitors who are gob-smacked when we say we have to be prepared for snow in the winter and to be cut off from the towns with the supermarkets for several days. We show them photos of the house and garden under a couple of feet of snow. "What year was that?". "Every year." is the reply. So we take them for a walk through the village and point out the mountains on the other side of the Rhone valley. "See those? That's where Ski Sunday is made." "Ah now I see." But I am still not sure they really believe.

  12. Mint wrote:

    NEVER do they mention that renovations cost an arm and a leg

    Indeed they often give the absolute opposite impression. "I talked with a builder about converting this outbuilding and knocking through into the house. He says he can do the work for €25000." Which could well be right but omits the fact that (unlike the UK) the builder is just doing the basic stone and construction work. You are still going to need and pay for the roofer, plumber, electrician, carpenter, tiler, …..
  13. I see the problem DD but I think with a marriage certificate (which may or may not need to be translated officially depending on the prefecture) and proof of purchase / rental documents in both names, they should accept the utility bills in one name only. The annual bill I something that I am going to have to face myself and hope that in conjunction with everything else (driving licences, Avis de taxe, etc) that will be accepted.
  14. Cannot help with most of that DD but if you follow the advice to get a TdS then this is individually issued so you will both need one if UK nationals.

    On point 1 I think you will need to elucidate a bit about why you or your partner are not on the utility bills for 5 years. Were you not in France continuously for the last 5 years perhaps? That could complicate things a bit. If it is just a case of the utilities being registered in just one name I think that could be explained and accepted.
  15. Other options for cheap power tools are Lidl and Aldi. These low cost supermarkets have some power tools available on a job lot basis - it's here next week but once they are sold there will be no others for months or even ever.

    These are not professional quality tools like Axminster but are very much cheaper and I know tradespeople who will happily use them until they break and then either send them back under guarantee or just ditch them if out of the (usually 3 year) guarantee.

    If you look at aldi.fr or lidl.fr over a number of weeks for their offers you will start to get an idea of how it works and what they cost. There has been some debate on who the real manufacturers of some of the tools are and some prestigious names have been mentioned - but they are branded under the stores' own brand labels
  16. Normally in these situations it is the insurance that covers it - but you did not have any. That basically is what insurance is for and if there were other avenues you would not need insurance. I am therefore fairly sure your money is gone.
  17. If you are dragging a horse box down muddy lanes and into fields, I would definitely recommend 4WD. It is an added plus when driving into the mountains for skiing. And for the winter sports I would factor in a spare set of wheel permanently set up with winter tyres (winter treads, not studs) and a full set of chains. Get to know how to put the chains on in the warm and dry - much better than finding out in a blizzard.
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