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  1. Poolguy, I think you have maybe gotten the wrong end of the stick. An autoclave is a pressure vessel and is not necessarily heated (but often is).  It is designed to take the timber, is put under vacuum to suck out all of the air and quite a bit of moisture.  The timber is then immersed in the preservative (English not French!) and put under pressure, which forces the material deep into the wood.  In theory no heat is needed but it would not surprise me if heat is not used as well to speed up the process as you say - judging by the banana shaped bits of CR*P often found on the brico shelves. The class system shows the degree to which the wood has been treated - from class 1 - basically kept dry in use through to class 5 - for partial or permenant immersion in sea water. Class 4 seems to be suitable for applications around a pool area - general use where the humidity is likely to be above 20%.   With repect to two of the nasties you mention Arsenic and Chromium - both should be banned from this sort of wood product from this month according to the EU directive of 2003.  However there can be no guarantee that what has been installed is not old stock from somewhere. Copper is however still allowed and widely used - it is however much less toxic - and before someone says there is no such thing as less toxic - yes there is.  Copper is an essential element for life of mammals and plants.  However just like alcohol and sun - too much can be injurous to health.
  2. Having just been given a cheapie collapsable pool (inflatable ring above flexible sides and base), I would like to know if there is any treatment I can use to stop the water going green.   The pools has a small filter and holds (by my reckoning) about 3 cubic metres of water
  3. Inheritance sales don't have to be long winded. Ours took 6 months with 8  sellers and would have been a lot quicker except that they put there were no rights of way in the CdV, which a neighbour disputed
  4. http://www.majortravel.co.uk/cgi-bin/farechk.cgi?cheapflights   I can recommend this site (no connection) for finding cheap routes - if no direct flights then it will look for the possibility to do a two stage flight.  For example it found Lyon - Frankfurt for me with Easyjet to Stanstead and Germanwings to Frankfurt at a fraction the cost of AF or Lufthansa direct.
  5. ................and before anyone thinks it's another Chirac plot, it is not just in France. Germany has similar restrictions
  6. If this sort of problem happens again, or if you end up on a site that hijacks your back button and refuses to go anywhere,  right click on the back button and you get a list of the most recent sites/pages you have been to.
  7. I recommend that you do get yourselves a French bank account as soon as you are certain this is for you.  It will make transactions sooooooooooo much easier.   Your UK bank will sting you each time you make a transfer, so it is much better to make one transfer to your French account and then pay all of the items from there than to make many transfers from the UK
  8. [quote]Andy I don't mind telling the TV licence, Revenue and Customs etc, where I live. I don't see where this gets extended to the government needing my Iris scan and fingerprints, and selling verificatio...[/quote] Failures of the data protection act - not aware of any major breaches by any UK electricity company, so what's the beef? Use of the card to track your every mobement - There seems to be a basic assumption here that because the governement could use ID cards to do this, that it wants to and will - assuming you are not suspected of some heinous crime (defrauding the IR of 75p for example).  Think of the amount of work necessary to track 70 odd million people.  You'd need a computer about the size of a Kray to track and analyse and then another 70 odd million people to read and analyse the results.   Hey Urko, perhaps you're right perhaps this is a plot.  Tony Blair intends to end world poverty by employing 70 million Africans to track UK residents
  9. [quote]Anyway I can't think why the fuss about a little bit of plasticized carton with your mug shot on it. What is your driving licence? your club membership card? your security card to enter your place of ...[/quote] I cannot for the life of me understand why telling the government where you live should be a problem for any law abiding citizen.   Having moved to Germany I was initially a little surprised that we had to register with the local town hall as citizens.  More surprised to find this applied to everyone and not just foreigners.   And then it occurred to me -  the government (and a lot of other faceless organisations) know where you live anyway.  This just formallises it. You fill in a 10 yearly census return. You fill in your return for the electoral register The inland revenue know where to send your tax return The utilities companies know where to send your bills The relevant agancies know where to send you family benefit/pensions data etc.etc. If you move the Post Office know where to re-direct your mail The Licensing authoritiesd know where to send TV and car tax bills........   The only difference is that you will have to register when you move and not some weeks or months later.  Which could in some cases be beneficial and speed up the move process.   The risks of course of your data being misused is always there - and it is today.  Who polices the Electricity Company and its data protection systems?  - I think you'll find it's the electricity company. I think this is paranoia  in the extreme - unlesss of course you have something to hide.
  10. They are gradually migrating northwards and can now be found just about anywhere south of Paris. They don't seeem so keen on high mountain areas, but I would think that a purcahse in the Loire would mean an automatic termite survey is required
  11. Should be much less.  The EU directive said that transfers across EU boundaries must be at the same cost as within. In France and Germany money transfer is relatively common and the prices are cheap (costs me 55c = 0.35 pounds from Germany to the UK up to around a max of 12500 euros).  In contrast the UK relies heavily on the cheque.  Money transfers are rare and the robber barons in the banks charge comparitively extonsionate amounts.
  12. I think you should be able to set up the equivalent of a standing order.  All you will need is the SWIFT code  (8 or 12 digit code) for your bank in the UK and the IBAN (arond 20+ digits long) for your account.  My UK statement has both on them. Transfer the money in euros and it should be converted the GBP at the other end (do not expect however the best excahnge rate - but then when has a bank ever given that).
  13. Ron, European identity cards are accepted throughout the EU as equivalent to a passport.  If you think about it this makes sense since the ID card carries as much if not more info than the passport.
  14. On balance wasps do more good than harm.  During Spring and early summer they are responsible for eating large quantities of insects we would probably prefer were not left to nature to do their course - greenfly, aphids etc.  It is unususal for a wasp to sting unprovoked until after end July early August - when their largely meat diet then becomes expanded to include fruit - which because it is usually beginning to rot a little to be soft enough for the wasp to attack, also contains some alcohol.   So just like humans, wasps can become beligerent if they consume alcohol.   So for a wasp to sting so early in the season, there have to be a few questions: Are you absolutely sure it was unprovoked?  Could it have already landed on you unnoticed and when you moved off it thought it was being provoked? Are there any early fruit trees with unpicked fruit in the neighbourhood (cherries??)   What may seem like a strong defence will seem the more so when I explain that since being stung on the eyelid at age 9 I have a very violent medical reaction to wasp stings. 
  15. TGV lines are not all negative (though you might not wnat to live 20m awawy from one.) When the LYon Marseilles LGV line openned house prices within 30 minutes of a station shot up, with announcements that houses were only 2 hrs and x mintues from Paris.
  16. I don't think that identifying the location of fixed cameras is illegal per se - otherwise viamichelin.com  website for route planning would be in a bit of a fix - and I think they are linked to the french tyre manufacturer
  17. "Bosch/Miele/Indesit and other "real brands" do European cover implicitly"   Are you sure about this Opel Fruit?  The fact that you say implicitly suggests no.   I can only say that having bought my Whirlpool/Electrolux (also international) appliances through IKEA, the multilanguage guarantees are not the same.  Each is clearly being worded to meet their national legislation and the striking thing is that whilst the German and English guarantees and warantees are broadly similar and differ only in the detail, the French is totally different.  Can't speak for the 15 other languages covered.   Explicitly therefore for Electrolux at least there is no one-size fits all European cover.  
  18. I cannot speak about department 16, but French banking - indeed continental banking (I work in Germany) - works differently to the UK.  Expect to pay charges even if you are in credit.  I pay 4,20€/month with CA - so CL is likely to be the same but it could be worth shopping around. Expect to pay for your credit card (30€/year) if you need one - and you probably do since the automats at the petrol station only take French cards.  Which is wonderfully amusing when I pull into the card-only line in my German registered car - the queue behind empties of French registered cars and fills up with foreign registered ones.
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