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  1. Hi They are laid on battens. There is felt underneath, but it is in poor condition. Any ideas? meduse
  2. Can anyone tell me how easy/cheap it is to buy roof felt in France. Our roof felt needs replacing and our tiles are not fixed, so everytime we have heavy snow which lays, it pushes the tiles down the roof, creating leaks. We can't afford to get a whole new roof with new tiles. If we replace the felt and try to fix the tiles somehow, it may work! Is roof felt much more expensive in France than in UK? We are considering buying it here, but them we have to hire a trailer and pay more getting there... Any suggestions? If we buy our felt in France, can we buy it anc take it away there and then? Thanks in advance. Meduse
  3. Our neighbours have told us we can collect any falled wood from the surrounding woods.
  4. Thanks for the info. It's always nice to have a rough idea.  
  5. Hi There Can anyone give me an idea of the cost of getting the tick/tapeworm treatment for my dog on the return to uk? Also does the treatment have to be carried out between 24 - 48 hours of return? So I havwe to wait for 24 hours after treatment before I can board the ferry? Thanks Meduse
  6. Thanks Chrissie The tracks that we'll use the quad on also have cars, motorcross bikes, quads, massive log lorries, tractors and cycles using it and it never gets churned up. It's properly surfaced with chalky "stuff". so please be assured we won't be churning anything up. Janet.
  7. Thanks for all these helpful replies. Janet
  8. Hi There We have a quad that we'd like to use in a rural area of France. (not on the roads, but on tracks made for cars, quads, walking etc) Are there any laws, or can we just take it and use it? Thanks in anticipation for your help. Janet.
  9. Hi There We own a little cottage in france on the Sault plateau, which is on the Cathar trail, it's ideal for walking, cycling, skiing and other outdoor type activities. We'd like to rent it out to holiday makers, but won't be around to manage this and clean between customers... Can anyone suggest a good, English speaking agency, that would help us with this? Thanks Janet
  10. Thanks for all your replies and advice. After reading them all, particularly about the charges French banks make to cash Euro cheques from UK banks, I'll stick with what I'm doing!!! I quite like the sound of the nationwide card too. What I've been doing is buying Euro travellers cheques from the post office, making them payable to me and sending them to my French bank. There is no charge for this but I have had one go missing. (I'm in the process of getting a refund which has taken over 4 weeks so far!). Then, when the money is showing in my French bank I write out a cheque for whatever bill it ios I need to pay. This does work well for me . If all those charges are involved, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing for the time being. It's been interesting reading. Thanks again. Janet. (Meduse)
  11. Hi there I'm fed up with paying charges or getting travellers cheques from the post office and sending them to my CA bank in France and then writing out cheques for bills etc... It would be so much easier if I could get a Euro account at a bank in the UK with a Euro cheque book for sending bills for my French house. Is this possible without having to have a minimum amount in the account? Janet.
  12. Thank you for all your helpful replies. I'll buy it in France.
  13. A tiny hamlet with just 21 houses on the Sault plateau between Lavelanet, Ax and Quillan. It's a beautiful area. Meduse
  14. Hi there I live in Portsmouth and belong to the Brittany Ferries Property owners club and thought their prices were way too high! £400 return for 16 days in the summer and that is with my discount! (I haven't renewed my club membership) I got a crossing for £85 with sea France...I know that means a two hour drive to Dover at the beginning and end and a few extra tolls on the way in France but we're still saving around £200. Fortunately we like driving! I'm really not impressed with the price increases Brittany Ferries have introduced over the last few years. Perhaps it's because they've got no good competition. Meduse
  15. Hi there I've been to several builders/DIY shops and have had no luck in finding plasterboard. Is it possible to find this in France or do they use something else? Thanks Meduse
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