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  1. The house that is very nearly ours has large gaps along the length of the beams on either side and some very large spiders live in there. Although I'd never harm a spider I'm really terrified of them. I will have nightmares sleeping under these gaps. I can imagine them coming down on their webs to run and jump on my bed while I'm asleep in it.Anyway I want to fill up these holes with some sort of easy filler. Apart from the usual polyfiller (which will take ages) is there anything easier? I assume the wooden beams will expand with heat so it would need to be a flexible filler. Any ideas? Janet
  2. Hi again As we've re-mortgaged our UK home to buy a holiday home in France, we've got cash to buy a house in France. What's the best way to turn s into Euros? Would it be through a company such as currencies4less or would my bank (Nat West) be able to do it. Is now a good time to exchange money? What do you think? As you can guess, I'm new to this game. All comments welcome - sock it to me! Thanks Janet
  3. Hello out there Does anyone have an address for opening a current account with La poste. After looking at all the messages on this site it seems La Poste is one of the better options. Any comments most welcome! Thanks Janet
  4. Hello out there Do any of you have an email or postal address for Societe General? I'd like to fing out more about their higher interest current account. Do any of you out there know anything about this? Do you have to pay very much for transfering money from UK to Societe general? Oh, so many questions! Thanks. Janet
  5. Hi I've just read an article in this months French Property News. It says this: If you need to regularly use both sterling and Euros you can open one of the linked Euro and sterling accounts with Citibank. (Also Cater Allen - which I've never heard of) This essentially means that you have a Euro account and a Sterling account at the same branch and you can transfer money back and forth from one account to the other without incurring exchange costs. This sounds good to me but I'm a learner. Any advice or comments? Thanks Janet
  6. I need to open a French bank account (current account). I have been warned that some banks will charge a fee every time money is transferred from England. I don't want this. Any suggestions? Thanks Janet
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