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    Now OH has taken early retirement (61 years) we will be spending about 7 months in France.  Have been trying to research what we need to do regarding health cover and would welcome some advise please...... Will the EHIC cover us if we are in France, if not what should we do. We have also read that the EHIC is only valid for 2.5 years from ceasing of paying NI contributions.  What do others do for the period from then to claiming state pension. 
  2. Our local supermarket has trays of duck joints and pieces for about 4 euros. The quantity I reckon would make a good couple of meals for us - anyone bought these and if so any good recipes please
  3. Need breakdown cover but can't find one that does over 90 days a year - anyone know of a company that does this please
  4. We brought a spare fridge over with us to but when we switched it on it did'n't work - guess the bumping about during travel messed it up, we weren't too happy after all the effort of getting it over there. Ended up buying basic budget white goods and after 3 years all are still going well. Did find out though from several stores that your guarantee is void if you lay item down in car when collecting, apparantly some manufacturers are putting that in the small print. We had to borrow mates trailer and store signed it as 'witnessed it was collected correctly'
  5. jen


    we only use bottled water as we sometimes get brown water coming out of our taps ewwww!
  6. jen


    thanks for replies - have got permission and not going to let them off till december for a special occasion. We live miles from anyone so won't be disturbing any neighbours.
  7. jen


    Anyone know where you can buy fireworks from?
  8. I've several recipes which use almond flour, I have read it maybe called franginpane but can't find it on my local supermarket shelf.  Anyone know if it goes by a diferent name ?
  9. jen

    pergola cover

    [quote user="ukhostland"]Hi, I am really puzzled by your request for no-flowering plants.....what's wrong with flowers? The more the merrier, as far as I am concerned. Technically of course, all plants have flowers, even things like Ivy, whose green, nectar-rich flowers encourage wasps. We have a rather lovely golden-leaved version of the Hop vine, whose flowers are also not obvious or bright. Actinidia (Kiwi) have big leaves for shade and flowers which are not a major feature. Colin [/quote] Thanks for the ideas, although i absolutely love flowers and like a colourful garden too, but we get absolutely plaqued with wasps and hornets and find it impossible to even relax and just sit and have a glass of wine in peace. Soooooooo definitely want a patio space without giving the little blighters anymore flowers and pollen to be attracted to.
  10. jen

    pergola cover

    Finally finished building the pergola - anyone suggest any climbing plants that are fast growers but non flowering please
  11. When we have tried to do this before we just get a message pop up that says 'this card is not registered with the set box' ?
  12. Just received the H1 form - anyone know if there is an english translation online. I am trying to decipher the accompanying letter and from what I can make out it would appear that we have been sent this following the recent renovations which we have been carrying out and that we have 90 days to complete form, even though work hasn't finished but form can be completed if the house is habitable. I also understand that this tax is calculated on the potential rental value of the property, and was wondering if we will get one of these forms each year - should I include additional bathrooms now even though they're not finished etc, and do they ever carry out property inspections to check you have declared all work? Also are the bands for the taxe fonciere published anywhere pnline
  13. Have very large inglenook fireplace and are installing woodburner.
  14. We have an oil boiler if anyone wants it. We haven't used it since buying house last year - we were assured by previous owners that it worked before they drained it and moved out. Please send me your email if you want pics of sytem or if anyone wants it and will be willing to collect and help me take it out We also have a few of the old cast iron radiators (the sort that takes 3 people to lift!) We're in 24 area
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