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  1. Please don't let this get out of hand. I have accepted a ticking off from a moderator even though my 'complaint' was said tongue in cheek and was meant to be humourous ! (as was my reply to Dave.) Is it me ? Does everone who subscribes to this forum eventually lose their sense of fun ? Life's too short guys.
  2. Point taken. Sorry for being impatient.
  3. Thank you Leo, you're a gent. I'm quite good (for a blonde) at building and I was confident about installing the plumbing until I read that the French use brazed joints whereas we use soldered joints. I'm quite at home with solder but have never brazed. If you think a soldered system will be OK that's good enough for me.
  4. Thanks Pachapapa, I can make good use of your recommendation. Leo ; for someone who lists 'words' as one of their likes I'd have thought you might read books. Dave: Thanks for pointing me towards a 1980's porn film. I get plenty of 'attention' and therefore don't need porn - I'm so sorry that you obviously do ! Mercieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  5. Well.......... that went well ! Thanks for your underwhelming help. Mercieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
  6. Can anyone suggest a good book explaining French plumbing systems, preferably in English with schematic diagrams. I need to put in a completely new system. All existing plumbing has been removed. It will be a fairly simple installation serving 2 bathrooms/wc's, and a kitchen. I don't need to install central heating. Mercie. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Does anyone know where we can obtain particle board flooring sheets, P5 grade, T&G 22mm in south Morbihan ? Also: an idea of cost would be helpful. We are north west of Lorient. Many thanks, Jenny.  
  8. Hi all, I have a place in Quistinic 53160 Morbihan. My 2007 Tax F was 179 euros but my 2008 tax has gone up to 723 euros ! This is a hike of 300% and I'm wondering if it's a mistake. Anyone else in Quistinic who could confirm (or deny) this massive increase ? Thanks, Jenny.  
  9. I need to replace some flooring on the second floor of my granite walled house. We have removed the old boards, nails etc. and treated the chestnut supporting beams. I want to replace the boards either with the French equivalent of 8ft x 4ft (or 8ft x 2ft) sheets which will be carpeted or solid wood planks which will be exposed. The chestnut beams are about 20cm deep and 13 to 15cm wide. they span 6 metres and are approximately 65cm centre to centre, which I believe is wider spacing than in English buildings. How do I calculate the correct material thickness for these measurements ? The rooms will be bedrooms. Any advice on French regulations and correct sizing would be most welcome. Thanks. Jenny.    
  10. [quote user="TWINKLE"] I'll drink anything nice with anything[:-))]  BUT I can't eat oysters without a little finely chopped shallot in balsamique vinegar - yummy! Nice to see you back from your travels Jenny! This recipe is just for you[:)] http://www.arts-culinaires.com/recettes/huitres_au_four.aspx [/quote] Thanks Twinkie, The recipe looks perfect. Jenny. x   [:P]
  11. [quote user="Dick Smith"]I agree with Vodak with caviar, but it still has to be very cold, very dry champagne with oysters. That's what my Irish grandfather showed me when I was nobbut a lad. [/quote] In Ireland and England (Whitstable in Kent in particular) it would definitely be Guinness, any (old) Londoner or Dubliner will tell you that. In Brittany, Muscadet-sur-lie. In Paris, Krug ! Being an awkward little minx, I like them with Chablis. Jenny. x   [:P]
  12. Hello Ali, How can it possibly work in Tesco's ? Their sell by dates are meaningless because they never have any fruit that is actually ripe when you buy it and neither will it ripen with the passage of time. (Neither do they have any red meat that is edible or daily baked bread that is properly cooked for that matter !) They bring a whole new meaning to the word 'green' ! If Carlsberg made the worst supermarket in the world - it would be Tesco! Jenny.[6]
  13. Hello Gites people, I have the opportunity to buy a lovely old farmhouse that is currently divided into 3 gites. If I buy the place I will want to recover some of the cost through renting the gites until I can return the house to it's former glory. Are there any web design companies who specialise in gite rental sites ? The reason I ask is that , having looked at a number of gite owner's sites, they are mostly cxxp and I want something a bit more than just a few photos and a list of prices (ie. interactive booking/payment on-site etc.) Anyone know of anyone ? Thanks. Jenny. [:P]  
  14. Sorry about the 'signature' mistake J. Eating fish and chips from newspaper is fine BUT not on the street,please ! I'm showing my convent upbringing here, I know, but there are certain things that should not be done on public streets. Eating and drinking for instance. Jenny.[:$]
  15. Sorry about my signature on last post. I've changed it now to avoid offending others. Jenny.
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