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  1. Hello - are these allowed in France? If not, what happens if you are stopped while using them? PB
  2. I have just taken out a pair of ceonothus because they had so little green left - had one in the uk some years ago which caught the frost and one small branch at the bottom was green - we cut out all the rest and tied the horizontal branch to be vertical - and it grew beautifully. Until it was frosted too. They are not long livers and if you have only odd bits of green I think you will struggle  - the brown majority will look a bit odd when all the leaves fall off. PB
  3. I tried to buy vine eyes in France and completely failed.  Staff in shops looked blank and I couldn't find them in any of the sheds - so took some with me from uk in the end. PB
  4. Supplementary q - are intercoms between bikes permitted? pb
  5. Has anyone any ideas on what should be done with a sat nav taken in the car in France  - they mostly have the speed camera facility and these are not permitted. Also - what happens if your sat-nav is built in to the car? Supplementary q - I understand intercoms on motorbikes have also been outlawed. Has anyone any idea if fines are being imposed - cars impounded etc? There is quite a lot of conjecture about so some facts would be helpful. Thank you. PB
  6. Hello all Back home now. Thank you for continuing to discuss in my absence! While we were in France we used the Apple iphone with data roaming on to pick up emails and then went to nearest coffee shop with wifi to answer emails when documents needed to be attached. All very laborious and sod's law happened regularly - just go home and find another caller wants info sending - so back into town again. This is really daft in the communication age. We tried setting up a hotspot but it didn't work. It looked so easy on the iphone (new, 4g)  but couldn't get the phone and laptop to exchange even a hello. We had cable connecting phone and laptop - what did we not do? Could someone spare a moment to run me through it? I had had a brainwave - I thought - send myself the standard reply with attachments and then it is available to forward to a new recipient. However it did not always work - the attachments were sometimes unopeneable by the recipient. So that was another good idea out of the window. I am quite fed up - the week was cold (inside too with no heating except for log burner) and we had had burst pipes etc and plumber visits this week too. And a squirrel in the hayloft.....PB
  7. We have iphones and a laptop. In France we can pick up emails most of the time on our phones. What is the easiest/cheapest way to link our laptop into the equation so that we can attach documents in our system to our email replies? Phylis
  8. How long does full planning permission last? can you 'start' work as in putting in a stand pipe and it then counts as commenced (as in UK) or take  down the old barn and leave site bare - does that count as work started (Permission was for removal of barn and rebuild of typical Perigord House in v historic village) PB
  9. As an aside, could someone advise regarding the regs on internal gas bottles in renovated properties - I had not heard that they are not permitted. Advice please. Phylis
  10. They even called an ambulance to me in UK when I fell down steps and hurt my back on the way to the phone...
  11. I know you have now ordered, but worth checking out is a business called Little Moo - you upload your image on one side of the card and your words for the other. THey do a lovely mini card - about half the size of a standard card - which always catches the eye. Perhaps for next time! PB
  12. On the way down through France last year we stayed at a b and b - there was a strange, familiar tapping noise coming from the room next to the dining room - it turned out to be an upholstery group - about ten chairs around a large barn room in various stages of re-upholstery by (mainly) local women. They were helping each other rather than being taught. It seems to be a popular pastime in France as much as here in UK.  Could teaching a group/working on commissions be a way of integrating into his new local area for your friend?
  13. We have obtained permission to convert a triple garage into a Perigord -style house, to be built in stone in a classified, historic village - now for sale as a plot with Permis. Batiments de France originally wanted us to build in wood as the garage is wooden but with the assistance of our Conseil the permission was obtaained for the stone house. A recent build  on a field on the outskirts of the village is a wooden sechoir de tabac style home - although there wasn't a sechoir there before - the planners at Batiment de France really liked that idea and alathough it divided opinion, it has settled into the landscape well. But everything in the village - change of window, door etc, requires not just the mayor and DDE but Batiments de France - often also requiring expensive solutions to new roofs etc with hand made tiles.....Phylis
  14. I would highly recommend  Fiddes Hard wax oil -. The hard wax oil is easily applied by brush, if you need to do a patch again in the future you just reapply - no need to take off the whole room - and in our home it has been inside the front door for five years and it still looks fine. Comes in various finishes. Take care if using other oils - some make the wood go orangey. I would countenance against varnish as you have to strip the whole floor if patches get worn. The Fiddes hard wax oil finish is lovely. pb
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