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  1. Thanks for the replies.  We have just had the boiler 'seen to' and all now seems to be well, no smells and no smoke. Unfortunately I ( the lady of the house) was not present and the whole house is now covered in black soot! and flue-pipe has not yet been cleaned, I dread to think what sort of mess I am going to return to.
  2. We have a new Baxi FB MK3 boiler oil central heating system.  When heating there is a smell of fumes in the house which I initially put down to being 'new'. However I happened to be outside when the boiler fired up and was shocked by the black smoke and strong smell of the exhaust coming from the chimney. We are not familliar with this type of heating but surely this is not right? The weather does not yet justify the boiler being on for more than a few hours at a time and we have set the temp dial on the boiler at 40 degrees which warms the radiators ok.  The flue pipe is double skinned s/s.

    Any advice please. 

  3. Is it possible to buy a roll of damp proof course for new walls? A quick search has not come up with anything other than the heavy pitch polymer type which is rather expensive.
  4. Hello Marielle,

    I note you are in the Charente.  We are just south of Barbezieux  and will be requiring floor screed and tiling very soon.  Can you recommend anyone?


  5. In response to Aitch's query, we checked the bill for the supply of power to our property. We were charged 1077 Euros for a 18Kva branchment individual.  This seems to be an awfully large power supply for a modest house.  Is it a 'typo'?  We will contact EDF but perhaps someone can throw some light on the subject. 

  6. [quote]I have arranged a visit from EDF in 2 weeks time to look at how I can get electricity to our house. (We currently have a small generator) Any help or advice as how best to deal with their inspection s...[/quote]

    We had to have power supplied to our property which was done by EDF but they would give us no advice on what size power supply cable to lay from the meter to the house, a distance of 130m. Any info.would be helpful
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