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  1. Hi MYB, Thanks for that. I sent it off after reading your posting & i was putting off posting my thanks until i'd got it sorted but not heard yet. So here goes for another strange page! Sorry! jayjay
  2. Love Apericubes, we put them over our salads, instead of feta! Bryan, i've posted without changing anything, also tried changing fonts & sizing & colour (selecting a colour doesn't register!) But my postings still distort & distort any after mine. The only thing i've noticed is that, where it says IP logged under everyones name, mine doesn't. It's pushed over towards the right. I'm pretty dense when it comes to computers anyway but can't understand why it happens when i don't change or select anything! Sorry folks!!! jayjay  
  3. Has anyone seen or know if you can get cottage cheese in France? ( Bryan, smaller font this time, let's see!) jayjay
  4. Hi, The Jewish diet being similar. Living in Brittany, where apparently, there are more pigs than humans & pork is so cheap, i'm glad i'm neither.  Surely, you'd have to live near a big city to be able to get hallal & kosher food. 
  5. Killjoy! And yes, Primula is still around! Mmmmmmm! (Now wait for my posting to distort this page!!! I don't change anything so WHY?) jayjay
  6. Thanks for that! Feel much better now & going by the rate the counter was going up, so do a lot of other people!    
  7. I maybe a bit late! Have you tried your local Carrefour? Our sells the most wonderful stilton, better than we could buy in the UK, great with the imported digestives & homemade chutney! jayjay
  8. Sorry folks, happy to say up here in Brittany, no problems with the runners. As John mentioned, if you spray water over the flowers it helps them to set. Good luck! Cheers jayjay
  9. Hi Tricia, Sorry, don't live in your part  but have you a Noz, Majescule (pen & stationery shop) or even a Mr Bricolage near you, they stock some craft supplies. Or we have an office supplies shop nearby called Bureau VallĂ©e that stocks all sorts of great cardmaking stuff. If none of these are any use, have you got satellite tv, as 4 shopping channels do all cardmaking gear. (sorry, but they do!) Good luck & happy cardmaking. I'm an addict & make all our Xmas & Birthday cards & it does cut down on your smoking! Cheers jayjay 
  10. Hi Paul, friends from 27 are staying with us at the mo & apparently use a very good reliable plombier. He's based in Heudebouville, don't know whether that's anywhere near you. If it is send me a pm & i'll give you his name & number. If not, good luck! Cheers Jayjay  
  11. Read recently(sorry can't remember where!) that they've had a year long trial in one department for keeping your headlights on for safety reasons. This resulted in 25% fewer accidents. So after such a positive result, they're sort of trying it nationwide. There have been adverts in the national press, advising drivers of this, but it is not law & you won't be stopped if you DON'T have them on. Hopefully someone from that department will confirm this! On a slightly different note, take care when driving on the N12 & N176! The police & gendarmes are hotting up on speeding. Mobile & static cameras, also they're hunting in packs! Thank God for cruise control! Cheers JayJay    
  12. Noz sells quite nice, cheap cards that look handmade, that's if you have one near you. Unfortunately our local burnt down! If like Richard said, you choose to make your own, beware, you could get hooked. I know, i'm an addict! Cheers JayJay
  13. Sorry, for some reason, this has happened to a couple of my postings, it's decided to stretch itself.They're normal when they first go up then, Who Knows!? Let's see what happens to this! Anyway, Brits are made of sturdy stuff considering what living conditions they put up with while renovating, good on em & good luck to them! Paradise found! Cheers JayJay  
  14. We were hospital visiting at St Brieuc today & a nurse was chatting to us about the young English couple who had bought her grandmothers house & how les Anglais were injecting life into dying villages. She mentioned Callac & Plourac'h where she lives & how there were a tremendous amount of English all about her, but as long as they were people willing to renovate old & long empty properties & young families whose children would help keep the schools running, there wasn't a problem. Nice to know isn't it! Cheers JayJay
  15. Been snowed in every morning for the last week. Not getting the blizzards now, but we get a covering that freezes making driving treacherous. Can't get out until after midday but the sun's nice though! Apparently, there's a new wave coming in. February last year was the same. Wish i was a kid!    
  16. Thankyou SaligoBay & Val 2 I've obviously been shopping in the wrong places, only ever seen Heinz. Super U is now on my list! Cheers JayJay
  17. Has anyone noticed, you can only buy Heinz worcester sauce here. Ironically Lea & Perrins is now French owned, by Danone. So why can't you buy it in France? Strange! cheers JayJay  
  18. Thanks for all the recipes guys, they sound great! Just one other thing, don't forget to keep the drained off fat for your roasted tatties. Mmmmmm lovely! Cheers JayJay
  19. Hi all, i'm also new to the forum , so please be gentle with me! re: keyholding/caretaking in 22, Musicmonkey & Pepito05 I know someone who could be interested, so if you want to send a PM & i'll give you the details JayJay 
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