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  1. It's just for the winter. Southampton - Rennes takes over until Spring.
  2. OFGS Odile.....! The OP didn't ask that, so start a new thread if you want to bang on about it! [:@] People are capable of making their own mind up.   Post edited by the moderators. Please do not post messages which contain explicit language or vulgarities (whether written in French, English or any other language. Thank you.
  3. Betty, your mind reading skills seem to have gone awry.[;-)] It is indeed sad news about Richard.
  4. That really is great news, Mr Coops. Little by little she's improving. As RH said, hopefully a transfer to Le Mans will be on the cards soon. [:)]
  5. [quote user="Clair"] I had thought that already but hadn't had the nerve to mention it... [Www] Now if the OP had been Twinks, I wouldn't have hesitated (see here)!! [:-))][:-))] [/quote] Clair, it was nearly the first reply, but I chickened out.[:)] It goes without saying for Twinks though. [Www]
  6. [quote user="Rose"] Help me before I go insane!!!! [/quote] I fear it's too late! [:-))][;-)][kiss]
  7. Shocked is right! Thankyou Ian, for getting on here to let us know. Very best wishes & thoughts to Coops.  
  8. This is a very useful site http://www.oqlf.gouv.qc.ca/ressources/gdt.html 
  9. Just copy & paste it Twinks. You do need a mail address, RH, a different one for each bucket account.
  10. [quote user="Tressy"] I could have sworn someone else here had the same problem. I've searched but can't find it. I seem to recall someone suggested drilling/chopping a hole in the pavement, (under the position of the pot) so the plant can get its roots down into the ground. I don't think I'd dare to do it myself, (being a cowardy custard type), but it would give a large climber a much better chance of success. [/quote]   This one, Tressy? http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/1166240/ShowPost.aspx 
  11. AA fuel report for June €1.19 unleaded, €1.05 diesel. http://www.theaa.com/onlinenews/allaboutcars/fuel/2008/June2008.pdf
  12. Sweetcorn or tomato, Clair? [;-)]   What, another nana? Isn't it enough with the wooly one? [blink]  
  13. JK................you is here! [:-))] I hope Pareeeee was forewarned. [:P] I also hope life treats you kindly & you enjoy your adventure [kiss] 
  14. [quote user="Cat"] Oh look!  Lighteni [/quote] Well Cat, looks like the lightning struck! [blink]
  15. I had a Medion Notebook & it was excellent & hammered for about 3 years, then it went bang! A friend rehashed it for me & it's now my back up.
  16. SD! [:D] Brilliant to hear from you & great news that you're both home already. The nurses had enough then! [;-)]
  17. That's great to hear. [:D] Thankyou for the update, Mr Wiggy.
  18. Forget boiling a frog, go boil your head! [6]
  19. Oooh you little witch!  Doff! [:P] Mmmmm............Take That? Now where's Tressy? [;-)]    Doff??? [:$]
  20. That's it, you've gone & broken it now! Trying to post for you lot to get a life & the forum crashed, get back on & Chistine has beaten me to it! [:@] How very dare you, Christine! [:P]
  21. Well, that's just shocking!
  22. Yep Twinks, I absolutely love her work. It was so sad to hear that Beryl had gone for a final nap,[:(] but bless her, she really left her mark. We have all those wonderful cheery, cheeky paintings to enjoy.
  23. What awful news![:'(] Very best wishes to them both for a full & speedy recovery. Thankyou Mr Wiggy, for letting us know.
  24. What, you mean apart from the fishermen blockades on fuel depots & ports? [8-)] Then people rushing to fill their tanks in case it continued. [8-)] 
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