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  1. It was brought to Odile's attention quite quickly & several times that her ID was NOT being displayed, but it seems she chose NOT to read that or take it onboard. She just carried on. It was also pointed out to her to edit the pm she posted, but that didn't get through either. She has now apparently left the forum, her choice. She will still be posting on other forums. As far as this one goes, she's put it to bed, re this subject, maybe everyone else should too!
  2. You have passed the practice citizenship test. Questions answered correctly: 21 out of 24 (88%)   I'm gobsmacked as I passed! Does it come with a free ticket? [:D]
  3. ....but at least Rose reads posts that have gone before. Rose did say at the time for you to edit it, but you ignored that too.
  4. [quote user="Rose"] [quote user="odile"]  HOW did a poster get access to my details? I asked mods to remove the post twice, but this was ignored. Extremely concerned. [/quote] Odile the poster didn't get your details... the little sign simple picks up the details of the 'readers' computer, whoever the reader is... no-one else, including the OP, ever had access to or knew your details... the link RH gives will allows you to creater your own sign... it's the link JayJay provided you with yesterday.[/quote] As I've said before.....READ what is posted Odile. You love to fire off on one, but YOU DO NOT READ what has been posted. Maybe you should think about starting your own forum. [:D]
  5. JayJay


    You're welcome Val, enjoy the cheesecake.
  6. JayJay


    It's ricotta here too & you'll find it with all the other cheeses in the supermarkets.
  7. Danone make cottage cheese, you should find it in most supermarkets, the name is Jockey Cottage Cheese. Actually, this is what you're looking for...... http://media.telemarket.fr/imgprod/460882D2C98C2C56E1000000AC110A15.jpg 
  8. You could put straw around the plant to keep the courgettes off the soil. It's what we used to do, worked fine.  
  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1189877/The-cloud-Meteorologists-campaign-classify-unique-Asperatus-clouds-seen-world.html
  10. Clair.....[:-))]  but damn, I've just spluttered coffee all over my lappie.
  11. You could try here as a guide too, type in the dept & then click on the arrows & a box opens giving the price per m2  http://vendre.seloger.com/53-mayenne/prix-immobilier.htm   
  12. Hard to tell what size it is, but could it be a wheatear?
  13. A friend of a friend is interested in coins, so hope you don't mind, I sent this on. He posted it on a forum he's a member of (thankyou), the reply he received........ "I think it will be a modern fantasy piece. No coins were officially issued with Hitler's portrait. There were a couple of patterns presented for Hitler's approval but he decided that coins with his portrait should not be issued until the "Endsieg" (ultimate victory) took place."
  14. From recipes I've seen, it means to use an empty yoghurt pot as a measure.
  15. Well JR, that's odd, as yesterday on the UK site, it definitely stated that once sent back, it would take up to 6 weeks for you to receive a replacement, no mention of repair. That is why I mentioned it on my post above. Obviously they've updated the site now.
  16. Thankyou very much Brian, as it turns out, ours is included. A right pain!! JR, you just had scroll over 'discover more' or 'autres promotions' & click on the recall bit. Here are the links for France & UK, for those that may need to check. http://www.philips.fr/service/senseo/index.page http://www.philips.co.uk/service/senseo/index.page Mmmm......in France, it'll take 12 days & be repaired. In the UK it'll be 6 weeks, but a replacement. [8-)]  
  17. We had the same & the Renault garage did everything, so I should think that's the norm. The WW plate is just whilst everything is going through & the permanent number is allocated.
  18. [quote user="Clair"]Paysage de France... Came here, argued constantly, left.[/quote] His name was Tony Smith, so, looks like he's back then.
  19. [quote user="Dog"] Have I mined a great vein of insecurity? [/quote] [:-))] Oh purrrrlease! Please pass me a needle & thread, I need to sew my sides up.   [quote user="Dog"] Sorry - Yes have read the article and was aware of cruelty involved in the milk industry. Many people think cows just lactate permanently. Hands up I do occasionally eat cheese and a little milk is also used. I certainly don't drink it - but my wifelet uses it when cooking. It was Gandhi greatest regret that he used milk products on occasions. [/quote]   After all that you've been spouting, you absolute hypocrite! Oh and there, blame the wifelet, that says a lot too.
  20. [quote user="Dog"]Why are meat eaters such sensitive wimps and have a chip on their weedy shoulders. Get real in a few years you will have to give meat up![/quote] Oh take a bow!! I've never seen or heard meat eaters banging on & on & on & on trying to get people to eat meat. NEVER! But hellfire, there are some vegetariens that really can't let it go & bang on ad infinitum trying to convert the world, how tiresome & oh so boring. I think we're all able to make our own choices & don't need to be lectured by anyone, let alone someone so damn rude. You want people to listen, then change your tune & quit the nastiness. It looks very much like the chip, cooked in vegetable oil obviously, is stuck firmly on your shoulders Dog.
  21. ......and BTW, the ref for the England/Italy match was South African.
  22. JayJay

    Funeral costs

    This may help http://www.afif.asso.fr/francais/conseils/conseil17.html
  23. I could be wrong, but it looks like a female pochard.   Merry Christmas
  24. Give up BB & it was you that posted it! http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/3/1095892/ShowPost.aspx#1095892 [:-))] Merry Christmas! [:D]
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