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  1. [quote user="woolybanana"]Japan V Russia is on now if you wanna look on BBC.[/quote]

    Actually ITV. [;-)]

    Depending on the matches you're interested in, there might be some early mornings, otherwise the times are good. Here you go... https://www.rugbyworldcup.com/matches

    ETA: Sorry, it'll be a c&p for the link.

  2. I'm so very sorry to read your news & that you have to go through it again. I hope you can both find more of the strength & courage that held you in good stead before & that Coops is soon back home giving you stick. [;-)]

    Best wishes & thoughts to you both.

  3. Shame the other attachment didn't arrive, but pleased you managed to track down some casings, but they were a tad expensive if you only have a 2 metres odd. I paid less for 25-30m!

    I rinsed them through thoroughly when I got them home & then stored them in a large jar of brine in the fridge, (as they do not freeze) they will keep for a few weeks like that, but check them. When I wanted to use some, I cut a decent few metre length off, gave them a good rinse inside & out, then left them in fresh water whilst I got the other stuff sorted & ready.

    I've only made fresh pork bangers, but I was & still am planning on trying to smoke some & also make some merguez.

    Sorry, I can't help you with how long your sausage will be. [blink]

    And on that note.......




  4. Hi Quillan,

    Ask for boyaux de mouton or boyaux de porc, you can sometimes find them in the supermarket, if not, your local butcher will let you have some. Be warned, you may end up with 30m of them! [:D] 

    I've made them & used boyaux de porc. This is the recipe I sort of worked to, give or take a bit more of the odd ingredient. [;-)]

    800g pork shoulder, with at least 200g of that fat.

    80g of homemade breadcrumbs

    120ml cold water. (I soaked the crumbs in the water & then added them.)

    20g of seasoning mix, made as follows....

    Salt 60g

    White pepper 6g

    Ground black pepper 6g

    Nutmeg, ground ginger, powdered mace & mixed herbs 2g of each.


    You can play around with the spices, depending on what you fancy. I also added some smoked bacon with the second batch I made, but you need to make a different batch of seasoning & drop the salt content.

    Good luck & have fun & believe me, you will have fun!! [:D]

    Edit: I forgot to say, leave them in the fridge overnight, to er 'bloom' before you do anything with them. Also, here's a link so you can read up & maybe find other recipes you fancy. http://forum.sausagemaking.org/index.php 

  5. [quote user="You can call me Betty"]Well, as I may almost be too late for your Christmas, Coops, I wish you a happy and hopefully much healthier New Year, and thanks for being one of the people that make this forum a pleasure to read. [:D]

    Wot she said, with golden bells on! [:D]

    Merry Christmas both x

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