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  1. HI, When we purchased our home in Normandy we looked at what would be best for us, ie do you want to use it for weekends as well as holidays if so you dont want to be too far away from the ports as you will spend most of your time travelling. We have a house near Tessy sur vire, even though we are neary Cherbourg and Caen, we actually prefer going to Calais and driving down which takes about 4 hours once in calais. We are pleased with the area we are in reminds me of Devon and we are not too far from the coast. As regards to whom to buy from see my post regards Notaire info. We purchased our house thru an english estate agent but we are looking for another and this time we will do it ourselves as you seem to save money in the long run. You should be able to get what you want for the money you have but I would recommend getting an english solicitor to look into everything for your its worth the money once you have found your property. Regards Jeanie
  2. Does anyone know the website for buying houses thru a notaire. We wish to purchase a house and have been told the best way is thru this site, so any info would be gratefully received. Jeanie
  3. Have just come back this week from our house, when we were over there we have enquired about buying some extra land that surrounds our home. There is a field opposite the boulangerie we own next door and one further up the lane which butts on to our orchard, also another field which runs alongside the boulangerie basically about 3 hectares. Our house is down a mile long lane which is a dead end at our property and no planning permission we believe would be granted to build on the fields as they are just used for grazing at the moment nothing. Has anyone any idea how much we should be paying for this as really no one else would buy it we feel as it really would only benefit us. The house we have is Manche near Tessy sur vire roughly about 7 miles away maybe more. We are thinking of moving over permanently so it would be nice I think to have the extra land but dont want to pay over the odds. We did meet up with the owner and all his family! who tried the hard sell but lovely people all the same who kept saying that the trees i.e. wood were all included and what a good price we would get for selling the wood off. We dont intend to cut the trees down so to us this means nothing. If anyone could give any advice I would be really grateful or of any experiences they have had. Regards Jeanie
  4. Can anyone give me a rough estimate for connecting water and electricity. The house next door which is attached already has these connected. The electricity supply is overhead cable, and is about 9 mtr from our property. The water is about the same distance maybe closer. We are at the moment working out a budget and any info would be helpful. Jeanie
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