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  1. I did read it;you said you get crumpets from them all the time and then said they stock up in the UK once a month!!!
  2. Buy their crumpets once a month-they must be well stale!!!!
  3. They already operated flights to Paris before the runway extension.
  4. The fluid to be used for fixing,curing or removing anything used to be called "snake oil".
  5. I thought what is a "Band B"-is it a sort of star rating-then I realized.
  6. Trucks and vehicles towing trailers are banned from using the third lane.
  7. The Gendarmes will have a speed camera on a bridge over the autoroute before the tolls and radio to a car after the tolls to stop you.
  8. Insist on them calling the Police before you let them look at anything!!We had a problem with short change at a supermarket till;they said you will have to come back at closing-time so we can check the till-we said-no thank you -we will stand here at the till till it is sorted;got our money in less than 5 minutes.
  9. Manual and automatic changeover valves are available for both propane and butane so that more than one cylinder can be connected and change from the empty to the full.
  10. "Earl Leofric" sometimes appeared from the Irish sea;cafetaria served half-chicken that looked as if it had been cut in half with an axe,covered that in chips,then peas and smothered it all in omion gravy.After that a sailor would sidle up to you and ask you if you wanted a little "wager".
  11. It is often cheaper to ask a French-speaking solicitor(or UK Notaire-yes,there are some) to read the contract but not translate it-they can then tell you if there is anything contentious.
  12. If it's keeping your slug/snail population down,then put up with it!
  13. Jc


    I just hope that it is their family who suffers and not yours or someone else's.Just think that if they hit a child(God forbid)they could be paying compensation for the rest of their lives-even while in prison.
  14. Jc


    The small print of most policies(which very few people read) usually states roadworthy AND legal!!!
  15. On the spares side,a lot of the later LDV used a large number of Ford parts.
  16. If your home supplier(O2,Virgin etc.) is a UK one!!!
  17. I think you will find it stores them that way in it's memory irrespective of what is shown on the display.
  18. I don't know about your supplier(and their network supplier in France) but when I am in France I can ring another UK mobile(in France) just be using their UK number.This is probably because of the way mobiles work.They send out a signal when you turn them on and approx. every 15 mins. afterwards to say "Here I Am" which will be picked up by the foreign network and passed back to the UK;the home computer controlling the network,somewhere in the UK stores this info.The person you are trying to contact's location will also be stored on his supplier's computer.The computers know to within a few miles where you are as long as your phone is on-if it isn't it knows where you were last;in a city where there are many more aerials,your location will be known to within 50yds.When I go to the Continent I am barely over the channel before the French supplier welcomes me and my UK supplier gives me details of EU services.
  19. Having broken some spokes in one of my alloy wheels I went to a cycle shop in our area who advertized "wheelbuilding";he offered to do it but offered a new pair of alloy wheels cheaper-I bought them and thought that they would be Indian or Chinese(they may be)but are clearly marked "Made in France".
  20. I notice when I buy Elf diesel in France,there is little or no foaming of the fuel at the filler;I am told this is because of very high levels of anti-foam addititive.Personally I would like some foam and more diesel.
  21. We used to have someone in our family who always made a pad about one and a half inches thick before she started; I know-I spent a lot of time sorting out the drains!!
  22. Get some of the industrial type rolls-about 2ft. in diameter.
  23. Just remember that it has been said that most French have said that they preferred to be occupied by the Germans than to be liberated by the Americans!!
  24. Don't you think Blair is stirring this up so he can invade with Bush and "claim " to have a clear conscience.
  25. A better idea is to have the chassis number(or part of)engraved on the glass.And all glass including the lights;some insurance companies will offer this for free.I was offered it in a supermarket c/park for £5 for the whole car.
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