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  1. Thanks for suggestions...

    I have some films in French & Yes with subtitles but I can take them off. I found that when I first went to France I watched TV with subtitles but in French. Reading the French subtitles helped me to listen to the words...

    & I know of a Tutor whom could help...

    Thanks again, all appreciated!
  2. I am considering moving to France around June/July 2010. I have no fixed plans or abode 'exactement'...but hope to pick up where I left off 8 years ago when I was a Stagiaire (& should have stayed...)

    My 'local French' is rusty to say the least and apart from picking up some books I have, what would suggestions be as to reacquaint myself with the lingo. Considering I have missed the college terms...

    Merçi à Tous.

  3. Hi

    I wish to make contact with either ex pats or French Electricians for possible employment/experience in any region of France.

    I will by June, be qualified to Level 3 City & Guilds (Although I do know it will not be all apparent to French Law). I have 14 Months practical experience within the domestic sector.

    I lived in France during 2002 as a Stagiaire with Decathlon sports store & lived 'en Famille'. Although I'm quite rusty now, I do know your fluency gets very good upon immersion. Living in Bourges in the Loire, not many people spoke English...

    I would be interested if people could give any advice, thoughts or even knowledge to Electricians whom may require extra hands, even on occasion. Also would great-fully receive info as to retraining into the French system...


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