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  1. I have seen an agency advertising for staff but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. It was a womans name, ie first and last names. Paris is the place I think. Apart from that, have you tried the UK Agencies? If you go into a French home they might reasonably expect you to speak French whilst an English family probably wouldn't care.
  2. Sorry to have been so long. Louis out yesterday so Gilles went this afternoon and there was a box full when I got in from work. I must warn you people with children and grandchildren that they have nasty spikes when dried. Would take their eyes out. Certainly softer when growing. If anyone wants some, please let me have your address and I will send you some. Apparently one plant is all it takes. Gilles says that if the plant fails to work then you put the seed cases in the runs and rip 'em to death. Which I won't be doing. Horrible!
  3. Alexis

    Mole Call

    I have seen this plant too. My neighbour had some a couple of years ago and promised me some seeds. Must pop down and see if he has some. I had forgotten about it until you mentioned it. The mole night shift was very busy last night. Have you seen the new mole deterent in the brico places? Had stuff for snakes too. Wish I had read the tin now but was looking for those four months freedom from flies electrical things. Hate flies!
  4. Because he loved her and didn't really want to kill her.
  5. I think you are right. Last year it was extended because of the canicule until the end of October. I seem to think it is 15th March to 15th October but you will have to ask as TU says. If I see neighbour, will ask him. Husband says he thinks it is later, June perhaps but he is just a man......!
  6. Not around here. Money is a very interesting conversation for us all. People like to know what you have paid for things so they can tell someone else and discuss it! Not a lot of secrets about pay etc as most people work in the factories where everyone knows the salary or they are farmers. This does not include my FIL who is clam like. He is going to take it all with him - in a big lorry!
  7. I had loads of advantages when I arrived here: 1. I lived by myself so no English spoken at home 2. I had no telly so listened to French radio 3. I worked with the French. It started by learning phrases, or perhaps, listening to phrases and using them in similar circumstances. Then I dreamt in French. Now I talk to the pets in French, which seems very affected but my husband is French, I don't speak English except for once a week when I see my Welsh friends....everything is French for me. As you can see from the spelling, I have nearly forgotten English. Mind you, I am not saying that my French is good. Nothing seems to go into the head these days! Some people understand everything I say, other are confused by bonjour. As you can imagine, the early days of our romance with a French non English speaking man and an English little speaking Englishwoman were trs romantic. Thank goodness for the dictionary. Amazing how many words are the same too.......! Oh, the effort of looking them up!! I would say it took minimum, a year.
  8. Alexis

    Knot weed

    There was an article in last Sunday's Sunday Times. Already passed paper on. Sorry! Look on the Times site for info. Not good news I am afraid so fortify yourself with a stiff drink!
  9. is cheap at the moment. Starts at 25 and there are cheap, cheapish and normal prices all summer. You can pay for your crossing if you buy some fags in the duty free..... or brandy (medicinal purposes, obviously!). Both Condor and Emeraude are doing promos but Condor seem to be doing the most. Makes a nice day out.
  10. Shame on you! Clo Clo! La la la la, la la la la la laaaa!!
  11. I have heard that it is complicated but someone else will certainly know more than me. This was about eight year ago so it could have changed!
  12. Ooh Miki! You make it sound soooo easy! Answer the phone, flick a duster, money rolls in.............. Almost tempted! Ha ha ha ha! Bloody deep snow here. Snowed OUT me, the other day. No electric or phone Friday. This morning it looks as if the water has given up the ghost too. -7 at the moment. Pooh!
  13. You can buy 'bacon' everywhere up here now. Poitrine fume or natural - bit thin but I like it. Before this modern stuff arrived, I used the same potrine but it was thickly cut. Just like a nice bit of streaky.....
  14. Entier is the whole liver cooked and packed etc. Then there is the liver in pieces, then the bits left over, then the sweeping's up! Every Christmas they discuss this on the telly and every year I watch and promptly forget. You can judge by the price. If it seems cheap it is probably morceau. Could just fancy a slice........!
  15. If, in the years to come, you found that you couldn't make a living, what would you do? Work at something else? Would you stay in France or go back? Tell me to f*** off, I won't mind!! I don't think I will ever go back to the UK.... couldn't afford to get back in the housing market for a start. No, my future is here I think. (What is left of it! Old crock that I am!)
  16. Grow mine then freeze them for the winter.
  17. Don't forget Milou as he is exactly the same age (apparently)!
  18. I got married here some years ago. My husband is French so his documents were easy. I had to get loads of stuff certified by the British Embassy which didn't take long but cost a bit. You don't pay for the ceremony but you have to pay for the blood tests which have to arrive before they put up the banns I think but can't really remember. The hours marriages are allowed are controlled too so you can't marry after a certain time.. have to ask your Mairie. I would advise asking the Consulate in Paris about documents required or your Mairie might know. The after wedding party goes on all night and the day after is le return de marriage where they all come back and you have to feed them again. I got away with just one day but my husbands last marriage was celebrated for a week! As for food - well! You can get caterers of course. Me I would do a buffet and perhaps a hot meal the next day. Lots of desserts of course but our wedding cake is unknown here. Seem to have a mountain of profiteroles glued together! Most people seem to hire the salle de fete or have marquees in the garden but that makes it more dificult to dance. Certainly things are more relaxed so nobody will be banging their knives on the table if the hot course isn't ready. In fact the problem I have found is getting them to shut up gabbing and eat! What ever you decide I wish you all the best for the future and I am sure it will be a wonderfull day.
  19. LAST EDITED ON 04-Jan-04 AT 10:08 AM (GMT) Is fine caster sugar. Just checking with OH and he says the opposite to me so will double check...
  20. You see adverts in the Saturday Ouest France. Try their site www.ouestfrance.fr. There will be other areas advertising, not just here and look under enterprises, artisanat et commerce. Might be a bit quiet at this time of year.
  21. If you happen to know the name of the singer or the song title of the music on the new AOL publicity, I will be your friend for life!
  22. I should do - sell my spare house as a house suitable for B & B; sell just as a house or sell as three flats? Which do you think will fetch the highest sum? There again I can just leave it and rub my hands with glee each year as the prices rise.........!
  23. There is an Indian restaurant in St Meen le Grand. Didn't want this snippet lost in the Flunch thread! Never been so can't recommend etc. All in all a pretty useless post!
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