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  1. I don't know! What are you like SB?  You know that you are supposed to lavishly butter the offending baguette the next morning and dunk it in your bol de càfe. I have seen a ham sandwich being dunked but only briefly as I closed my eyes.  Put me right off my breakfast.  I nearly spat my muscadet out.
  2. After the little people last week, Cyril tries to convert the teenagers to healthy eating. M6, 20.50.
  3. You don't need to go to the UK for parsnips....they are available all around me here in very sunny Bretagne. Mind, I would go to Jersey 'just for a look'.
  4. We paid nearly 500€ last week for asbestos and lead.  It was so much a room but he didn't count the kitchen, so eight rooms.
  5. Well, Lulu goes to a very nice place not far from Dinan. The only other kennel I know was run by a friend in the UK and she took very, very good care of her guests. I'm afraid that if one of my family went into a kennels and I arrived and found them in a pitifull state, fists would fly.  Rather like my brother when he turned up to collect his dogs one time... Anger management.  That is my next project[;-)]
  6. That will be worth waiting for....but not too long, I hope.  Remember the power of the Christmas hit market.
  7. It is still a bit windy but it has calmed down here in central Brittany but around 16.00 - 17.00 it started blowing a gale after a turbulant  early afternoon. Good job I'm sturdy.[;-)]
  8. I'm afraid that the girls I have near me are not old enough to have left school.
  9. We have a "naughty girl" hostel here.  You see five or six young girls pushing top of the range pushchairs around as they all go shopping. Then they all vanish and a couple of months later, a new lot arrive.
  10. Blimey!  Aren't you men BOYS!  I'm glad I'm not talking to you at a party... [:D][:D][:D] Boulogne - Le Havre - Caen - Avranches - Dinan - St Brieuc - Quimper. You just jump on the auto-route after leaving Boulogne - easy enough to find (marked Amiens) - and keep straight on. If you don't fancy le Pont de Normandie, take Tankerville.  When you get to Caen and come off the autoroute, go either way on the peripheric, makes no difference.  Marked Rennes for the exit. There is a pretty route, of course, but it is very, very long. Boulogne - Avranches is about four and a half hours with a stop. I normally stay at this side, living here, but we did stop at a B&B in Dover.  Talk about dead, Dover!  Bandit territory.
  11. Cyril was on M6 last night.  I watched most of it.  The French children seemed just like their British friends!  Bleugh!  Vegetables! (Don't forget I have never seen JO and his crusade.) The money allowed for each meal was derisory.  The dinner ladies had no equipment to help them use fresh vegetables - all morning to purée potatoes for example.  The cook in Normandy didn't seem to want to change.  She was quite happy to use frozen or powdered products.  One of the meals there Cyril spent .81€ instead of the allowed .50€.  (I must admit to not really looking there but I think it is 1.50€ a meal.  It couldn't just be .50€, or could it?) Of course, it being the telly, everything turned out well in the end but I suspect he will have problems when he turns up at the next school and meets the teenagers.  He certainly seemed a bit clueless to start with because he couldn't believe the children ate so badly.  He seemed to think they ate the same as he would.  They didn't even know the names of the vegetables ...but they knew that they didn't like them. I loved my school dinners in the Olden Days.  Meat - we all hated liver - a veg and potato.  (This being before rice and pasta stopped being exotic.)  Lovely, lovely meat pies.  Then pudding and pink custard.  All for a Bob.
  12. Latest....BBC radio programme I'm listening to had comments about JO being the size of a baby elephant on his programme last night which wasn't thought very good publicity for a healthy eating programme. This mornings Ouest France headline was about nearly 6 million French obese.  One in ten Bretons is obese.  So fat is here. I will agree about the increasing size of mainly woman and girls in the UK.  Every time I go back they seem fatter.  It is so bad, I feel thin. I have never seen JO.  Yet something else to look forward to.  
  13. I saw that on the news last night.  Fabulous news.
  14. Yes, I saw that Cyril was to do another J.O. style programme.  He is working with that nutritionalist who's name escapes me...probably because I didn't read your link, Mistral. I see that the Mothers passing chips through the railings at the school in South Yorkshire have stopped for the time being.  I hadn't realised that the children at this school had two, half hour breaks instead of the old lunch hour.  One at 11.00 and the other 13.00.  They weren't allowed to leave the school premises.  Is this usual in the UK now?  Stop them trailing about but what if someone lived close and wanted to go home for their lunch?  Forbidden?
  15. Ooh, yes.  I had forgotten about the new concrete houses.  Two have been built not far from where I live.  The original firm have been going for years and I believe they said that they sell 200,000 houses a year. Did they say that there were 3000 firms offering to build your house for you where all you have to do is buy the land and chose the design?  Booming trade. Regarding the profits on keeping eight people in a 20m² room for just over 3000€....I couldn't do it.  The tragic deaths of those children earlier this year may have served a purpose if the laws are changed.  
  16. It was about the price of houses/flats.  They said that prices had doubled in ten years but I know that they have gone up more than that around me in Bretagne. 5000€ a m² in Paris and about half that in Lyon and Marseille.  Folly!  An absolute fortune for a tiny flat with perhaps a couple and a baby in and they can't afford to move unless they go the "rough" area of Seine-Saint Denis...the car burning capital of France. Then there were the rich folk wanting a roof top terrace in Paris.  A small terrace can double the price even on a tiny studio! There was the usual appaling scenes of people living in absolute squalor and the Mairie of Paris having to cough up nearly 3000€ in rent for them each month to pay the landlord for a room 15m².  Some of these landlords have several of these 'hotels' and are making a million euros profit a year!  Laws are going to be implanted/changed to stop this. It was an interesting programme.
  17. Ooooooooohh! I'm just green with jealousy here. How wonderfull.
  18. Well, it makes complete sense to a lot of us.  Which might say a lot about us! What a tragic story.  Your family have really, really suffered. Talking about chickens, did you hear on the wireles that scientists in some outlandish place have discovered that chicken feathers make wonderfull fabric for men's suits...and, apparantly, as light as a feather to wear. They said that the barbs on the feathers trap the air and make the outfit always suitable to wear, hot or cold weather. I can barely wait to buy one for OH.  I'm glad you like the idea of a petting area.  I will see you there.
  19. That's the ticket egger.  I never spotted you in Josselin!  Where you in the square?  It is a bit empty of people at the moment.  End of the season. There is a season for the blue spaces here in Josselin but I don't know when it finishes.  Possibly the end of August....  It will start again around May/June.  It is in the Flash but I never need to know the dates so I don't take a lot of notice, which isn't a lot of help. The tabac in the square sell the permits.  You might need one for Plöermel to park near the Mairie but otherwise I can't think of anywhere local to you.  Welcome to France!
  20. Sounds very sophisticated and elegant to me.  Loads better than Speedferries. We could charge more for the voyage. We could even have some real ducks...a petting area just off the bar...like on dry land really or do I mean back of the bike sheds? I am very fond of ducks.  Highly intelligent birds with pretty faces.  
  21. We are all going to lose weight for Christmas now...by all I mean the three of us still slogging along after the "hundreds" who started with us in January[:)] I've seen you posting!  You know who I mean![:)] I did very well until about June but although I have been carefull, I just haven't had the heart to do it.  All that has changed and today is the day. Calorie counting for me.  I find it suits me best but I did do very well on Atkins. Jan, what you need is a lover....that will get the old metabalism jumping.  Come to think of it, I could do with one too!  Or at least fall in love! I'm just off to write down my calories in my little book.
  22. Well.  Today was the lose ten kilo day. I have put on 600g. ha ha ha ha ha ha If I had just put on 600g in three months, I would be over the moon but I did manage to lose six kilos...then gain six kilos 600g. It is getting serious now.  After the birthday festivities, I'm starting again. TOMORROW! 
  23. I was only thinking yesterday that I hadn't seen Furryknickers for a while . . . eh voilà. (Did we ever raise enough money to buy Bryan?) Your "friend"[;-)] wants to think herself lucky she isn't being snogged on her peach like cheek. Or is she looking forward to it?
  24. Alexis


    Now.  I have seen them but where?  Ikea?  Casa?  Irish shops? I'm going to plump for Casa.  Certain that they had some. What's wrong with making your own?
  25. There you are!  I was going to ask you to recommend one but didn't have the time in the end. We walked the length of the 'front' and back again and had just decided on a nice looking one when Gilles asked if there was room inside...we wanted the terrace seeing as it was so nice...but I had forgotten he isn't allowed in the sun[:(] Back we went to the last one near the oyster stalls on the harbour as it had a big covered terrace.  We enjoyed it.  Three of us had the menu 14.90€ and one had the fishermans platter. Always buy rosé from Provence BUT we tried a bottle from Corsica the other week and enjoyed it. Crowds of people there yesterday...very multi-nation it was. When we came back after visiting MIL it CHUCKED it down from Avranche to home.  I know that you got it too as we passed!
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