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  1. Jospin did Ségo a power of good the other day when he implied women weren't as good as men... Wonderfull. Then we had the dirty tricks with the papers publishing that her brother had blown up The Rainbow Warrior.  I can't be doing with her.  She ought to get herself married and be like us common lot.  Sinner! I think Sarky is more use in the street so to speak.  What good does a President do? Apart from Jacques, of course, who is a wonderfull man.  Sarky would be better toughening the laws and sorting out the delinquents. Apart from that, I couldn't care less.
  2. Alexis


    I gave up a few years ago now.  I just decided one day that enough was enough. The worse time for me was directly after a meal when I usually lit up.  I used to grab the plates and wash up!  You must keep your hands occupied!  Take up knitting, painting, whatever so you are so engrossed in that you don't have time to realise you are missing smoking. Good news here.  It has to be passed yet but it looks like a total smoking ban in public areas from 1st September next year with a later date for pubs, cafés, disco's etc. Imagine having to go outside to 'av a fag....in the rain....no!
  3. Never heard of a Victor.  I will keep my ears out. Can you hum it?[:D]
  4. Good idea, that.  No use to me now, of course but I might try it out at the Dartford Tunnel.... Several of the peage are right hand for GB.  There is a little Union Jack.
  5. Todays Ouest France.  Shows property price drops too. www.ouest-france.fr (It is Bretagne section if you don't live here in the North.)
  6. You ought to think about what contract de marriage you want at the same time. I believe it is easier from the day of the wedding than to change it later.
  7. Don't talk to us about tax!  Well, not us, MIL.  Since the death of FIL in July you wouldn't believe the amount she has had to fork out.  The trouble is, the properties are still in the family, waiting for OH and his two sisters to inherit and wham bamm, pay more tax! Funniest thing was that when she contacted the department for her pension, she discovered that he hadn't declared her for forty years....Well, I sniggered.  Just over 100€ a month she gets.  Not that she needs the money, of course.  My FIL was so organised I can't believe he would leave chaos behind him like he did.  Thank goodness for the family accountant. I'm glad to be leaving it all behind us.
  8. In a swift change of subject, doesn't Twiggy look wonderfull?  I saw a photo of her advertising stuff in a magazine. NOT that thread!  Some people!  Jealous, I expect[:)]
  9. 1529?  Judging from his photo on the other thread, he is looking good whatever his age.[:D]
  10. Ooohh! Look!  There's me!  There's Miki.  There's Cassis......
  11. I had to have a blood test. Found out I didn't have aids but it is mainly for blood compatibility in the case of any children arriving. . . at our ages! I believe marriages are on the increase here.  It is complicated living in concubinage.  Anyway, I get his money....
  12. If you are British, the British Consulate as well as the Mairie.
  13. Ooh yes! The only red wine I like is Australian.  I make up by loving all the whites here though. Anyway, rosé is the thing these days.  Apparently.
  14. I must stick up for Bretagne! We had temperatures of 38°C plus here in July.  The middle of July it was 38.9°C at 23.00. A few years ago, it was 42°C. Too hot for me, I'm afraid. As for the rain, 62 departments are still on alert so it can't be falling on France.  Even up here it is very, very dry.  My pond all but emptied slowly over the early summer but it did rain in August and filled it back up again. . . but it only rained for ONE night. Where does the mistral roam down South?  I wouldn't like that.
  15. Part of the programme showed Cyril in a very fetching hat taking a tour of a school in Denmark.  Here also they have a problem with the weight/eating habits of the children.  They served up healthy food in a little plastic carrier and they went off and ate with their friends.  They only had half an hour for lunch so that is perhaps why there wasn't a hot meal.  That was the idea of the yellow bus. Anyway, the Danes taught the children to cook at school.  Three hours a week from the age of twelve but the tots cooked too and the kitchen had little steps under the work surfaces to pull out so they could stand on them and reach the counter.  Very nice kitchens too. I loved cookery at school.  Struggling onto the bus with a satchel, cake tin, hockey stick, games bag and a violin.  All stuffed full of the dried fruit and cherries nicked from the store cupboard[;-)]
  16. I agree, pretty steep.  The notaires sometimes have rentals but the best idea to look for prices is in the local paper.  I think www.ouest-france.com cover the whole of France.  I will check. No.  I only got as far down as Vendee.  I am sure someone will know.
  17. Blimey!  Now I am confused! A rutabaga is a turnip to me.  A swede is a navet. If you take a look in the old dictionary, you will find that a rutagaga is a swede and a navet is a turnip. So it is wrong.......[:D]
  18. Blimey!  Now you have started me off! Thank goodness for google....Fool's Garden, Lemon Tree.
  19. I watched it all this time.  Apologies for saying the Normandy dinner lady was a bit bolshie when, in fact, it was the one from Pas de Calais.  I had missed the first twenty minutes of the first programme last week making marmalade and had got confused. I thought it was a good programme.  Felt sorry for Cyril as he takes it very much to heart and for the first half of the programme that Jean-Yves was a right pig.  His staff weren't exactly sparkling either.  The lycee he went to where it was all homemade was outstanding and it just shows what can be done. I believe the kitchen staff started work at 6.00 so goodness knows what they did until lunchtime if all they prepared was either frozen or from tins. I must admit that I was fascinated by Cyril's eyebrows.  They seem to have a life of their own.  Have you noticed how bendy and curvy they are?  Like little slugs.  
  20. What a catchy title.  I hope to find one in my stocking at Christmas. Are you doing a French version? Parsnips are panais which is almost panda.  Could they be related? Rutabaga is swede which doesn't seem to be related to anything. (North - South divide.  A rutabaga is a turnip to me.)
  21. How annoying for your friends. I have been trying to remember what I did all those years ago and I have a feeling I transferred the amounts to my bank account here because I can remember going into the bank and the money wasn't there... I must have written out the cheques at the Notaires but I don't remember doing so.
  22. No, I've never seen Jamie. (Or Nigella, Little Britain, The Office, Pride and Prejudice, make over programmes or any decent gardening programmes......)
  23. Abject apologies.  I asked the Man Who Knows and he said muscadet. As you can imagine, tripes have never passed my lips but as a small child it was a different story.  Chitterlings too. Strangely enough, we bought some tripes de Caen for the MWK yesterday and I will be having the pleasure of cooking them tomorrow. I would rather starve....  
  24. Mais non!  Tripes don't 'go' with muscadet. It was a saucisson.... (Did I ever tell you about the years I spent doing the worst job in the world?  We got well fed...and all the booze you could drink!)
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